Leucaena; A Fertility Tree

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  • Nadia Cassar says:

    Hello Marjory, as always, thank you for the information – the garden bed shade idea is just awesome! I’ve just prepared some Leucaena seed to sow, but my fellow native seed bank friends got a bit alarmed when I told them that I wanted to plant it, because they said that it’s very invasive in the hot, arid Mediterranean climate, and that it kills native species. I did explain to them its wonderful benefits and how it will correct our depleted soils. I found this interesting article that seems to suggest that both its fresh and decomposed leaf mulch have allelopathic properties for several plants. What do you think? Please may I ask which plants thrived under heavy leucaena mulch? Thanks so much! https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2FBF01012362

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