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Welcome to The Grow Network (TGN), an online community of 450,000 homesteaders that strive to live a modern, self-sufficient lifestyle. Our community is composed of the world’s most productive people who practice self-sufficiency to promote sustainable living. TGN community members grow food in their backyard, craft herbal medicine in the kitchen, and deliberately choose to live healthier and more environmentally-conscious lives.

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This Natural Bug Repellent Is As Effective As DEET!

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High-Performance Garden Show 2020

High-Performance Garden Show, Week 21: 5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Tomato Hornworms

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Pokeweed Berries and Greens 101: How to Eat & Use Them Safely

Pokeweed Berries and Greens: Eat Up and Stay Safe

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The Grow Network’s homesteading website provides all the resources you need for living a healthy, eco-friendly, and self-sufficient lifestyle. Founded by world-renowned homesteading expert Marjory Wildcraft, The Grow Network offers informative articles, educational e-books, and professional courses to help you practice sustainable living. Join The Grow Network’s expanding community and use our educational resources to start living the self-sufficient dream.

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Grow Healthy and Sustainable Food in Your Backyard

Conventional, store-bought foods are not only unhealthy, but their production also contributes to harming the environment. The Grow Network will teach you how to grow food in your very own backyard to encourage healthier and more sustainable living. Our homesteading website provides blogs, e-books, and 100% online courses to help you learn how to:

Growing sufficient food in your backyard does not require much land or time. Marjory Wildcraft’s expert homesteading tips will teach you how to grow your own food on a 10X10 patch of ground to cut your grocery spending by half. Start here to grow healthy, nutritious food for your family and promote sustainable living, all in less than an hour a day.

Take Control of Your Health Care Needs

The modern medical system doesn’t always have the natural answers you’re looking for. Take back control of your health care with the homemade herbal remedies on our homesteading website. Natural, herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years to address a variety of ailments. The Grow Network provides e-books, courses, and free video training programs to help you practice sustainable living and make your own home remedies.

Sign up for our natural medicine courses to learn about:

Marjory Wildcraft’s natural medicine courses and programs will teach you how to make effective herbal remedies for the 12 most common health conditions.

The Grow Network’s home remedies will help you relieve 95% of ailments without any harmful side effects, tolerance buildup, or the risk of developing an addiction. Start here to manage your health care safely and cost-effectively with herbal concoctions made in your kitchen.

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