Taking the Fire Out of Fire Ant Stings – Easy, Herbal Relief

fire-antsI don’t need to build your interest with a description of fire ant bites and stings. If you’ve got them on your property, you don’t need to be reminded.

I was working on a project that involved raking the cut grass from an acre of pasture – I know, kinda kooky. I like to go barefoot or wear flipflops whenever I can. While I was out raking, I turned up numerous hills of fire ants, and they wasted no time attacking my bare feet. I went back inside, and luckily found a natural repellent that I already had on hand. It’s rosemary essential oil.

I already knew about peppermint oil’s ant repelling qualities, and rosemary oil is what we just happened to have around the house. Some other oils might also work.

I just rubbed some on my feet and went back out to work. The ants could still find me, but only one or a few at at time climbed up on to my feet, giving me plenty of time to shake them off and walk to another spot before they could gather for a full attack.


Happy outdoor living!

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  • Jayjay says:

    This should not even be an entry if the recipe can not be posted. Not being able to tell us how to prepare the oil helps no one. I feel this entry should be withdrawn.

    1. Michael Ford says:

      Hi Jayjay – I think the tip about using rosemary essential oil to repel fire ants is helpful, and that’s really what the article’s about. I removed the reference to the tincture recipe at the end. Thanks – Michael

    2. JJM says:

      I also am sick of reading these when:
      the ingredients are listed – GREAT
      the recipe/proportions are not listed – POTENTIAL HAZARD
      The tip then becomes almost useless.

  • Credit Lady says:

    I live in FL, and if not for my yard chickens the fire ants would take over. Fire ants are a part of Florida’s lifestyle that the tourist bureau fails to mention. Yes, the rosemary oil is useful info and I can purchase essential oils at a local health food store. But since I grow rosemary in my garden, I would have gotten more from the article in knowing how to utilize this herb in more detail. I currently keep a roll on deodorant at my back door to quickly grab and use on ant bites to take out the sting. This also helps me on mosquito bites.

  • Nelson M says:

    When we store our 5th wheel RV in Florida for the summer, I spread 3 to 4 lbs of dried, used coffee grounds on the ground around and under the RV. As the grounds decompose they emit a gas that disrupts the sensors in the antennae of ants, cockroaches, and other little critters with antennae. I’ve kept the RV bug free this way for the last 10 years.

    PS – Spray fire ant bites with ammonia; window cleaner, pure ammonia, or in an emergency… urine!

  • Sherry says:

    I wouldn’t have thought of using an essential oil for repelling the sorry rascals! Very handy to know! We use tea tree eo for treating the bites, and diatomaceous earth for keeping the ants under control.

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