What Toxins Are Hiding in Your Home… Making You Sick?

Is your shampoo killing you?

How about your carpet?

Most people would be shocked to learn of the number of common household items that are making them sick … or worse.

That’s why my second chapter-turned-video of Grow: All True Wealth Comes From the Ground explores the toxins that are all around us…

…and what we can do to avoid them!

Click PLAY to watch the video now:

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The 2 Physical Causes of ALL Disease and Illness
  • EVERYDAY Ways Toxins Are Getting Into Your Body
  • Why the USDA and FDA Are Turning a Blind Eye to the Contamination of Our Commercial Food Supply
  • More Than a Dozen Steps You Can Take to Help PREVENT Toxicity in Your Home and Body

After you watch the video, I would SO appreciate it if you would leave me a comment to let me know your experiences with toxicity.

Have toxins made you sick?

How do you keep toxins out of your home and body?

Thank you again for taking the time to watch this video!

Your experiences and the wisdom you have gleaned from them are so valuable—and very well might end up in Grow: All True Wealth Comes From the Ground!

(If you missed them, watch the FIRST VIDEO and SECOND VIDEO in the series here (#1) and here (#2).

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  • Tanya Reeder says:

    I’ve eliminated some toxins by using a mixture of tea tree oil, lemon essential oil, and spring water to clean my kitchen, bathroom and other areas of the home. No more Lysol or other chemical cleaners that only smell like lemon, I’ve got the actual power of lemon essential oil, and the antibacterial/antifungal of tea tree working for me, and it smells awesome – everybody in my home loves it. It works on wood as well, as most other cleaners discolored my solid pine kitchen table, but this cleans and conditions it without leaving marks, so I’ve eliminated the need for Pine Sol too. Also I use a vinegar/water mixture to remove fingerprints from my stainless steel refrigerator and to clean the windows, just like my grandmother did, and they are more streak-free than any Windex could achieve. Just our cleaners alone had so many chemicals, and cleaning the areas where I prepare our food and where we bathe is a big deal in this regard. 2 natural cleaners replaced 3 chemical ones, and these are SO much cheaper! I’m saving money too! Win/Win!

    1. Marjory says:

      This is indeed a win/win, Tanya! So happy to hear you have made such positive changes. Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing. 🙂

  • Marion Kaer says:

    Marjory, thank you for doing this. We are doing the landscaping this year, so I was toying with the idea of not planting a garden. For the last 2 years, I have made temporary gardens, which I have had to tear down every fall… too much work! But listening to this chapter, I see we cannot forego growing our own food even for one year. I will just have to be more selective about what I grow this year as space and time are somewhat over subscribed.

    1. Marjory says:

      Every little bit helps, Marion. Glad you decided to continue growing your food. Here’s to a successful growing season! Cheers!

  • Sabreena says:

    Hi Marjory,
    I’ve known about the problems of our toxic world for a long time. I’ve taken steps to create my own body products so that I’m not taking those toxic products in from my skin. I don’t buy anything that is canned, prefabricated, or non-organic. I also use high doses of vitamins and minerals to make sure that my body can deal with the toxins I can’t avoid, such as those in the air and soil. I don’t take any medications. I use vinegar for everything! Cleaning, fabric softener, etc. Anything I eat I use apple cider vinegar, ONLY organic, and for cleaning and laundry I use white vinegar. I educate all those around me to the point they are receptive and hope that others are doing the same. What I can’t do is grow my own food since I live in an apartment that faces north and gets no direct sun light.

    1. Sabreena, there are many many plants that can be grown in pots. Also with a grow light, you can grow your own micro greens inside and supply yourself with the most important vitamins for pennies. You might also talk to your apartment managers about having food plants as landscaping. Fruit trees instead of flower or shade trees. M

  • The House Wren says:

    Some additional suggestions: Plants that help clean the air is a simple add-on to help with the off-gassing. There is a list that NASA issues. Also, the technique of regular damp mopping and damp dusting (with water only) to remove chemical-laden dust combined with vacuuming with HEPA filter.

  • Eva says:

    As usual a very intresting video.
    You are doing so much good in this world Marjorie.
    Keep doing it and wishing you to keep a clear voice to continue and help the humans who just have no clue of what is going on.

    1. Marjory says:

      You are so sweet, Eva! I appreciate your comments.

  • Kitty Corbett says:

    Will come back and view Section 1 right after I wash off the sunscreen I put on my arms!

    I am involved with the development of a new carriage driving community near Aiken, SC. The developer is a “baby boomer” and much taken with the notion of “new urbanism” which, as I understand it, centers about a walkable community with everything needful within a five-minute walk. Front porches, sidewalks, autos out of sight but horses featured. There will be common areas for gardening as well as for practicing the disciplines we enjoy, such as negotiating a cones course and driving dressage patterns. I believe that this development lends itself to blending community needs with sustainable and healthful practices such as you preach. Obviously, composting and using manure comes to mind. Selecting nontoxic building materials would be important. I’m 79.5, going for 120 or at least as long as my 14 year old horse. If I avoid toxins as you describe, I see no reason why not.

    1. Sal Livreri says:

      Kitty, it is so funny you say that. I was driving the other day from Spartanburg back to Charleston and dreaming of just such a concept. Do you have any information on the project. I was envisioning a square mile cordoned off so no vehicles could enter (except perhaps emergency vehicles). It would have square blocks with small houses or cottages, keeping the original trees as much as possible. To go to work, people would ride their horse or carriage, or walk, or maybe bike to a large parking lot adjacent to the cordoned off perimeter. Thanks for re-sparking that dream!

  • kirsty zahnke says:

    I have been growing my own food and medicine for 12 years. I live in a house with all wood floors or tile I use non VOC paint I buy clothing at the thrift store and wash it before I wear it comma I use natural shampoos and pure Castile soap comma and yet when I fast my sense of smell and taste is so heightened it is such a wonderful feeling. I feel sad for people who don’t have the luxury of growing their own or wildcrafting their own, they must taste and smell absolutely nothing. Maybe that is why they crave the high fat foods that are way over sweetened .

    I have been doing this with my children but now my daughter has started college and she doesn’t like the cafeteria food because of its taste, I said it’s because of its industrial roots and cheap oils. She has found she now gets many skin and hair issues.

  • Cindy Kay Enderson Macrafic says:

    thank you for sharing this vital info! i picked up a few new tips and will put those to use. we need to wake up to what is happening to us in this beautiful life/world. YOU are helping enlighten us all ?

  • L says:

    Love what you’re doing here. This is such important info for our times!
    Can you consider dressing a little more modestly for some of the conservative families who watch and follow you?

    1. Anonymous says:

      I support the comment on modesty… My DH won’t watch your videos for that reason. thank you.

  • Dear Marjory,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your video re: toxins in our foods and homes. I am very lucky to have a mini-farm in the country that will grow some foods. It is a bit of a struggle to beat the birds, rodents, deer, raccoons and every other critter that wants fresh veggies too. When I was working full time I did not have the time or energy to do much growing of fresh foods, but now that I’ve retired even with arthritis and other injuries I can plant a number of foods that I like and enjoy. One of the best benefits of this for me is being able to step out of the house and pick what I want fresh from the plants. As you say, smelling the fresh air and what’s blooming is a wonderful addition to my well-being, as is the lack of trains, planes and barking dogs next door. Peace and quiet is a great blessing for me.
    Thank you for drawing attention to outgassing of housing products. I don’t know if you intend to address black mold or radon issues, but they are equally toxic and perhaps more lethal as far as cancer, severe allergies/organ damage and loss of quality of life.

    For decades, my daughter and I have been washing all new clothes before wearing them. My original motivation was to decrease antibiotic-resistant diseases like tuberculosis and more recently MERSA. However, I don’t know how effective that anti-bacterial attempt is.. now that recently manufactured clothing is all saying: “wash in cold water” and “don’t use chlorine bleach”. (Non-chlorine bleach may work as well to disinfect, but I haven’t verified that).

    Thanks for what you do.


  • Thank you for doing this video. I Havre a story and a question. About 1997 L started getting rashes on my scalp. The warmer the day the worse the rash. I should tell you that I too live in Texas, in the Austin area. So you know that I had far more warm and hot days than cool or cold. When this first started I had a job where appearance was important so I wore makeup, hairspray, deodorant and perfume. All poisens that I no longer apply to my body. So for 3 years I suffered with this rash thinking that the hairspray perhaps was causing it. I changed brand’s and tried not to use it. Tried medicated shampoos. Nothing helped. I scratched so much that my coworkers thought I had lice. One day I was trying a new hair styling salon. The hairstylist noticed the rash and asked me what kind of shampoo I used. I told her and she told me to throw it out and buy the most expensive brand I could afford. Try it for a week. If it helped, keep using it. If not then try another expensive brand until the rash healed. It was an eye opener that my shampoo was causing the problem! I would love to use a safe shampoo that I could make myself. If you have a recipe?
    That was not my question though. I am, at the age of 57, building myself a tiny home. I would like to know what you did for insulation? I am taking the used carpet I was going to install off the list and go with wood floors as otherwise planned for the rest of the fooring. Thank you for that piece of info. I would really like to know about the insulation issue though. I am currently installing the wiring. Thank you. M

    1. A. says:

      I don’t have a recipe for shampoo off the top of my head, but some people use baking soda. I use Dr. Bronner’s soap-shampoo which can be used on both your body and your hair. Getting it in bar form rather than liquid comes with the bonus of easy airport traveling. Dr. Bronner’s is not expensive and is organic. Coconut oil is the base and essential oils are used for scenting, or you can get an unscented one.

      Another option is to not use shampoo at all, or use it much less often. Simply water can clean your hair just fine, although there may be an adjustment period if you’re currently using shampoo every day and then stop cold turkey. I only actually shampoo a couple times a month and nobody can tell the difference.

    2. Celeste says:

      Michele, I just saw a video last night where people were living in their van and for insulation they had wrapped plain styrofoam with mylar sheets, and put them in the windows, and they said that worked really well. You might want to try it…it certainly is an inexpensive option. They stacked them up when not needed, and had made them of a size that they could put two together to cover the entire space they needed, like legos or something!
      Also another idea…the great American tradition…quilts. Totally natural, and a beautiful way to go as well. In the summer you can store them in someone’s garage or attic.
      Best wishes!

  • Adrienne says:

    I live in the barn that my husband built for my horses. Cement floor and unpainted plasterboard. Not able to afford the safe paint yet. In the mean time the only toxic thing in here is the computer with the EMF. So many things affect our health and you are touching on the most prevalent and changeable. Our skin releases toxins and absorbs toxins. I have not used any soap or shampoo on my hair in over a year. Rinse well with water while massaging the scalp and then use a vinegar rinse. This cleanses and softens the hair. The thought of soaking the skin over my brain with toxic chemicals is frightening. Most of the products used for skin and hair care have never been tested individually let alone in combination. We are living the test study.

    I buy almost nothing from the grocery store. Forty years ago my mama taught me to read labels. There are products on the shelves that no longer have the “normal” ingredients and now contain a chemical stew. If I had not known what used to be in them, I would not know how they have changed. My mother’s passion for knowledge and for health has been instrumental in how I live my life. I was 12yo when she said (1968), “I wonder how all these preservatives and sugar are affecting our health?” The scientist that I am suggested a study. We bought two pairs of mice. One pair was fed human food the way our great-grandparents would have eaten it. The other pair was fed the standard American diet at that time. Mice have short life spans so it is possible to do generational studies in a couple of years time. The mice fed real food reproduced smart healthy babies consistently and lived twice as long. The mice fed SAD had short life spans….each generation died younger the the previous one. I began to watch the following health problems unfold: hair-loss (so many young people today have this), dental problems, skin disorders such as rashes tumors and boils, reproductive issues…less fertility, birth defects, mental retardation, mental illness. A scary list. Now look around when you go out in public. Look at the children. We have the sickest generation of children that has ever lived. This has happened slowly over time so that the younger parents are not ever remembering true health for themselves and therefor think this is normal. Like Joel Salatin said, “This ain’t normal folks!”

    Little is taught about nutrition. Stinky pits and feet are a symptom of magnesium deficiency. When I need a deodorant, I choose a spoonful of Frank’s Hot Sauce. It is loaded with magnesium and because it is cayenne the magnesium is absorbed quickly into the blood steam. Cayenne dilates (opens) blood vessels and makes the increases blood’s viscosity (flows easily). Works fast enough to stop a heart attack. I tell people not to see a doctor but to see a clinical nutritionist. Start there and then think about doctors. Food is fundamental. Hunger is a request from the cell bodies for nutrition: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, and yes…sugars. Constant hunger is is a sign of malnutrition. I don’t care how much food you eat. If you are always hungry, the body is still calling for what it needs. Real nutritious foods satisfy that hunger and you eat much less. It is a fallacy that good food is more expensive. You buy less, eat less and spend less at doctors and on their drugs.

    Bless you for what you do.

    1. Natalie says:

      I love the hot sauce idea! Do you ingest it or apply it to your underarms?

      1. Adrienne says:

        I take 1 or 2 teaspoons most every night before going to bed. If I forget two nights in a row….stinky pits in the morning. An alternative is a soak in the bath tub with Epson salts. Magnesium stops cramps. Leg and foot cramps at night are another sign of deficiency. I like the cayenne tincture/Franks Hot Sauce because it supplies the magnesium and dilates blood vessels…..and makes the blood more fluid (slightly thins). This was the main reason I had given it to my husband. Cayenne is known for its ability to to stop heart attacks. Nitro did nothing. Frank’s stopped the attack before he even put the cap back on the bottle. Before he gave up sugar, I made him carry a small bottle every where he went. Since he gave up sugar he has had NO heart issues.
        Blessings to you,

  • Rebecca says:

    Great video…
    Side question, when does the “Home medicine 101” begin?

    1. Nikki Follis says:

      Hi Rebecca, the Home Medicine course is self-paced and can be started as soon as you enroll. Please send an email to happiness@thegrownetwork.com if you have additional questions regarding this and we can work together to ensure that you have everything you need to begin. 🙂

  • Betty Montgomery says:

    Thank you Margery! You’ve confirmed my personal opinion of what’s causing my health problems. I worked for several years, well actually most of my work life, around plastic manufacturing of one sort or another. This was a few years ago when there was even less caution with or protection from the toxins related to plastics manufacturing. I have stood near beakers of boiling acetone (they were in a vent hood but I still had to take them out and carry them and the dissolved plastic across the lab!), washed things down with acetone and nastier chemicals with only rubber gloves between me and the chemical and even been advised to wash any sticky, proto-plastic residue off my hands with acetone. It was a wonder I was never pulled over by a cop and booked for driving under the influence on my way home.That plus all the nasty stuff I’ve put in my body with my ‘all American’ diet and life style. No wonder I have the health problems I do!
    As I said above. I had begun to suspect toxins were the cause of at least some of my problems, if not most of them. Thanks for the confirmation! Not that my doctors will believe me. Particularly the one that put me on a low dose of a chemotherapy drug.

  • Joyce Johnson says:

    I got artificial nails put on and used polish remover to get them off. I noticed that I did not feel very well while using it.

  • Aileen says:

    I moved into a brand new home, on December 26th, in the middle of a cold winter a number of years ago. I started to get really bad headaches, sinus infections and was not feeling very well – fatigue and emotional issues. My cat got extremely sick – not eating or drinking – wasting away. I took him to the vet; after a couple of days the doctor told me to come and get him because they could not find what was wrong with him and had to admit that they didn’t know what to do. In other words they were telling me to take him home because he was dying. I wouldn’t give up and had to force feed him, but I stuck in there and finally he started to mend. Spring had come and doors were being opened. At the time I did not make the association between how I was feeling and my cat on death’s door and my toxic house. I know that my toxic house weakened my immune system and was the beginning of why I got CFS.

  • Jeannie Danford says:

    Hi Marjory,

    Great information! I have cleaned out my diet, personal products and cleaning products over the past ten years. My sense of smell has gotten really good too and while it is great for the lovely natural smells, it has made me super sensitive to chemicals especially perfumes and air fresheners. I try to avoid being around these smells even though they seem to be everywhere but when I do encounter them I have to mouth breath or get a headache. I hope there is a day when the population really wakes up to this issue and I appreciate your efforts in this area. We moved from the Orlando FL area to western North Carolina where the air and water quality is much better. I am trying to “detox” our new log cabin from the air freshener the previous owners used. I am putting boxes of baking soda all over and will keep the windows open as much as possible. Any other suggestions?
    Thanks for all you do.

    1. Adrienne says:

      “made me super sensitive to chemicals”

      This has been my experience. I work in a nursing home. You would think perfumes and cleaning products would be less in an environment that cares for immune impaired and lung problems. Yesterday I passed some one in the hallway. Never smelled anything on her but, my ears started to itch, sinus started to drip and I began to cough. I tell people I am not sick, not allergic, I am being poisoned. I wonder why we have become more sensitive. Maybe our bodies are on the defense to keep us from accepting the situation.

  • Susan says:

    Hi Marjory,
    I’m really enjoying your chapters. I am very susceptible to “off-gassing” & I didn’t know there was a term for it until I just heard you use it. I just yell “The fumes! The fumes! Get me outta the fumes!”

    I just had a couple thoughts. First, you have a marvelous melodious speaking voice. I have my degree in music & did my graduate work in vocal performance down in the great state of TX at Rice. Your voice is a great asset for you and this series. Please always consider any voice-based business opportunities you receive!

    The other thought is that acoustic music rather than electric “techno” would seem to reflect more accurately your philosophy. You might consider an original Marjory Melody composition by a family member or friend. Pretty random thought, I know, & it doesn’t have anything to do with the content of your book, which is so far awesome, but the ambience created through sound during your verbal chapters might influence future sales! ?

  • Teri Colwell says:

    Wonderful information! I love the presentation. I have always thought of you as a “Down Home Gal” and this is a perfect example of that. There are some really good recipes out there for non-toxic cleaners and cosmetics. Jill from Prairie Homestead, Melissa K. Norris, Dr. Josh Axe. They are all free and it might save you some valuable time by just linking to them. Check them out, if you haven’t already. Your book is going to be a great one and I can’t wait to read it. I just love that you aren’t afraid to Tell It Like It Is. Keep up the great work.

  • Latifa Hussaini says:

    How o your gain your sense of smell, I have lost mine!

  • Donna says:

    Thanks for all the great information. We live in a neighborhood with a small lot, and I have about 65 medium to large pots growing herbs and vegetables and am getting better at it as I go along. My husband doesn’t understand why I don’t just buy stuff at the store and thinks I’m a bit of a fanatic, but he puts up with my plant/pot collection that keeps growing.

    I want to leave a comment about sunscreen. I would never have thought people use sunscreen mainly to get human touch, and that is certainly not my motivation. I have red hair and fair skin, and got sunburned all the time as a kid, and have had 4 skin cancers (before I changed my lifestyle to be healthier) so I really can’t spend all day in the sun without protection. When I know I’ll have the sun on me for many hours I wear hats and thin, long sleeves even in the heat of summer, but still put the more natural mineral sunscreen on my hands, nose and chin or the back of my neck if exposed. Ideally I would spend enough time outdoors in smaller portions to have built up sun exposure tolerance, but I can’t always do that since I work indoors. If I’m just going to be out for a shorter time I don’t wear any, and would prefer to not use any at all if I could and still not get burned.

    Anyway, I would think avoiding sunburn and skin cancer is the main motivator for people to wear sunscreen rather than the human touch aspect, though that is an interesting component to consider.

    1. Donna, I hope you will read Dr. Zane Gray’s book, “Sunlight”, because it explains that sunscreen is actually a major culprit in skin cancer. He offers alternative solutions to the hazards of too much sun exposure. I too am fair-skinned and have found that aloe vera never fails in mitigating over-exposure for me. Best wishes to you!

    2. Vickie Wangberg says:

      I like leaving a cup of vinegar on the counter to absorb odors, too. What do you use for lubrication (for example, windows that don’t slide well and need lubrication)? I like Thymol (Benefect) to use as a disinfectant-it works as well as bleach, but made from Thyme. Besides, most diseases don’t come from unsanitized counters, etc.-they come from too many grains/sugars in our diet! I mostly clean with vinegar and baking soda-and use vinegar and a few squirts of dish soap (to make it stick to the weeds) to kill weeds. I use soap nuts for laundry. To avoid colds/flu and instead of a flu shot I avoid fructose when exposed to colds (so no fruit or honey, etc. not even a little bite) and drink elderberry tea every 2 hours. It’s as good as a prescription drug-try it! That’s because fructose is the worst sugar for your immune system.

      Re: sunburn: Yes-avoid most commercial sunscreens if you don’t want skin cancer!
      Also, when you improve your immune system (such as by doing the GAPS diet) you don’t sunburn as easily-and salmon, liver, saturated fats, cod liver oil, tomatoes, etc. help protect your skin from burning. If you need to screen yourself from the sun-use shade-or spf clothes or hats. Marjory, Thanks for the helpful information. I also really loved your Home Medicine 101!

      1. margaret conyers says:

        Loved your Thymol suggestion. Sounds terrific – perhaps not available in Oz. Tyranny of distance and exhorbitant shipping only will stop me getting it. All the best xx margaret c.

  • Sheila says:

    I have not yet received directions on how to access a workshop
    that I purchased a number of weeks ago.
    Please Help.

    1. Nikki Follis says:

      Hi Sheila, I can certainly assist you with that. Please send an email to happiness@thegrownetwork.com and we can work together to ensure that you have everything you need to begin. 🙂

  • Donna says:

    My shampoo isn’t toxic anymore because I found the best Organic shampoo ever and it is Pure Earth Hair Wash (Sultry Spice) from Terressentials and it is like heaven with the most amazing smell ever. I used it once yesterday and for the first time my very long hair (66 years old) was shinier and thicker ever and I could actually see some of the blonde highlights showing through instead of the horrible drab it looked like. I don’t color my hair so there is some gray to it. It feels so silky and I will never try any other shampoos, organic or not after one use of this amazing Hair Wash.

    Thank you for all the wonderful summits you have provided.

  • Jennifer says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for putting this video together. I am recovering from chronic Lyme which severely damaged my entire gut and so many other bodily functions for example sense of smell that you mentioned. I tell everyone that will listen, that I am the canary in the coal mine. Now in recovery, my body is so sensitive to everything I know when I am exposed to even the most minute amount of toxin. I nearly died at Christmas from toxins off an artificial tree. The body is so amazing and recovering all the senses that had become desensitized over my lifetime has been quite a joy to experience. So you talking about that after detoxing I knew exactly how you felt. That’s my every day. Thanks again.

    1. Marjory says:

      So happy to hear that you have had success in your recovery, Jennifer! Definitely keep sharing that knowledge with those that will listen. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Jo Anne says:

    I agree with most everything I’ve ever heard from you, including about the chemicals in sunscreen. Maybe there are some people who use sunscreen because they like to touch and be touched, but I think most people use it because we’ve been convinced that if we don’t, we’ll get skin cancer. Or because they have suffered bad sunburns. My husband had several bad sunburns as a child and has had several melanoma lesions removed. Perhaps we should wear more clothing when we’re out in the sun for long periods, or avoid the mid-day sun rather than slathering on the sunscreen.

  • Also… most automatic dishwashing detergents are so good at ‘cleaning’ dirty dishes, they have to be very toxic. I wipe dry with a clean cloth or add a rinse cycle after the washing is complete… I have long used baking soda instead of shampoo. Baking soda in water and then rinse with vinegar in water. My hair loves it. My main cleaning tools are WATER (hot if there is oil or grease), baking soda, environment-friendly dishwashing liquids and vinegar. I get rid of ants by making them a special candy: boil a mixture of borax + sugar. Ants seem to like it – and die. Those who carry the ‘ant candy’ home do not come back… nor do their friends. For laundry I use ozonated water, colloidal silver, citrasolv and essential oils. Food is my medicine and when needed, I use essential oils in olive and coconut oil as my salve. I’m a happy camper!

  • Mike Eaton says:

    By heck Marjory you’ve certainly left a lot to think about and for me to be thankful for (seems being English does have its uses!) – In the first instance as a man I don’t need or use much in the way of deodarents (can’t even spell the nasty things as it is), nothing but soap and water as far as I’m concerned. All those chemical household cleaners, following on from my last marriage I’ve moved away from such things – vinegar, a little salt, sodium bicarbonate and a little ‘elbow grease’ covers most of my cleaning materials togther with the old soap and water mentioned above!

    Having spent some 37 years at sea, mostly on diesel and black oil ships I know what you mean about smells, inside it smells pretty nasty but the good thing of course is that out at sea if you get out on deck tis really nice – after all that’s where they make Fresh Air so to speak! Mind you some of the stuff I’ve carried is not so clever. Took a cargo of manure to St. Marlo (Brittany, France) once no problem until we opened the hatches to land the stuff . . . . by heck that were smelly!

    Oh yes and I agree with washing anything brought into the house, old new or in between you never know do you? Well that’s about it. On to the next one (and back to the first couple I guess)

    Don’t want to bore you too much but you did ask for feedback

    all the best

    Mike Eaton (the Walrus)

    1. Marjory says:

      Not a bore at all, Mike! Love hearing your thoughts!! Keep sharing your knowledge. 🙂

  • I make my own deoderant, toothpaste and am starting to use natural cleaners. I just got a pure natural shampoo. Ivory soap disc. their old formula, so I replaced w/ castile. I wish I could afford a decent mattress. Moving to led candles, instead of toxic candles. I bought some string lights last year and they are still outside off-gassing. I do not usually buy NEW clothes, but must be careful w/ used, as they are washed in garbage scented detergent and that does not come out. Those detergents are the worse. Best to have NO VOC paint or none. After my carpet was removed from LR, I got a used “boho” rug to go over the subfloor. I would not put in new vinyl flooring-that is horrid.

  • Barbara Rissler says:

    I use all-natural, safe, Home care, Personal care, and Health care products manufactured by Melaleuca in Idaho Falls, ID My husband lost both parents to cancer within 6 months! He did some serious studies and found that toxic
    chemicals in the home are the main reason why. I grow my own food and have eliminated all possible chemicals from my home. I am 77, have 12 children, 48 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren, great health and enjoy living. I consider myself very bleseed indeed

  • Hi Marjory, more great stuff thank you and I will certainly be buying your book when it comes out.
    The internet is a great source of non toxic cleaning recipes shared by generous people including the gang at Learning Herbs. So simple yet effective, smell good and best of all non toxic. I have not bought things like surface cleaners for years and I make them and put them in gift baskets for friends for Xmas and birthdays and as thank you’s. They are always very well received.
    Hmmmn, maybe you could have a chapter on toxin free simple gifts like cleaners, shampoo air fresheners etc.

  • steve clougher says:

    hi Melanie, you’re right about modern paints, the water-based paints are worse than the old lead-based oil paints , in my opinion.

    for forty years, i and my wife have not used shampoo or conditioner. We strip the hair with soap, any soap, then rinse with cider vinegar diluted about 5 to one, depending on the strength of the vinegar. After 40 years, we still haven’t bothered to fine-tune the best dilution, and my wife still mocks my preference for the good organic cider vinegar…..she prefers the economy stuff. It all works! The rave is, the vinegar returns the scalp to acidic, after the alkali of the soap, and releases the scalps own oils, which flow down the hair instantaneously, and allow the hair to be brushed or combed. My wife has long, fine hair, which should indicate that this method works in even extreme cases, i think. I’ll try Patricia’s baking soda idea, next hair-wash. Soap manufacture is one of the most evil, polluting industries, i’ve heard.

    i never use soap on my body, or for dishes, just hot water. We use a little to wash clothes. I had a dream a few years ago, where a little wizened man told me i should stop wearing synthetic clothes. Since then, i’ve worn only wool, cotton, hemp, and linen….my wife gets the silk.

    the worst pollution is the TV.

    warm regards, i love your work

    1. Marjory says:

      Thank you for sharing, Steve! So glad to hear you have been successful in finding a hair solution that works for you. Awesome to hear about the elimination of synthetic clothes too. 🙂

  • shelley says:

    Hi Marjory,

    Terrific video. Ive started eating weeds and they are jam packed with nutrients, especially dandelion and thistle. If your government agriculture department calls it a weed, then it will be very good for you. They lace them with poisons on public land, so grow your own. The system depends on us being dependent on their chemical food corporations. I have a chronic autoimmune disease and since starting eating and juicing this organic food source (which is free) people say I look terrific, whereas before I was always tired and sick looking.

    1. Adrienne says:

      Grass can be blended (distilled water* and grass in a blender), strained and drunk. Does not have to be wheat grass. Grow it in pots or a hot bed during the winter. Better than any green from the store. Purslane is one of my favorites to eat raw or ferment.

      *distilled water should never be taken except in this manner. It lacks minerals and therefore draw minerals to itself. This process pulls all the minerals from the grass while retaining the other phytochemicals and light photons needed for our energy field. I have natural soft well water and use that to make green drink.

  • Michelle says:

    I was a little dissapointed. I thought you were going to talk a little on malnutrition since you used it in your introduction. I wonder about this subject since I have to feed my ten children on a tight budget. There never seems to be enough variety of foods.

    1. Celeste says:

      well I only had four children, so I am sure you are already aware of lots of ways to make things stretch, but here are a few tips just in case:
      really, most North Americans overeat. Be sure they have raw vegetables each day, “splurge” on organic milk because the regular milk is full of …things that are gross that I don’t even want to go into. Suffice it to say you will get your money’s worth of extra nutrition from the organic milk, even though it costs two or three times more. Fill them up with bread!!! (Homemade, or storebought organic). Meat is a condiment, not a necessity two-three times a day!!! Plenty of protein sources without it. Tunafish and peanut butter are cheap and high-protein. Eggs aren’t so cheap any more, but still an excellent source of protein for a lower cost than meat. The things you really got to watch are the portion sizes—make sure they are getting the vitamins and minerals, and after that for extra calories bread and butter (with or without jam) is great. BUT BE SURE AND GIVE THEM VEGETABLES DAILY.
      Split peas and lentils are really cheap proteins—add spinach to them when they’re almost done, or kale earlier in the cooking. Chicken soup, light on the chicken, heavy on the celery, onion, carrots and potatoes. But personally I almost never buy chicken because of all the chemicals, I use turkey instead, which is also cheaper as a rule, but doesn’t have the sales on it like chicken does. Personally I think regular (non-organic, non-freerange) is one of the most dangerous foods there is, an absolute cancer agent. But I also go big on the rule, “all things in moderation.” If chicken is on a huge sale, it’s alright once a month or so. But those people that eat chicken three or four (or even six or eight!!!) times a week are just asking to get sick, and they do.
      I sold my blood for years and years to feed my children, back in the 80s and 90s, and I can’t imagine being able to afford to feed them at todays’ prices.
      One more tip I would give you: Buy Cheerios in bulk and give them that with milk for breakfast, with a little fruit, rather than the free school lunches. They may be free, but that stuff (at least in our state, and we’re better than some) is truly AWFUL, it is so laden with chemicals that you can be sure they will make your kids sick sooner or later. The “free” is not worth the price of their health!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patty Dalin says:

    Marjory, I love this! You said everything so well! I know all of it and want to tell everyone but they won’t listen. Do you want a protege? I’d love to hang out with you!

  • Oh, I guess I should tell you about my own sensitivity… I am “allergic” to electricity and electro-magnetic radiation. I can tell when wifi is around, when cellphones are around… and it feels terrible to me. Cramps are my most reliable response. What I do for it is to do what I can to avoid both wifi and cell phones… and intense machines when they are in use, such as washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, etc. I purchased an inexpensive “ghost meter” which measures electro-magnetic fields as well as the very expensive meter the electric company brought to my house, and I learned which appliances are low EMF and which are high. If it makes noise, light, heat or motion, it generates EMFs. I built a canopy over my non-toxic bed and drape mylar over it to block fields from my sleeping space. I have a hard time in stores, especially stores where they have “free wifi” and lots of electronics, including freezers, etc. I find that the cleaner I eat, the less discomfort I experience. I use simple negative ion generators to clean chemicals from indoor air. I turn off all computers and other electrical/ electronic equipment at night. I believe that most of us are sensitive, but few of us have connected our physical ailments to the electronic soup we now live in. They don’t allow cellphones in cardiac wards in hospitals for a very good reason. Not only pacemakers are affected by EMFs – the natural heart and other organs are affected too. “Cooking us slowly with wifi… cooking us slowly…” Be especially careful to avoid living near cell towers and smart meters… These are very high-tech toxins.

    1. Adrienne says:

      Thanks for posting about the Mylar canopy. My house/barn is one room. EMF is the only toxin in the house. You have given me a solution to the problem that was troubling me.

  • Sandy Hines says:

    Thank you so much for the valuable information. I want to tell you a couple of things. Did you know, if you
    have carpal tunnel syndrome, if you massage castor oil into your wrist once a day you will stop the pain and numbness? My doctor said I needed an operation 5 yrs. ago. Never had it – Castor oil takes care of it.You don’t need much, be sure to massage it in lovingly. This is Edgar Cayce information.
    My husband and I use baking soda for deodorant, we’ve used it for over 15 yrs. Make sure underarms are totally dry, shake some on your fingers and apply. Works great. If my husband is in a hurry after showering, he drys his underarm hair with the hair dryer before applying it. If you aren’t familiar with Edgar Cayce, Google him. I wouldn’t be alive without his information.
    Thanks again Sandy

    1. margaret says:

      A lovely doctor I used to have, needed a double carpal tunnel op. consecutively, not both wrists at once. It caused a lot of trouble before settling down. Castor oil smell makes me heave, used to get a dose sometimes as a child (in Scotland) it was vile and UNABLE TO HIDE in any drink. I will definitely bear that tip in mind. thank you

  • Barb Stevens says:

    I loved your presentation and the way you are educating people to all the dangers around us. The only part of the presentation that I had a problem with (as a cancer patient myself) is at the beginning of the video where you seem to say cancers and heart diseases are “emotional” problems. It is just not that simple and especially addressing it that way in a video about toxins – just didn’t work for me. I wish you would omit it or address the emotional aspects of diseases in a separate video. Otherwise everything was A++. Thank you – you are a blessing for sure.

    1. Adrienne says:

      I think what she was trying to say was that our emotions effect our immune system. Stress ( emotional and physical), sadness, trauma, depression, loss, anger all lower our immune systems ability to identify a cancer cell and destroy it. I too think that this needs its own chapter. Science has now confirmed energy fields and pathways within the body. Joanna Budwig studied this back in the 50’s. She demonstrated the travel of light photons through the body by energy path ways and in combination with oils. Acupuncture works by clearing small blockages in these pathways. Emotions greatly effect the pathways. EFT and Thought Field Therapy help to clear the pathways. Budwig cured cancer with her protocol.

      No one wants to be sick. Nor do any of us want to see our loved ones suffer.

  • Jean Fitch says:

    Thanks for this video.Im going back to watch 1 &2.it made me want to move onto your barn.I live in nyc bought a house 4 yrs ago and then was baptized by hurricanesandy.living near the beach is truly a gift when u live n work in a big city.but then there is mold.I have lots of allergies specific to mold.I am working on my diet,eatong healthy ,growing alittle a my poststamp size yard!i belong to a food coop and buy very little from supermarkets.i do yoga n meditate not as much as I could but i defintely experience tremendous healing.I do struggle withall the knowledge out there about what I need go be healthy .all the info can be a bit overwhelming.for eg medications.I already have hypothyroidism and take meds.what can i do about that?im lookinginto colon cleansing and otherways to clean out.lately i dont feel the benefits from the changes i ha ve made.can u reccomend a detox retreat?

  • Marley Rowelyn says:

    I’m also one of those people who can easily pick up smells. We removed carpeting to expose a beautiful wood floor in our home and I insisted on a zero VOC paint. My next battle is to obtain a new mattress (organic) with no fire retardants. I try to regularly vent the house. Any suggestions about air purifiers?

    You mentioned the importance of our skin. I do make my own hand soaps and sanitizers and use simple bar soaps with essential oils for shampooing. I wish young people could be informed about the dangers of tattoos. Grafting inks onto one’s skin just can’t be a healthy thing to do. The inks are unregulated and may contain nano particles that can enter the bloodstream. It seems to me that it’s just not worth it.

    1. Marjory says:

      Glad to hear you have taken the initiative to begin making your own products, Marley! You are doing great things to better your health!

  • MQ Graves says:

    Will you be having some recipes for non-toxic personal and household products in this book?

  • Monika Thompson says:

    I make my own deodorant and lotions. I also use essential oils to make my home smell better (we have a cat and the litter always smells a bit after she went).
    I would have appreciated a bit more info on what to use instead of store bought items.
    For example one could use coconut oil instead of sunscreens…..

  • Kelly Spinks says:

    I am currently doing the elimination diet and have felt the effects of detoxing. I have eliminated most household cleaners, but still trying to find recipes that really work for some things, such as laundry detergent. I don’t feel 100% even after 36 days, so I know there are more toxins I need to remove. We are working on getting rid of our carpet. I love the info that you are presenting and hope that it will get more people on the bandwagon to live cleaner lives. Best of luck and God bless! -Kelly

    1. Marjory says:

      Good for you, Kelly! This is so great to hear that you are making strides in eliminating chemicals in your household! Keep sharing your experience with others. 🙂

  • margaret conyers says:

    Hadn’t thought my sense of smell could be damaged (disabled) by outgassing carpet – don’t know what this old carpet is, its been down years since my parents installed it – could be 40 years ago – hope it has gassed itself out. Must get to grips with deoderant and shampoo too. I thought my sense of smell was pretty good – eg detecting some citrus on the way out etc. I have joined the apothecary associated with Rosalee de la floret’s book and thought, with your help, I might learn how to grow and detect my own herb supply. I don’t want to be dependent on buying herbs – that is an expensive way to go and not instantly procureable. I loved how you felt after your health spa stay. Thank you – margaret

  • K says:

    I try to avoid scented laundry detergent and scented dryer sheets. I am amazed at how strong the chemicals are in those products. When I take a walk in our neighborhood, I can smell the laundry products coming from the dryer vents one or two houses away! Too bad those chemical odors overpower the natural outdoor scents of blossoms, pine trees, leaves, etc.

    I also want to tell you about a friend who had a terrible skin condition on her face for about 12 months before doctors figured out what was causing it. They thought she had lupus, etc., but allergy tests showed she is allergic to a couple chemical preservatives found in hundreds of common skin care products, shampoos, cosmetics, and baby care products. The two preservatives are:
    Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate

    1. Marjory says:

      Yikes! Glad to hear they were able to find out what was causing the irritation. I sure hope your friend is feeling better.

  • Bill says:

    Thank you for all you’re doing! There are many of us out here trying to do things better in increments. I am always interested in learning more ways we can protect ourselves.

  • Perry Welsh says:

    Hey Marjory,
    Perry from Australia.
    I used to train in the transport of Dangerous Good for Air, Road and Sea as the major part of that training relates to the 9 classes of dangerous goods. ie. Class 1 is explosives, class 2 gases, class 3 flammable liquid etc.
    From that I used to present a course about DG’s in the home and if you look at products from the shelf at a supermarket and you see the coloured diamonds it should warn you that they are dangerous. they may be in small quantities but they are still dangerous. For example I used to advise women that the hair removal cream with a yellow diamond is an oxidiser which if you leave on the skin for too long it will start to heat up – note to self, its burning you. One lady on the course had that experience, she put some on, forgot about it and was wondering why she had hot legs. After she had finally gotten it off she was burnt.
    So they should be made aware of the labels as the only way they will know what they mean is to read the MSDS and they are not readily accessible.
    All the best with the book

    1. Marjory says:

      Thank you for sharing, Perry! It’s so important to share the great knowledge we have with others! Keep up the great work. 🙂

  • margaret conyers says:

    I noticed someone having skin complaints which were sourced to two chemicals – I have had a recurring hard skin thing on both cheeks. I used manuka honey a few times and one side reduced lots but still three bits on other cheek Doctor would like to burn them off with dry ice but I declined with thanks. Probably not skin cancer but I have always had a clear skin. I guess age (80) may have something to do with it, but my Mum at 90 had a very clear skin always.

  • Sandy says:

    Thank you Marjory for such practical information. Good to be aware of toxic chemicals in new products too. Having a keen sense of smell can seem like a nuisance especially if others don’t have the same sensitivity but it certainly pre-warns you to something amiss.

  • candi baker says:

    when I got rid of our chemical cleaners, soaps, shampoos, lotions and started washing clothes with soap nuts, our health improved…now,we cant stand to walk down the chemical aisle or the washing soap aisle without feeling like we cant breathe…I try to help my friends understand how using these things..including scentedcandles.. are toxic for them..we seldom get sick and I have also discovered essential oils..

  • margaret conyers says:

    That tip about deoderants/hair removers from Perry was very good. going to have a look really soon. Tried bicarb but it was a bit strong for my skin.

  • Karen Grevious says:

    I already had autoimmune issues, however, I had them under control. I developed alopecia after moving into a century home that was under repair. Turned out it had black mold in the basement and particles blowing around from openings in the ceilings and walls where repairs were being made. My hair loss started 3 months after moving into the house. Also found out that 3 people (husband, wife, and daughter) who lived in the house before me all developed breast cancer.

    1. Marjory says:

      Oh my, Karen! How terrible to hear of all the trouble the house caused. I sure hope you are happy and healthy now!

  • jennifer says:

    I have experienced this as well, years ago my son kept coming home from school with hives almost a weekly basis. As we narrowed it down thinking it was the kids glue, to teachers perfume, we figured it may have been what they were using to clean the lunch tables before the little kids ate lunch. They said it was only bleach and water. They refused to change their practice and he continued to get ill. We eventually started homeschooling him, disgusted by the behavior of these adults and the lack of education. Good news from it, I learned about home cleaners, soaps, costmetics, everything you use in your home as well as on you. Making the shift of removing all toxic products and learning to make or find safer products. Airing your home out daily is very important. As we did all these things as we became aware, our skin issues; eczema, rashes, hives, etc. Are now rare, usually flare ups caused by someone at the store or visiting someone elses home. Simiple and gentle detox is better than a rapid flush, as its less of a shock to your system. Cleaning the air, house plants that filter your air, removal of toxins, including less antibacterial soaps. We have become healthier, and it is a slow process. I wish I lived in rural areas, as I can smell my neighbors laundry being done from my backyard, you’d be surprised how many toxins you’ll be aware of once you become cleaner. it is scary.

  • deborah harley says:

    I am 60 yrs old but would no be alive if I didn’t remove many toxins from my environment. I became so sick with multiple symptoms. Conventional doctors would say I need to take this prescription and that prescription which all made more more sick. I also could write a book but too keep it simple I had all my silver fillings replaced, quit my job because it was old building with hidden mold, no longer receive vaccines that have aluminium, cleaned up my diet, avoid gluten and dairy, filter my water, very careful about what I put on my body and what I breath, and many other changes I have made in past 3yrs. I feel wonderful and ready to take a hike through the country. My biggest challenge is my husband will not make any changes and his health continues to deteriate.

  • Miriam says:

    Thanks once again Margery for sharing with us.
    I am so grateful for all your stories and input on toxicity.
    I have been thinking and trying to do away with all that may be harmful to me. The obvious ones anyway. The Mattress, carpet and paints was an eye opener! Thank you! I have graves disease since June 2012 and my body has been in pain, on and off. I have been experiencing inflammation, weight gain too. Even though I went to weight watchers for a year and have slowly but surely changed many of my daily products, like toothpaste, deodorant and other stuff. Still, I am trapped. You are helping me to realize all that may be contributing to all of my ailments. Nutrition, toxins, lack of sleep, Pharma (major one) and the like. I just decided to sit and watch your videos today and am proud to say, you have inspired me. Tanya Reeder, if by any chance you come across my post, Please, Please, Please! share your tea tree oil and essential lemon cleaner.?! Thanks and Good day to all.

  • Janet says:

    I enjoyed the info very much and plan on letting my sister know about it. My brother-in-law has a melanoma cancer on his head that has returned and other than the very expensive shots, there may not be a lot that can be done medically. They are doing everything they can to go as natural as possible in their diet but they probably hadn’t even thought of their home environment.
    I like using alcohol to clean my fridge and freezer. I don’t have to turn them off to clean because the alcohol cleans the frost off as well as the dirt and mold. It smells clean for food when I’m done and I don’t have to wait for them to reach the proper cool temperature for use.

  • Sam DuBois says:

    If you like, I can give you the email of a friend who was seriously ailing with toxin overload, and got over it by crawling in through the window of a clean place and detoxing – he has cured (among other cases, of course) a totally autistic, non-functional child whose home and family reeked of cosmetics and cleaners.

    And of course there are NATURAL toxins! We think the ficus tree, commonly used as a hedge here in Ecuador, is toxic.

    Your podcast drafts are SO worth listening to! I imagine that bodes well for your book!


  • Bruce King says:

    Hello. Great information, on a huge topic! Would appreciate (without opening an 80-gallon can of worms) perhaps a brief reference to specific health remedies, such as for dental, cardiac, depression issues?

  • Gina Dutschke says:

    Had no idea about all these toxins om the home. Can you please go into more detail in your book regarding the names of the toxins and better alternatives? Also places to go to get the detox you had.

  • Terry says:

    Hi Marjory,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your video and will share will my family and friends. I had a very upsetting experience 8 years ago at work. Ironically, I was a public health nurse at the local Dept of Health. I have always tried to eat organic, drink clean water, exercise and stay healthy. I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Chronic Fatigue, Gluten Sensitivity, Environmental Sensitivity and Fibro for many years from a stress filled life and knew I had to be avoid many things to heal and stay healthy. I looked and felt much younger than my age. As a result, I was ridiculed constantly at work by fellow nurses and staff at work.

    Administration decided to paint and put down new carpet in our building. I wrote a letter to Administration, begging them to use organic products and pointing our the advantages to the whole staff. I included sources of products and articles about green buildings. They rejected my proposal and used toxic products. They would not even open the windows to help eliminate the out-gassing. As a result, I became very sick and they became very annoyed at me. I became confused, weak, sometimes passing out and missing work. I was treated like a leper and accursed of faking my illness. Eventually, I was forced to retire before I was financially ready. However, my retirement saved my life. I was able to concentrated on regaining my health for the second time. Thanks to people like you, I have gained knowledge that is invaluable to myself and my family and friends to get and stay healthy. I am now 73 and look and feel well. Keep up the great work.

    1. margaret conyers says:

      Am sickened at the deliberate ignorance of these decision makers who had no business being “in Health” and yet making such bad decisions. Just as well you were more enlightened and saved yourself. Stay well and happy.

  • Natalie says:

    Thank you for this practical information! Would you mind sharing the name and author of the book you referred to at the end? I’m having a hard time understanding his last name and the title. Also, if you have any other books or websites that were particularly helpful in finding non-toxic housing supplies, I would be so interested in hearing them! Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough is a fascinating book about designing items which, after their useful life, provide nourishment for something new. It’s a treasure trove of ideas to reduce and even eliminate toxins in our daily lives.

  • Kym says:

    Really loved the concept of improving smell – very descriptive and powerful. For your book, my personal suggestion is to not include your wonder that sunscreen may only be popular as it encourages touch time. You always use facts and back them up with good stories – so this departure into supposition does not sit well for me. Just a suggestion. thanks for sharing your work – i feel very fortunate to be on your email list.

    1. Celeste says:

      I think that is a good idea. That kinda sent up a red flag with me to when you were telling it, Marjory. I am anti-sunscreen myself, because of all the chemicals in it, and there may be something to what you say, but I’m sure that’s not the case for the majority of people, mainly because sunscreen is usually self-applied except for little children, so that is probably needlessly treading into dangerous area, like Kym says.

  • Crystal says:

    Great introduction which makes me want to learn more. I am getting ready to sell our home and build our own home. There is a lot to think about for our new home and also for our existing home. I would like to leave it as clean and as toxin free as possible for the next owners. Our big issue is the chimney. We clean it regularly but after 30 years it smells like creosote on a warm humid day. Is there a way to clean that? Our chimney is in good condition so replacing it would be wasteful and the wood is locally sourced.

    Thank you for all you do.

  • colleen says:

    Thank you Marjory, very informative. I had no idea about the chemicals in new clothes or the out gassing in homes.

  • Michelle says:

    So thankful and look forward to all the work you do Marjory! I get excited when I see emails from you. I am in the process of cleaning out my home of chemicals. I am now making my own laundry detergent, shampoo, dish soap, etc. And boy do I love throwing out the bad stuff! I am now finding more space on my shelves. My cat has asthma so this is part of what sparked me to do this. Plus, in my search to help her, I happened upon you, the Health Ranger, Dr. Z, etc. and love all that you guys do. I feel so certain that the vaccines she got as a little baby is what started this whole mess. That was enough toxicity to start all kinds of issues. She has fears and anxiety (rain, thunder, fireworks, etc.). I found a homeopathic wonder, Pulsatilla. Just started giving that to her two days ago and see wonders. I am so super excited. It has been raining almost 24 hours now and she has been calm and not hiding. I love natural things!! Thank you Marjory!

  • Kim says:

    Please remove me from your email list!

    1. Nikki Follis says:

      Hi Kim, please email us at happiness@thegrownetwork.com and we will be sure to get this taken care of for you.

  • Celeste says:

    Yes, I’ve always felt lucky that I live in an older home that isn’t full of synthetic materials. I’ve worked as a temp in some buildings and as a caregiver in others that literally made me sick. I would start feeling nauseous and my skin would start itching as soon as I entered, and oftentimes I would actually throw up before my shift was over. I can’t imagine having to work in those buildings permanently, let alone having to LIVE in them!!!
    Literally, sometimes older is better!!! When it comes to housing, almost always.

  • Heine, Bernd says:

    Great video Marjory – what you are explaining matches fully what I have experienced on all levels you have touched. I’m living in south-west France since nearly forty year – German origin. The same story but without FDA but other “health-bringing”. organisations, steared by the European Commissions.
    I only can encourage you to continue your path!
    PS I am using Savon de Marseille to wash me, me hair and instead of toothpaste also for clothes.

    1. margaret says:

      Must try this soap – nice to reduce product in small spaces. Ilike coconut oil (fractionated) for husband’s feet – in a wheelchair all day with little movement it is soothing and keeps tinea at bay. I know it lacks all the nutrients of plain coconut oil, but it remains useable in winter and it is not for eating.

  • Cindy says:

    Love what your doing! We have gone to homemade cleaners. Vinegar and essential oils. I am learning about shampoo and sunscreen. I make my own lotions and lip balms. THere is so much that we buy that makes us sick. It wasn’t until I started getting better by eliminating fake sugar from my diet that I started to pay attention what is in our foods.

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