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An Insect Hotel Will Keep Your Pollinators Warm this Winter
Anthony ..
date_range December 01, 2017
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An insect hotel is a great winter project, and it pays big dividends by increasing the likelihood that your garden will be graced by lots of pollinato
What To Do With A Bee Swarm!
Anthony ..
date_range July 19, 2017
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Learn the secrets to capturing a bee swarm, and hear a bee-swarming story from The Grow Network's Director of Customer Success, Nikki!
How a Horrible Hornet Sting Ruined My Day
Karen th..
date_range October 18, 2016
view_list Insects
My husband and I were carting some branches from the front of our property to the back corner. We have lots of trees and I was following the cart to
Eating Bugs – Little Herds Brings a Ninth Serving to Austin
date_range July 08, 2016
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Have You Had Your Bugs Today? Keep Austin weird, eat healthier, and save the planet... all by eating delicious and nutritious edible insects! Back by
Use Decoy Plants to Trap Harlequin Bugs
date_range June 07, 2016
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Passing Knowledge Across Generations The other day you all said that somebody wrote in to ask for help with harlequin bugs. I grow lots of broccoli so