Marjory Wildcraft, Founder of The Grow Network

Author of “The Grow System: An Essential Guide for Modern Self-sufficiency From Growing Food to Making Medicine” published by Penguin Random House, featured by National Geographc as an expert is off-grid living, hosted Mother Earth News Online Homesteading Summit, selected by Authority Magazine as a Women Leader in Wellness, focus of award winning Reuters Sustainability Media contest, nationwide PBS campaign teaching people to grow half of their own food in their backyards, and on the cover of Masters of Health Magazine for Earth Day.

Media Appearances

Radio & Podcasts

2021 04 26 | Living Wealthy Radio Show: Engineered Famine and How to Ensure Your Food Supply

2021 04 16 | Business Leaders Who Grow Food - Michelle Jorgensen

2020 11 11 | No Sitting On The Sidelines Dad with Joseph Foley Podcast- What's coming in 2021

2020 12 08 | YOU the Owners Manual [coming soon]

TV Appearances

Lead testimonial in Time-Life Infomercials with Robert Kiyosaki

Good Morning Texas

The Search For Sustainability Documentary

The Fusion Network


Show Topics

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Grow Half Your Own Food

3,5, and 7 strategies for growing food in the city
How to grow half your own food in your backyard

Protect Your Family and Finances

What's coming in 2021 and what you can do to prepare for it
The 7 shortcuts to finding a safe haven for your family
How to find like minded neighbors and build self-reliant communities

Increase Business Productivity

The mental health employee benefit that can grow your company
How to ensure your employees are well nourished
CEOs and Executives that produce food

Make Your Own Medicine

How to take control of your life by simply growing your own food and making your own medicine
The 7 stages of becoming a home medicine maker

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Producer Testimonials

To Producers and Hosts,

Since 2011, Marjory Wildcraft has been a repeat guest on Coast to Coast AM, the largest overnight talk radio show in the U.S., Coast to Coast AM, which airs on over 620 affiliates in the U.S., and worldwide on the Internet.

Marjory is my go-to guest for both practical and fanciful matters relating to the environment, freedom, self-reliance as well as agriculture and "prepping" which a growing area of interest among a wide range of listeners. She brings the goods and always surprises me with her depth of knowledge and willingness to jump through our many booking hoops which entails submission of comprehensive prep material.

She knows how to paint visual imagery on the radio and connect with listeners which is so important to creating compelling radio content. She is lively and engaging and an asset to Coast to Coast AM production team and our millions of listeners.


Lisa Lyon | Executive Producer - Premiere Networks

I have known Marjory Wildcraft and have been partnering and cross promoting with her organization, The Grow Network Inc., since May of 2012.

Marjory Has done an amazing job building and growing The Grow Network Inc. She is an exemplary business woman. Her personal brand is profoundly influential to people involved in herbal medicine, growing food, homesteading, and preparedness. People really resonate with her down to earth, honest, get ‘er done, style. Marjory recently did a promotion for the Survival Still that was so wildly successful we not only ran out of inventory, but were back ordered for several months.

Marjory is also very responsive and dedicated to customer loyalty. For example, during that last campaign, she quickly created a short personal video for my customers to understand the delays in
delivery due to the high volume of sales.

If you are considering working with Marjory Wildcraft and The Grow Network you won’t find a
partner with higher integrity and values.

Glenn Meder | Owner, Inventor, The Survival Still
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