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You’ve decided to start homesteading, and it’s time to dive into the rich world of growing your own food. Don’t get overwhelmed — get excited! Even if you don’t have any experience, The Grow Network can help you cultivate a thriving garden that puts home-grown food on your table. With our resources and blogs, a sustainable vegetable garden is possible. You’ll find topics that cover fertilizer and potting soil, composting bones, dairy, and human waste, and how nitrogen affects your soil. Check out the most recent posts and newest guides below.

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Help your compost break down faster with one of these 5 free, DIY compost activators—and you’ll quickly end up with black gold! Image by Antun Karlovic from Pixabay Compost Activators: Get Better Compost in Less Time Did you ever notice that some things compost beautifully, while other things bog down your bins? I try to keep an eye out for

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Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer: 6 Secrets to Soil Health

In this beginner-friendly guide, learn to fertilize container gardens, including how and when to feed your potted herbs and vegetables. Image by Kerstin Riemer from Pixabay How to Fertilize Container Gardens When you’re new to growing vegetables and herbs in pots, figuring out the how, when, and what of fertilizing container gardens can feel overwhelming. This article offers a beginner-friendly

Fertilize Container Gardens: 4 Steps to Success

If (like most of us) you have soil that’s heavy on the sand or clay—and hard to grow in as a result—don’t miss this tutorial on how to improve garden soil! Image by pixamincom from Pixabay How to Improve Garden Soil How many times have you heard someone say, “You have no idea what it’s like to try and grow

How to Improve Garden Soil

When you’re growing tomatoes, achieving Pinterest-perfect specimens isn’t easy—but this key makes it possible. Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay The Perilous Road to Tomato Eden When asked about their favorite garden vegetable, gardeners consistently name one that is a total pain in the neck. And technically speaking, it isn’t even a vegetable. It’s a fruit. Ah, tomato. How we struggle

The #1 Key to Growing Tomatoes

Here are 15 simple and inexpensive natural fertilizer options to DIY using common household items—plus 5 recipes for homemade plant food. Image by Dominika karkika from Pixabay Homemade Natural Fertilizer—15 Simple and Inexpensive Options There was a time when people gardened because backyard produce was far better and cheaper than anything from the store. To tell the truth, it still

Homemade Natural Fertilizer—15 Simple and Inexpensive Options

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"Growing your own food is like printing your own money!”

This simple system will show you how you too can start growing nutritious and wholesome food, right now! 

Homemade Organic Fertilizer

Grow Your Own Groceries with Homemade Fertilizers!

Our most popular article ever! Stop throwing away common household wastes - use them to feed your garden instead! Plus, grab my ultimate guide to 50 cheap and easy DIY fertilizers - for FREE!

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A 17:46 video revealing my step-by-step system that is a must-watch for families who want to eat delicious food, be free of supermarkets, and live off-grid.

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What Is Homestead Permaculture?

Growing a sustainable vegetable garden requires a unique approach to agriculture called permaculture. This type of system strives to mimic patterns found in nature in a more controlled environment. The central tenets of permaculture include caring for the earth, allowing people access to the essentials they need, and taking only what you need to care for yourself and your family. You should always return any surplus to the earth, recycling waste products back in as well.

When you grow your own food through permaculture, you should strive to avoid damaging the natural ecosystem in your garden in any way. Instead, work with your environment and integrate your herbs, fruits, and vegetables as seamlessly as possible. Work with nature instead of against it!

The Grow Network Can Help

The Grow Network is here for you. Grow your own food, make your own medicine, and live self-sustainably with our advice and guidance on your side! When you’re ready to get started, browse products that can make your journey easier on our store today.

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This is such great information. We need more private citizens doing this. There is way too much conflict of interest present in the government.


You know, when I got bit by a recluse about 6 months ago, I watched it turn my arm red, hot and painful from the bite at my wrist all the way to about an inch above my elbow. At that point, I was really concerned about developing sepsis, and tired of the pain lol.

I remembered what Marjory Wildcraft taught about cabbage leaves, and within 2 days every bit fo the bite, pain redness, and swelling was gone. I was so astounded at the wonder of what plants can do. Even before I had dabbled a bit in herbs and eo's but that event left me with a passion to learn and practice herbalism.

I welcome your suggestions and teachings while I manage to save enough to start enrolling in the classes offered here.


I am so proud to be a part of this group because I believe we are being lied to, scammed, and being fed “poison” through our foods. I am very grateful to have you bringing this information.


Dear Marjory, I just want to say with the greatest of gratitude and admiration: THANK YOU! You have produced something truly powerful and, in my humble opinion, beneficial and good not only for people like myself but for our life-giving home. Your practical but sincere respect for all things living in your background was inspiring. Many blessings and gratitude from me. I am so encouraged by your gentle, decisive teaching. I can do this!

Peter Arena

Hi Marjory! I am Maureen from Hillside, NJ. I just had to stop my busyness and drop you a line: Can I just say, that you are just a DELIGHT !!! I try to read everyone of your e-mails with all the wonderful growing tips and other important info, and I love the presentations you create. Thank you so much.


I absolutely love what you folks are turning out and sharing with us. You have soooo much valuable information. I believe there is going to come a day in the near future, when everyone will want to do this. You have a great group of teachers there, which I love and appreciate--so down-to-earth and practical~ You have my greatest respect am here to to support you in any way I can.


Beth S.

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