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The replay of the live webinar with Doug Simons from July 7th is available here: REPLAY – Treating Infections without Antibiotics

You can download an mp3 audio file here: Treating Infections without Antibiotics MP3

For the month of July, 2016 I’ve picked out two special webinars (and I’ll tell you why I chose these in just a moment). These will only be up for this month and then taken down, replaced by two more awesome ones in mid-June.

OK, our two featured webinars are (drum roll please…)


How To Grow Half Your Food In Your Backyard In Less Than An Hour Per Day
By Marjory Wildcraft

7 Ways Growing Your Own Food Saves The Planet

By Ronnie Cummins &Marjory Wildcraft

SO here is the reason I chose these two webinars this month.

What would happen if 10% of Americans were growing half of their own food?

How would that affect Monsanto’s bottom line?

What about obesity rates?

Or money spent on healthcare?

How about the savings in precious water and fuel?

How would it affect the entire economy?

I want to start a movement.  In order to inspire people, I need to know what the outcome will look like – why should the average person want to get involved and contribute?  So I am trying to figure out what impact there would be ~ and how to measure it.  I’ve got a couple of Honors Lab members who are awesome at both research and grant writing.  And we are just now starting to brainstorm on what a world with a lot more homegrown food on dinner tables looks like.

If you have any ideas to contribute, please, please! let me know.  Either post them up in the private member’s group, of put up a comment when I get the blog post up on the free blog.

So in the spirit of this month’s deep questions..  I am put up the two webinars above.

and….  Yikes.  You know I didn’t get around to watching Geoff’s presentation in April, so I am going to leave it up there for both of us watch (in case you missed it too)

Geoff Lawton’s Property Purchase Checklist (click the link to go see it now)


Here are a few more classics for you to enjoy in case the above ones don’t suit your fancy…Drop me a note in the private FB Groups area.  Would love to hear from you.

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