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How to Use Diatomaceous Earth Safely in the Home, Garden, and More
date_range August 10, 2015
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We hear the letters "DE" being discussed at the feed store, in garden clubs, and in the online forums where many of us are members. But what exactly a
How to Beat the Japanese Beetle
date_range August 06, 2015
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Have you been visited by the Japanese beetle this year? If you're wondering, "What's a Japanese beetle?" you are very fortunate. They are rather lovel
Mandatory Vaccination… for Honey Bees?
Anthony ..
date_range August 03, 2015
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Got a minute for a little science today? So, there's this stuff called vitellogenin that is part of the yolk in most eggs. Vitellogenin is one of the
Turn Up the Heat to Keep Your Garden Pest-Free
date_range July 08, 2015
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Cayenne pepper is one good way to keep pests out of the garden. We had rats that used to strip our macadamia nut trees before we ever got to harvest a
Taking the Fire Out of Fire Ant Stings – Easy, Herbal Relief
date_range June 16, 2015
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I don't need to build your interest with a description of fire ant bites and stings. If you've got them on your property, you don't need to be reminde