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3 Ways to Garden Without Land
David Th..
date_range May 29, 2020
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Currently landless? Here are 3 ways you can keep food rolling in even if you don't have the space to plant a "proper" garden.
My 15 Favorite Supplies for Brooding Chicks
Ruth Ann..
date_range February 23, 2020
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Brooding chicks for the first time can be a bit overwhelming—but having the right tools on hand can make a world of difference. Here are our 15 favo
Can You Regrow a Finger? (GRAPHIC)
Marjory ..
date_range November 30, 2019
view_list Community
Can you regrow a finger? This article contains (graphic) images that prove it can be done.
Congrats, Certification Completers! (+2 New Master Classes!)
The Grow..
date_range September 06, 2019
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Congratulations to these Honors Lab members on completing one or more of our deep-diving Certifications in November and December!
Vandana Shiva talks ‘fake cheap’ food (VIDEO)
Marjory ..
date_range July 02, 2019
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What do you think? Is Vandana Shiva right about "fake cheap" food?