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Natural Fire Ant Control
date_range April 13, 2016
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Taking Back Your Garden We got an urgent plea the other day from Suzette M. about some new raised beds she built recently.  As soon as the beds were
Promiscuous Plants and the Pollinators they Tantalize
date_range October 07, 2015
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Plants live to have sex, just like us! Pollination, the transfer of pollen from male to female reproductive parts of a flower, can be carried out by
Attracting Pollinators to the Garden Year After Year
date_range September 09, 2015
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Late summer and fall are terrific times to start planning for next year's gardens. Common fall tasks include preparing beds, dividing plants, and even
How to Use Diatomaceous Earth Safely in the Home, Garden, and More
date_range August 10, 2015
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We hear the letters "DE" being discussed at the feed store, in garden clubs, and in the online forums where many of us are members. But what exactly a
How to Beat the Japanese Beetle
date_range August 06, 2015
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Have you been visited by the Japanese beetle this year? If you're wondering, "What's a Japanese beetle?" you are very fortunate. They are rather lovel