I’m Writing A Book… And I Need Your Help!

I have some BIG NEWS:  I’m writing a book! 

It’s called…

GROW: All True Wealth Comes from The Ground

And I could really use your help!

Click PLAY to watch this video and I’ll explain…


Over the next 60 days, I will be releasing a series of videos with samples of the stories and lessons that I’m planning to share in the book.

And I would sure love to hear YOUR THOUGHTS on these topics… get your reaction to these stories and ideas… and hear YOUR stories, too!

(In fact, I’d be honored to hear any stories you have that relate to these lessons I’m trying to voice and share.  Maybe if you’ve got a good one that others could learn from, I could include it in the book, too?)

Please add your thoughts + stories in the COMMENTS
at the bottom of this page. 

In this first video, I’ll be talking about the foundation of all true wealth:


I’ll discuss why I’d like to see us move away from the dis-empowering conversation of “it’s genetic” when we’re talking about our health.

(Did you know your DNA changes based on your diet and lifestyle?)

And we’ll discuss how you ALREADY have tremendous knowledge about your own body.   And more CONTROL over your health than others (ahem, doctors?) might have you believe.

I hope you enjoy this first video…

… And again, I would be deeply grateful for your comments and feedback.

YOU are the audience for this book.  I’m writing it for you.


Marjory Wildcraft
Founder, The Grow Network


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  • Delinda says:

    I think your video is wonderful! You are going to provide such valuable information to so many people! I loved your examples, especially the one about the hospital food. I also do not understand why such garbage is fed to people who are sick and need to heal. You would think health providers would know better. I feel the same way with foods offered in schools! You need healthy food to grow and learn, but most school food is also junk!
    Keep up the amazing work. I look forward to your next video!

    1. Thanks so much Delinda! Yeah, I couldn’t believe the hospital – showed me how seriously broken the system is.

  • Kathleen Cress says:

    Looking forward to the next videos. I love the “simple” theme. When things are too complicated, it becomes overwhelming and people tend to lose interest.

    1. That’s great feedback Kathleen! TNX

    2. Heidi says:

      Nice post. I was checking cotatsnnly this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful info pautlcrlariy the final phase I handle such information a lot. I was seeking this particular information for a long time. Thanks and best of luck.

  • Marjory, I want to thank you for your common sense, insight, and wisdom. I have diabetes in my family; I do not have diabetes. I have colon cancer in my family; at 59, I still have an intact colon. I have breast cancer in my family; I still have my breasts, I do not have cancer, and I am still alive. You’re right, we should not become enslaved and disempowered by our “genetics”. In fact, in a conversation nearly half a lifetime ago with a genetic counselor (whom my social worker described as “abusive”) when she told me that by 50 I would have to have my colon removed, my response went something like this: “Do you mean to tell me that what I eat has absolutely no bearing on this??”, to which SHE replied, “Not that we can see.” Ouch!

    1. Whew Annette! YES. You’ve got it. Can I contact you to possibly include this in the book? I’ll get my webmaster to get me your email 🙂

      1. Annette Ahlander says:

        I would be ELATED for you to include my comments in your book. Honestly, there’s a reason I stay away from hospitals whenever I can . . . They’ll kill you, if you let them! I’ve studied nutrition off and on (use of herbs, as well) for 45 years. I know substantially more about health relating to proper nutrition than probably 99 percent of the doctors I run into. Sad . . .

    2. Danny says:

      Annette, genetics are bad habits passed from one generation to the next. you are what you eat!
      If you eat junk food, which is the American diet you will get breast and colon cancer and type 2 diabetes, and most people don’t want to change their eating habits, they love the junk, they live to eat! And doctors are paid to sell drugs not good advice, there is no money in healthy people. WAKE UP!

  • Dominick Torre says:

    Hi Marjory, thank you, what an inspirational video. I agree, health is the foundation for everything, without it you have nothing. I enjoyed your story on your hospital stay, and it is outrageous how little nutritional training Doctors, Nurses and hospital employees receive. I have a colleague that was going for Chemo treatments and when they left each time after receiving treatment they were handed a lollipop. Can you believe it, the worse thing for Cancer patients is sugar.

    I too had no credentials, but very versed in health and wellness, and when I spoke of these things, usually I was just dismissed, ‘Oh what do you know’. I since took a number of nutritional, health and wellness courses, then became certified as an Holistic Health Coach. Still when I talk to some people, I am just dismissed, especially from people in the medical community. I look to partner with the medical profession to fulfill the missing component in how patients are treated for their ailments. It’s really more than just what we eat (nutrition), its also relationships, career, spirituality that have to aligned for true health.

    Good luck, and I look forward to your upcoming videos. Thank you for spreading the word.

    1. Thanks Dominick. THere is some stat that doctors only get about an hours worth of training for nutrition? It is crazy as the father of modern medicine (uh oh I hope I spell this correctly) Hippocrates – said “Let food be thy medicine”… how far we’ve strayed!

      1. Kaia Tingley says:

        Hey Marjory, Dominick. I’ve also had some pretty amazing interactions with western medical professionals. But recently I had an MD give me the advice to drink bone broth and take probiotics to support my digestive system after a round of (unfortunately very necessary) antibiotics. I got an ear infection that went into my mastoid bone. The MD also worked hard to try and make sure I could keep breastfeeding after the treatment. So – some of them are seeking knowledge beyond that 1 standard hour. I was mildly encouraged!

        Great video Marjory. I’ll be sharing your work with my people far & wide! Good luck with the project!

  • Louise Parker says:

    Hi Marjory, this is very exciting. I really admire your nature and presentation. I look forward to the book. Good for you! And for us.

    1. Thanks Louise! I really appreciate your support.

  • Marjorie, Congrats on tackling this issue and writing a book.

    I had a similar situation in the hospital with my son when he was just under 3 years old. He was born 3 months early and due to his prematurity he did not develop his teeth enamel well (he was strugglin in an incubator to survive and growing teeth enamel apparently was not his genetics top priority). Anyhow, he had to have surgery to cap a few, honestly several, teeth at 3 years of age because of serious issues.

    After surgery… the nurse, in the recovery room says to me: “He is waking up. Would you like me to bring him a popsicle?” To which I said… seriously, he just had several teeth repaired and you want to give him sugar? She looked at me like I had 6 heads and said… This is standard protocol after a kid has surgery to get them eating/drinking again. Can I bring him ginger ale? To which I said: I understand protocol as I am an RN but standard protocol or not, why would you give a kid with dental issues pure sugar.

    As an RN holistic healer and natural health educator, I wanted to go on about the artificial this and that that would not help his immune system or genetics to invoke healing energy but I knew my words would be lost and I would get eye balls rolling.

    I touched on genetics in my book: Hands On Health Take Your Vibrant, Whole Health Back Into Your Healing Hands. I also have a blog post or two on the topic if they are any help to you.

    Disease… Genetics Or Lifestyle? Am I Doomed? http://www.paulayoumellrn.com/blog/2015/11/22/disease-genetics-or-lifestyle-am-i-doomed

    Dispelling THE Food Myth http://www.paulayoumellrn.com/blog/1679

    Good luck with your book. So manyneed to hear this message from many people and many angles! Paula

  • Linda Runyan says:

    Nicely done!
    I appreciate you relating your experience with the hospital’s ‘nutritional’ options for recovery — simply about familiar foods, not nutrition. When my elderly Dad was in the hospital, food options were all about getting sufficient calories with restricted fats and sodium… no good fat options, no ‘unprocessed’ salt options. It was a struggle to get him to eat hospital food, so we ‘smuggled’ in home-cooked meals for him and the family member staying with him to enjoy.
    Have fun writing and I look forward to future videos.

    Bastrop, TX

    1. Linda, I see this with clients every day. I just had a client yesterday, high blood pressure anmong other health issues. Her doc gave her nutrition advice to eat margarine and not butter. That was just the tip of the iceberg on the crazy nutrition advice (lack of nutrition advice) she received.

      I deal with this all of the time and then have to re-educate and explain to their questions: Why is your nutrition information so different from what my doc, registered dietician, etc. gives me?

      The medical field has a long way to come to really know, understand, and teach patients about nourishing body cells for prevention of disease and healing the body back to whole once symptoms and disease has set in.

      Good for you for smuggling in food!

    2. Hi Linda – I was trying to get Shi Fu to do the lancing of that abscess which put me in the hospital in the first place. Hope we get to meet someday – we are practically neighbors

  • Tommy McGlon says:

    Sounds like a good start to me. Looking forward to the next installment of this adventure 🙂

    1. Marjorie Wildcraft says:

      Hi Tommy, it’s coming!

  • Sandy says:

    Good points. Really enjoyed the hospital “nutrition” story. Oh what truth!
    Why do we “accept” such hypocrisy in the “medical” arena…

    1. Hi Sandy, yeah, we’ve got a lot of work to do,huh? Big changes are needed.

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  • Susan says:

    So true, the disconnect between medical practice and nutrition boggles my mind. Many MDs don’t even recognize the necessity of good nutrition in healing and overall health. Looking forward to the next video and your book!

  • Xotomi says:

    Don’t get me started in dietitians who went to college to push powdered
    synthetic food substitutes! When my husband was suffering from a viral cancer just months ago, the Dr prescribed him Nestle’s garbage liquid. It was GMO corn syrup, copper, super high in carbs, enough to cause diabetes studies say. No vitamins. I had to take his diet into my hands. Organic protein meal, with added carbs, protein, an organic daily vitamin and potassium supplement. The very same day I implemented organic foods, he actually woke up. The black rings around his eyes started to go away. He had lost 65 pounds and was able to eat enough of what I made for him, to gain back one pound per week. One bad day undid a week’s gain. He has no lingering health effects from his horrid cancer treatment.

    As for myself, I was diagnosed with Lupus years ago, and going Organic made my worst pain cease. I literally felt like I was suffering labor pain daily, my gut was such a mess on processed foods. I am stuck in transition at the moment, aiming to relocate into an agricultural zone where I can have more control over my dinner table. Everyone is looking forward to a small backyard farm! Diet has not been maintained at the moment and I feel it! One bad meal can leave me suffering with IBS for a week or two! Since, my blood work has come back serum negative for Lupus. I had been diagnosed by two doctors prior. None put it in writing, for either diagnosis for or against my having Lupus. I still develop all the early onset symptoms from time to time, but don’t take any prescription medicines anymore. Eating organic has given me my life back, not to the point of spontaneity as I once was, but I can plan ahead and take steps to get myself out of the house now. I had to quit my job when I was diagnosed, it had ruled my life then. I advocate for eating organic!

    Organics may cost more at the store, if you cannot grow them, but you eat less than half of what you are accustomed to; your whole family does. Also you go through terrible two weeks of craving junk foods which you maybe haven’t even injested in a decade. This is the synthetic chemical withdrawal, proof that processed foods cause you to eat more! Then one day not long after those cravings stop your “I’m full” signal in your brain is kickstarted working again!

    1. Wow Xotomi,
      We are going to offer support groups for getting off junk food (as soon as I can get the web developers / money to do so). I am hoping it will be later this year.
      I want you to help lead a group!

      1. As a holistic veterinarian and naturopath for all things living, I think one of my main peeves that I have is that when a client actually does what their body wants for health and they get better the MD says, “I don’t know what you are doing, but just keep it up because it’s working.” They never ask what is being done, they don’t want to know, they won’t read the studies that support the healing and are not open to learning healthy natural (less expensive) ways to heal things. They are threatened by the AMA that they will be judged by a panel of their peers and that if they don’t continue with allopathic medicine in the accepted protocols, they will have their licenses taken away. Or they concede that they probably just got the diagnosis wrong or that the tests were inconclusive. They don’t give credit where the credit is due.

        1. Xotomi says:

          Also, the people who don’t have a Doctorate will never be able to get one, when these are the people ruling the roost!

          Marjory, I have not written with one person yet, who began eating organic and did not recognize when the brain jump started registering that they are full again. Its like a slap in the head when it happens. They too will admit to eating far less as a family. It really is amazing! I would bet my life that many of these increasingly diagnosed autoimmune deseases are all because of the negative effects of synthetic pesticides. Wether it links to gut bacteria or not, scientists are on the verge of realizing how aspects all tie together. But I honestly feel they might have their hands tied if they try and study how it, afterall their funding comes from companies that want to push a single health food or supplement, not actually solve the puzzle once and for all. Testimonies from people who have changed their lives being told, are the only way to reach those who haven’t discovered their answer yet. My own husband didn’t believe me about what I told him of Monsanto, until he heard the same things about them from numerous others!

        2. adrienne says:

          My husband had a major heart attack. Test showed 20% blood flow. Dr wanted immediate surgery. My husband refuse surgery and all meds. Dr tried to get me to make him do all this. I said, “He is a grown man. I will take the scripts and he can look them up in my PDR and make his own decision.” Dr could not get over my response. One of the side effects is a swollen tongue which never goes down. Spend the rest of your lfe with a feeding tube, never eating drinking or talking. My husband said he’d rather be dead. I took his fake butter away, had 3 IV chelation treatments, L-carnitine and ribose. Took a while to convince him to give up sugar. Has NO heart issues at all. On a follow up appointment we told the dr what we were doing and asked to have the stress test redone. I wanted to know how he responding to his new treatment. Three months after the initial visit the test showed 75% blood flow which is perfect. The dr called to give us the results. He said to me, “Tell me again what Ivan is doing. I have a pen and paper.” I asked why was anything wrong/ He said, ” His blood flow is 75%. That is perfect. Tell me again what he is doing. I need to know this.” I bet the only people that will benefit is his family and close friends. That was 15 years ago. He takes no meds or vitamins. We just eat really good food and are never hungry.

      2. Xotomi says:

        I’m not just a spokes person for healing, I’m also a client! 🙂

    2. Tuesday says:

      diu:&bsp;nTott ça pour du provolone? Dans mon Leclerc, t’en a un beau morceau et sans payer le taxi.(nan mais en vrai, je veux moi aussi aller manger du fromage italien à Venise avec un canotier sur la tête. Vas-y, là…)

      1. Xotomi says:

        I only buy imported cheese. I only hope Italy does not raise their milk cows on Monsanto’s alfalfa.

  • Charlene says:

    I feel myself appreciating your stance in this world. You do offer information that is invaluable, but it is not just head knowledge that you offer. Have you ever greatly appreciated someone’s musical talent to finally realize that the reason you enjoy it so much is because the artist and the instrument are speaking the same language? Marjorie, you speak the same language as your words, so I can trust you. Keep up the good work. I look forward to it.

    1. Thank you so much Charlene. You words are so kind.

    2. Christiana says:

      hace tres semanas que he publicado un artículo acerca de cómo el hermano del Estado de Michigan Repensertante Lisa Brown, Randall Miller y su fábrica de ejecuciones hipotecarias, Randa… He publicado cinco muestras de declaraciones juradas que supuestamente firmados por el ex-S Randall. Miller &

  • Bill Vickstrom says:

    Looking forward to hearing your message in future videos. It is hard to believe how altered our food has become. Time to go back to basics and start with pure ingredients. We are what we eat and so many of us are slowly poisoning themselves. It is not surprise to know of the high rates of heart disease and cancer.

    1. thumbs up Bill. Stay tuned, the next video is coming!

  • It left me eager for more of you’re no nonsense approach…Thank You !!

  • Rebecca says:

    Marjorie, I am excited for you and all the folks who will read your book and experience the kind of fundamental health you are talking about in your video. Your thinking seems in sync with mine, so I am coming from that similar perspective as I listen and comment.
    I really appreciate all the work you have done and are continuing to do. I especially love your closing comment in the video about loving every inch of ones body 🙂 what a GREAT message!!!

    1. Yeahhhh Rebecca. It is so great to really fall in love with your own physical body. It’s worth all the almost drastic changes you need to make. But SO worth it!

  • Chris says:

    We have 2 patents on a new machine that really increases health benefits to people. We can crush grains without destroying cells. Because we do not destroy cells, there is no need for any chemicals, preservatives or antibiotics in any of our grains!! We also have people with Celiac’s and Gluten Intolerance who eat this and come back for more(wheat). It is an alternative to flour. We would love to share with you our products. We are selling at Farmer’s Markets and close to an online market then looking at Stores.

    Chris Bihn
    Fort Recovery, Ohio

    1. Chris, that does sound interesting. I am completely swamped right now – uh, writing a book (LOL). I am not sure when, but I would like to circle back to you sometime in the future.

      1. You know what Chris, I’ll be travelling a lot in the coming year. Hopefully I’ll be in or near a town near you. Please come to the event and remind me – I’ll remember. Stay subscribed to the newsletter to keep up with my travels, tv, and speaking engagements.

        1. Amazing to see you post another Video – its a great way to "meet" you Sandra ! love the look ! http://www.livinginclips.comhttps://www.facebook.com/LivingInClips

        2. Hey again,So happy that everything went off so well in the end. The prestuff is always a bit of a challenge it seems.Had a few minutes so wanted to comment on the pics. They are so sweet and lovely, Brittany looks beautiful and dad did a good job putting on a smilin face!and the groom he looks like a mighty happy guy too. and cute!Well, have a restful day sweetie,Love ya, NellieCan't wait to enjoy the rest of the pics with you.

      2. Ellie says:

        My heart goes out to your family. Although I did not know your son, nor am I aquainted with you, I do know our Savior and I trust He will bear you up and give you “..the peace which passeth all unnddstaering..” I will be remembering to lift you and your f

  • Kay Wagler says:

    Hey Marjorie, kudos to u on the book!! You struck an old nerve telling about your experience with the hospital dietary dept! I use to work in one for eleven years! I can not tell you how frustrating it was because I had studied & researched herbal & natural healing since 1978! It made me crazy when our hospital dietitian would tell me to give the patients sherbet etc. especially the diabetics!! I was the one who was trained in the different dietary needs the patients would have, cardiac, diabetic, low potassium etc. then I was to help them with their menu choices and answer questions about it & so on. So I would be trying to steer the patient toward healthy choices & explain how it would help their condition. Example, why an apple would be better than sherbet! But the dietitian didn’t like me much. Thought I was trying to usurp her position or something. Which was totally wrong. I was always careful not to over step my boundaries, I was simply doing my job. But it was very frustrating because nothing on the menu was “healthy food”! It’s just like you say “how is a person supposed to get well”? Well they all aren’t making a “business” from healthy people! I came to realize back in the 90s. I still work in the medical arena but it’s been clerical for many years now. Now it just makes me very sad to see the conditions of people daily, that I know could be so much different if they just had the understanding & education! But they look to the wrong place for it, their doctors & the traditional medical industry! Thank you for trying to enlighten people on true health & healing! Please don’t use my name ?

    1. Hi Anonymous (grin),

      Thank you!

  • Rochelle says:

    I fully agree with you, without health we cannot do anything. Great video! Thank you.

    1. I’ve got another one coming!~

  • TS says:

    Please also address the other go-to excuse for doctors: Age. I am so tired of being told a sign (as opposed to symptom) is due to genetics and age. What a load of horse shit. Most of the time signs I want to address are due to extreme chemical overload in the environment (and food) which causes hormonal imbalance which apparently is WAY too complex for an M.D. to figure out. They just want to give me medication, most of which I view as further chemical pollution, which just causes more problems.

    PLEASE address the issue of corporate farming and GMO’s and how they turn food into poisons.

    1. Hi TS – yes, you are right on. Thank you for bringing that up – age is another excuse.

      We are getting more into corporate farmings Stay tuned!

      1. Roberta says:

        What a pluraese to find someone who thinks through the issues

      2. Hi RossI wasn’t ripping on anyone. I still kinda like the commercial. I was just pointing things out about it from a technical view.There are lots of HB commercials that have really good animation in them.I have trouble finding clean digital copies of them, though.

  • Patricia Stroman says:

    Enjoyed your video. My mother was a registered nurse anesthetist and I was a Navy hospital corpsman for many years. Health is everything. It is foundation of life. Money will buy doctors visits, hospital stays, diagnostic tests and drugs (Big Pharm) designed to keep us sick by treating symptoms. Your hospital stay story is a prime example of how toxic hospitals are, sadly! Food is medicine. God gave gave us food and herbs for healing. Unfortunately we took what was given to us in perfection and tried to improve it. Man is not greater than God. Humanity in it’s quest to outdo God polluted our air, water and soil. We played with the genetics of plants and animals. We messed up the perfection we were given. You are doing a great service to mankind. Thank you. We need to get back to basics!

    1. Cynthia says:

      Amen. Man’s creations are not greater than God’s.

  • Jane says:

    Marjory, I agree with everything you said. I know so many people that refuse to listen to common sense. They are all brainwashed by the medical field and the pharmacies. What their doctor says is gospel. They do not have a clue as to what the medicines are doing to their bodies. They have no time to research or cook healthy, but time for all those doctor appointments. They are totally unaware of what their environment may be doing to them. Their attitude is so important. And their words. But they look at me like I’m the one who is weird using all these natural things, such as essential oils. I could go on and on. Thanks for doing this.

    1. Hi Jane,
      YES, people think we are wierdo’s ~ LOL, oh goodness.

    2. Cynthia says:

      Yes, I agree with you as I am labeled at work as “the healthy one”, even as jaws drop and their minds cannot wrap around eating organic, whole dairy, and fermented foods!

  • Bonnie Guffey says:

    I am relating to this as I have made major changes to my life. I had a brain tumor in 2004 and gamma radiation in 2008. In 2014 I started having symptoms again and decided against further conventional treatment and got serious about the way I eat and changed to a functional medical practitioner and am treating this through nutrtion. You are so right, money doesn’t mean anything without health. Your message is important and I look forward to the future videos.

  • Wendy says:

    Hi Marjorie you are talking good old fashioned common sense! Why have we lost this? I have a friend who is overweight, who loves junk food, he has turned fifty recently and suddenly is starting to have a whole host of health problems, verging on diabetes, high blood pressure, problems with candida……..
    I have told him it is a direct result of what he is doing to himself and I think he now accepts that that is true (well to some extent) but he still finds it impossible to change his old habits how can we help these people? I hope your book will go some way to addressing that
    I have worked all my life in the medical profession, but people still view doctors as gods, I KNOW they often get it wrong!
    People should have more faith in their own instincts, remember that they know their own bodies best, I could go on lol but I look forward to your next video!

    1. Hi Wendy, yes this book is intended to help many people.
      Also, this site is focused primarily on solutions. As I’ve mentioned earlier I am going to setup group areas where we can support each other in getting off sugar and processed foods. I hope you will come forward and help be a group leader. I am hoping in about six months? uh oh, you know how getting web things done takes more time than you think… LOL But I am working on it.

  • Jbuys says:

    Marjory, we’re on the same page. I am 67; been eating organic food since I was 21.
    I am on no medications – only supplements and as I have gotten older I have switched away from the vitamin pills to more natural food supplements like the many super foods there are which I am sure you are aware of. Anyway, I agree with you – health is wealth; without your health you can’t really be truly wealthy irrespective of how much of anything you have.
    Also, you know the saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” or something like that? Well that is the scene with the medical profession – certainly as far as drugs, surgery and nutrition is concerned…..they mean well but they were trained in false data and so their results are often dangerous to real health. If I needed a bone set or a boil lanced and drained I would go to an MD for sure but I would NEVER go to most MDs to help me decide what to eat or how to heal the
    body! Thanks for your easy approach to giving this message; it is not easy to give to others and you are doing great!

    1. Thank you JBuys, yes the medical system is good at ‘parts’ like wound care, joint replacements, organ transplants?, etc. But little good for actual health.

  • Håkan Ekberg says:

    Thank you for a wonderful and interesting video! Picking up bits about health here and there, but it’s sometimes hard to get the family onboard.
    Here (in Sweden) afaik they don’t give sugar to cancer patients and advice them to omit sugar, which I think is good.
    Love to see the rest of the videos and am looking forward to the book.

    1. Awesome Hakan. Hey, I don’t know how to get my machine to make that cool symbol inyour name.

  • K says:

    We have had similar unhealthy diet experiences when different family members have been in the hospital.
    Another thing that I think is important for healing purposes is to get good rest and sleep. Unfortunately at the hospitals my family members have been in they were constantly disturbed by a TV being watched by a roommate, loud hallway noise, and intentionally awakened by hospital staff for matters that could have waited until the patient woke up naturally.

    1. Yes! I am going to cover the importance of sleep. And the last place to go to get any rest is a hospital – how sad is that?

  • MotorPsychGirl says:

    I hope that your book will actually be available in print. I want to have something tangible when the lights go out. The videos are great and I own a whole series of yours, but much more useful to have all this knowledge at hand and available by candlelight and in an emergency 🙂

    This is a great public service. I find it astounding that people have become so far removed from their intuition and ancestral knowledge and wisdom. Living close to the ground has the power to heal us all. Unfortunately, in the sick cities and society that the corporate entities have created, people have far too few opportunities to reconnect with good old ma earth and their own holistic health. Rock on sister! A lot of us are with you and have always been.

    1. Aw MotorPsychGirl – love that you called me ‘sister’. That feels good.
      Yes, this will be a physical book. We are planning to have the lauch on March 21st of 2018.
      I am seriosuly into physical reality (grin)

      1. MotorPsychGirl says:

        It does feel good to know that we are not alone and that there is an entire community, albeit connected in ether for now, but I am not far from you in TX, and yes I feel your kindred spirit as my sister! I have struggled to get back to my real life and out of my devices. Getting my hands back into the ground and my health back by natural practices is the major focus now. Thank you again for sharing your abundance with all of us! I will be first in line to purchase your book.

  • Gina Bisaillon says:

    Good start! I look forward to the continuation…

  • Marcy says:

    Very good beginning.I too have experienced the “it runs in the family” line from medical staff. Also, the food , ugh. My mom was diabetic. When she was in hospital I was amazed at what they brought her. When I asked the nurse seemed very surprised that I mentioned it. She said that if I was concerned she would talk to the head nurse. There was no change and they did not even mention it again.

    1. Thanks Marcy, yes we have work to do.

  • Veronica says:

    I love the message, keep up the awesome work! I do recommend reviewing the CC though, there were some mistakes and profanity from what I noticed in the text.

    1. Thanks Veronica… yikes I didn’t know. I’ll see if I can get someone on the TGN team to fix that.

  • Marilyn Ledoux says:

    Marjory – Good for you, I am a journalist that was fired on medical leave. I would love to work with you on your book. Yep – I fell in my home, hit the door jam and dislocated the left shoulder, cracked the ball in three places and the cuff in one.

    The doctors were going to remove the arm and reconstruct the shoulder, No you are not! An intern was in the ER room and after 8 1/2 hours on the ER table he said when the attending doctor left, he thought he could fix it. I signed the papers and he did. I now have 100 percent use of the arm and he was let go at the hospital.

    This is how I arrived at rehab. Yep – the diet is designed to keep you ill. On day we had mashed potato and as I picked some up on the fork they ran through onto the plate. Well, it was a very watery potato. We had baby carrots, probably GMO, but they were orange and I was hungry, but the meat looked like pudding that did not jell. I asked what it was and the lady told me it was mystery meat.
    I told her I could not eat it. Then I asked her if she thought McDonald’s would deliver. If they would please leave the light on. It was that bad. I somehow survived.

    Today, medicine is designed to keep you coming back. You never get cured. They treat the symptoms not the root cause and most of our present illness is caused by the quality of our food. They have the cures for cancer – yet, they lace our food with additives to give us cancer. Then they use Chemo and radiation treatment that causes more cancer. It is a multi- trillion dollar business. Before my fall, I wrote a health column and people loved it We told them the sneaky things the food companies do. Aspartame is well known to be harmful. So they change the name to Aminosweet. Same lady in a new dress.
    Well, this is probably more than you needed to know, thank you for reading. You have my email, carry on Sister.

    1. Thanks Marilyn, yes it is bad. It’s why am doing this :).

      Thanks for your support.

  • Love the idea behind this book, and this video series. Looking forward to the next videos as they drop. Another example of ‘genetics’ that I’ve seen on Facebook, refers to 2 sons of an abusive alcoholic father. One grew up to be an abusive alcoholic, the other grew to be an upstanding citizen, never drank, treated others with kindness. When asked how they turned out the way they did, both sound said ‘i watched my father’.
    Good luck with this latest venture.

    1. Hi Eric, that’s a great story about the two sons have a lot more coming along that line in the family section. Stay tuned!

    2. Esther says:

      Aww so glad the little un is much better now hun! Must have been an awful time for you, sennidg lots of love & hugs your way! :)Love Aysh xoxo

  • Karen Grace says:

    Marjory, I enjoyed hearing you speak. You sound very credible, and I look forward to hearing more of your important message.

  • Linda Shute says:

    Marjory I love your book idea, website, webinars, and all your valuable work. Such a wealth of information. I look forward to your next chapter. I live in the mountains of West Virginia and raise goats, rabbits, and chickens. I have used some or your ideas. I cleaned out my closets from all the toxic cleaning chemicals several years ago including soaps, toothpaste, laundry detergents. We eat organic avoid GMO and processed foods as much as possible, feed our critters organic feeds. Hopefully we will get the acquaponic greenhouse up this year so we can have some fresh fish with our home grown fresh veggies for our meals.

    1. Hi Linda, I am so glad you’ve cleaned out all those products from your home. I’ll have more to say about that in a coming chapter and I look forward to getting your feedback!

  • George Hunt says:

    I would recommend as part of the study, “The Dirt Cure” by ;Maya Shetreat-Klein, M.D. if you have not already read it.

  • Lauren Bateman says:

    Hi Marjorie! I’m excited you’re writing a book, great video! I too have been living, modeling, teaching this –
    I am a mother, nurse, homemaker, and SolarCity rep! When my oldest was 4, she couldn’t hear, but stopping wheat and milk cleared her ears and we got to cancel her scheduled tube surgery!
    In 2004, my ex was very exhausted for a year and a half – but got better in a week after we did what a naturopath told us! WOW!!! My own IBS, breast lumps, constipation – all went away too!
    My brother has diabetes, but he won’t listen at all. I’ve sent him notice of Dr. Barnard’s classes he could get to from VA to DC, but he doesn’t go:(
    My 6 simple daily fundamentals are: hydration, whole food plants & herbs, particular spices consumption, exercise, sleep long deep and in dark, positive thinking – cup half full, not half empty, relaxation breathing (meditate, yoga, etc.)
    I have a Master of Science degree, and go by the latest science (www.NutritionFacts.org – compiled in Dr. Greger’s book How Not to Die)
    With a Dr. friend I helped, we are doing a skit to highlight the daily to-do’s – for the April 29th EarthSave Baltimore event in Towson, MD!

  • Kathryn Pedrie says:

    Hi Marjorie,
    I love that you are doing this. Such a heartfelt message. You have a beautiful way of connecting on the video, people will see how genuine you are and your passion for health. Totally agree with your assessment of hospital food. I’m an RN and have been lamenting over this for years. My father is in a rehab experiencing the same thing. It’s atrocious.

  • So glad you are putting this message out, it’s a subject that truly needs to be addressed. As more people are seeing the (non) results of taking prescribed drugs to “cure” what ails them, I believe that they will be looking for alternative methods to heal health problems. Food, to me, is the cure all – nutritious food that is. That you are taking on this monumental task is amazing and I applaud you for it. Having survived a month long stay in a hospital a few years ago, due to a cat bite that quickly became infected, I can vouch to the fact that hospitals are not very nurturing. It took all my knowledge to pick out food from the menu that I believed to be the least harmful….but I did survive dispite all the anibiotics they pumped into my body, I was told that I would probably lose my arm, however the doctors were surprised at how quickly my body responded to their antibiotics (well yes, I don’t take antibiotics, nor do I eat dairy, meats, or anything else that might contain them) so yes, when taken for something extremely serious, the antibiotics actually worked! Keep up the good work Marjory I look forward to your future topics!

  • Donnah says:

    Hi Marjory,

    You have important knowledge that numerous people can dramatically benefit from if they will adapt their lifestyles. I feel that you can reach more people if you condense the information and keep improving your public presentation abilities. Life is a busy place to live and people dealing with health issues have limited energy reserves, so the more quickly you share your knowledge with them, the more benefit they will derive. You present much anecdotal evidence which I suggest could be pared down by at least half. I love the way you respect people’s knowledge and experience and think it might be more beneficial if presented by them in blogs, forums and comment sections like this one.

    I admire your work and appreciate the fact that you walk your talk!

  • Rebecca Cody says:

    I tried to watch this, but the loud noise, which purported to be music, was so off-putting that I didn’t make it 30 seconds. I know that many of today’s young people have been raised with such loud background noise, but it’s far too distracting for me. There’s certainly nothing natural about it. For anybody with a hearing loss, which many have, it it a terrible strain to try and hear human voices when the noise goes on and on. I’m not sure if it does in this film, because, as I said, I couldn’t listen. If you feel such a background is needed, it should be optional, so we could hear the voices without all the loud noise.

    1. Hi Rebecca the music is only on for the short bumper at the beginning and from then on there’s no music. I think you can fast-forward to that point. You’ll love the content…

  • Ron Robinson says:

    Good Advice; keep up the good work. People go to church but dont listen to the word. God said for every affliction that affects MAN there is a cure already on EARTH. Evidently the drug makers paid attention, because all drugs come from plant orgins

  • Jennifer says:

    If we desire to offer feedback via email, what would be the best email to send it to?

  • Ashley Passino says:

    I will start at the beginning, infants/babies do NOT need all the shots/vaccines they get before they reach a year old, the elite does that, knowing the ingredients will HARM or KILL! There are PLENTY of evidence supporting the fact that vaccines kill! The Elite know they do.. That is why they are bundled up and dispensed so close together! Yes, vaccines cause Autism! Their is MASS amounts of evidence supporting this, as well! It is the Mercury in the vaccines that cause it. Next, Vioxx, aka Guardasil, aka the HPV vaccine, has caused more injuries and deaths, yet is STILL being manufactured and sold! Everyone remembers the lawsuit for Vioxx, and the subsequent recall, well now it’s alive and well and injuring thousands of women, under the guise of “Guardasil”. It leaves women permanently unable to have kids, it is a part of the Illuminati’s forced population control. Also why we have vaccines that cause Autism.. Speaking of Mercury in vaccines, I bet you didn’t know, that they are mostly pushed on the low income black neighborhoods? Yup, mostly black boys, too. now, I also want to touch on the importance of organic eating, for it restores your health and keeps it that way. It helps you survive and thrive. (Not suggesting Organic eating will save you from the dangers of vaccines), my house had gotten sick with Sinusitis, everyone eventually had gotten sick, first my boyfriend, than his mom, (who had to be taken to hosp), than me. They had gotten it the worst.. why?? Because they only eat junk “food”. They have a very crappy, if almost nonexistent, immune system, unable to fight off the illness. The human body, (and animals as well,) do not need vaccines to have a healthy immune system, for we either had that illness before, and developed an immunity to it, or we were otherwise exposed to it, and became immune. Now, back to my house full of sick ppl, my bf and his mom were sick as hell, it hit them HARD, I was last to get sick, and even when I did eventually succumb, It was a shell of what had gotten the others in my house, and it went away fast.. why was I barely affected when the others were so ill?? I eat organic, and treat/cure myself with Holistic Medicine, my body/immune system was strong, and ready for the fight. Plus, I don’t use traditional medicine, the kind you can get at a local drug store. Which is just OTC version of what your drug pushing, FDA backed, money grubbing Dr would give you. Instead, I used aromatherapy, and Echinacea, and ate raw garlic cloves.. That not only unblocked me, (finally able to breathe!) but cured me, as well. FYI, do NOT EVER take vitamin C supplements, it may help, but it only gives you Kidney Stones.. the best way to get the most of that vitamin, safely, and effectively, and get the most of it, is through the food you eat.. Bell Peppers are a great start, as they contain a very high amount of pure Vit C. The best way to get over a cold, is with 1. Garlic 2. Bell Peppers 3. Zinc Lozenges. Now, the first 2 speak for themselves, for the garlic is a natural antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, etc. The zinc helps with sore throats, etc. I believe. For coughs, I would highly suggest (organic) pineapple juice, for the juice is 500x more effective for cough relief than any OTC cough medicine. (you can look that up, as well, for everything I said can be backed by scientific evidence). *Exhales* there, that is just a smidgen of my health knowledge, at Marjory. I hope you can put it to good use!

    1. Wow Ashley, you are right on track. I am working to setup a way for you to be able to help others through this site.
      Thanks for all your support!

  • Great stuff! Your presentation style is a breath of fresh air. My 2 cents to the equation is this business of bioavailability. It is an art form to actually get those wonderful plant compounds into the target cells. I hope you dedicate a full chapter/video/etc to that subject.

  • Gary Scardino, Katy, Texas says:

    Hi Marjory,
    Looking forward to your upcoming videos. Since 2015 I have taken my health into my own hands.
    The wife and I are looking forward to getting to our “farm” in the next year or two so we can have
    the food and surroundings that God intended for all of us. Blessings and keep up the good work!

    1. Yes! Right on Gary. Growing your own food and medicine is the best.

  • Mary Ann says:

    I really like what you’re doing. We all need the down-to-earth wisdom that God gives us to protect these bodies and also our environments, as well as positively affect those who are around us, our families and friends.

  • Debbie says:

    Wow-this is a great video and will be a great book! The info on DNA was fascinating to me-thanks. My father is a brittle diabetic; all through childhood I had to drink that nasty drink and be tested. By the time I was in college, I was feeling sick and told I was hypoglycemic- “on my way to diabetes, because it’s genetic you know.” I changed my diet and have had no issues since. (and that was over 40 yrs ago!)

    Also had the same hospital experience with my mother…and yes I snuck in some real food for her, and took the comments from the staff with a grin.

    I am really looking forward to the next installment-great job!!

  • Barbara Moore says:

    I have so many stories, maybe I should also write a book. But I would have to change or delete all the names to protect the guilty.
    Just one example is a former coworker who (knowing that I am HEALED from cancer) confided to me that he was suffering from rectal bleeding, and blood in his stool. But he also noticed reduced symptoms when he consumed turmeric. But rather than continue and expand the protocol, he underwent conventional surgery and treatment for colon cancer. I hear from a mutual friend that he is alive and working, but in not-the-best of health and suffering from hemorrhoids.

    1. Tessie says:

      If you use HDMI as … If you use HDMI as a video port from your pc to the monitor then probably. Otherwise just having a hdmi port is7;n821#&t going to help.

  • Tom says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Keep up the good work Marjory, and thank you for sharing!

  • Jen says:

    Thank you for helping to get the message out about nutrition = health. Big pharma and govt. will do anything to cover up simple solutions such as whole food to keep us all sick so we can pay more for overpriced medications to keep them all in business. (There’s a lot of money at stake!) What a crock. I believe in health care education for all people. It’s not rocket science. It really IS simple! Good, clean food that comes straight from the earth without chemicals or modifiers will keep us in a natural state of healing BEFORE we get sick, and even WHEN we are sick. I am on a mission to help spread the word and will do anything to help promote what you are saying. I will be sharing with my friends. I am so glad you are taking this on. I am excited to listen to the rest of the series. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Dolly says:

      It’s good to get a fresh way of loionkg at it.

  • I truly enjoyed the video. Like so many things I read and hear about health are great (and then I forget about it). Maybe try to incorporate advice to help keep motivation alive and well when trying to get healthy.

  • Cheryl Campbell Donnan says:

    Enjoyed your first video, and look forward to the rest. Over the past number of years, I have been learning more about our bodies ability to heal itself through food, energy and the thoughts we think and have witnessed it first hand. I am so thankful for the wise people in my life that I am learning from, such as yourself (Grow Network), Ty Bollinger (Truth About Cancer), Gregg Braden (Science of Miracles), Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer (Spirituality) to name a few. I know personally, that writing a book is a huge undertaking and I wish you my best. You have made a difference in my life and I thank you for that. Keep up the good work.

  • Mary Presley says:

    I love your ideas and examples for this segment, and look forward to these ideas becoming more widespread. You present them in a very honest and relateable way. I do not believe modern medical dogma that teaches that I am bound to certain health problems because of genetics or that pushes a counter full of prescriptions because of aging poorly without real health building advice and practices. I see older family members and friends (in their 90s) with vibrant lifestyles and realize that they have those lifestyles because of choices that they have made with diet, exercise, rest, attitude, and spiritual health. I have family members (in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s) that have very poor health and quality of life and see a direct correlation with the pile of prescriptions that they take that cause so many horrid side effects requiring yet another prescription, diet, negative attitudes, lack of forgiveness/holding on to bitterness, and many other poor lifestyle choices. I refuse to accept the physical problems and diseases that my family members have said that I am certain to get just because “they run in the family”. If I do seem to be getting any symptoms of those ailments, I look for natural cures and a change of lifestyle to overcome it. Herbs were given to us for our health. I am hoping to not only live a long life, but to live life with vibrant abundance and joy.
    Your example of the poor choices offered at the hospital is so very accurate. I have witnessed this when visiting family and friends in the hospital, some fighting for their lives and not being offered any health building nutrition which would offer their bodies a fighting chance.
    I am an Inner Healing Prayer Counselor, and see people’s overall health and countenance improve when they are able to forgive and release bitterness and unforgiveness, accept forgiveness themselves, and heal from the pain of past emotional trauma. Repeatedly, various physical conditions improve when emotional and spiritual conditions improve.
    Thank you!

    1. Lesa says:

      alina raduNu ma atrage denumirea de handmade ci obiectul in sine, frumusetea lui, povestea lui. Obiectele handmade ptr mine sunt pline de imaginatie si-mi confera o stralucire interioara atunci cand le port. Sunt plina de viata si &#2.a0;unic2⁙2Nu-mi doresc perfectiunea, dar iubesc culorile si modul de imbinare al materialelor.Asta inseamna handmade pentru mine.

  • Donald says:

    You inspire us all to take better care of ourselves before it’s too late. Keep up the GREAT work !!

  • Fern W Buntyn says:

    I am now a retired teacher in a Southern state. During my next to last year prior to retirement, the principal at my school decided that it was the year to paint a target on my back. I couldn’t seem to do anything right. I promise you, if you spend 8-9 hours a day with 29 second-graders in any environment, much less an urban one, you will make mistakes throughout the day. Everything will not be perfect because we are not perfect beings. So there was plenty for her to pick on. Let me say that I was a National Board Certified Teacher for a period of 10 years prior to this.

    As a result of the hyper attention paid to everything I did, I chose not to return for the next school year, even though I would be able to officially retire at the end of that year. Everyone thought I was crazy for not returning for that last year in order to be able to retire.

    Do you know why I didn’t return? It was killing me! Not even slowly, but quickly! My health was going down the tubes! I could not sleep! My migraines came back. My lower back was hurting all of the time. Neck pain started. I was over eating! I stayed depressed! I even became suicidal! My body and mind were falling apart! I just could not take anymore! Once I told my principal that I would not return the next year, the hyper-scrutiny ceased! It was like night and day! Other teachers even noticed it throughout the year. Some asked me what I had done to her to cause it. I had no clue. I still don’t. I just know that I could not remain in that situation any longer and live. All I did was work, go home and sleep for 2 hours, fix supper and eat, grade paper and work on lesson plans, go to sleep, rinse and repeat.

  • Wendy says:

    Hi I appreciate what you are doing. A large segment of our world population are left without the option of living as you suggest. MONEY is the reason. I miss the raw food vegetarian diet I used to enjoy. Can’t afford it anymore. Landlord won’t allow any outside watering and I live in a 26 ft. RV… Not enough room to grow more than sprouts indoors.

    So what do you suggest for people living in cities, on limited fixed incomes below the federal poverty level?

    I switched from opiates to Kratom for chronic pain. Opiates = $2 with insurance. Kratom = $200 not covered by insurance. I convinced a friend to help me with the Kratom expense but what to do when it runs out?

    I know what you are doing is good. But even for those who are motivated to change their lifestyle habits for the better… Money is a factor. Never a level playing field.

    1. Barbara Moore says:

      Hello Wendy,
      It also sounds like you have an overbearing landlord, and you can find similar obtuse personalities taking control of home owners’ associations even in the most upscale neighborhoods. If you are the lone voice for change, you are definitely in a tough spot.

      I have a few questions and ideas to ponder:

      1. Are you in a dry and thirsty land? (does the landlord not want to pay for more water, or is he (she?) under water-use restrictions?). You might need find ways to reuse grey water from your shower and/or laundry facility. If you can collect rainwater, you will need some way to deal with mosquitos (mosquito fish, etc.)

      2. Is your RV also your primary transportation? Can you put stuff under it, like a bin of composting worms?

      3. Do you have space and permission to do planters or flower pots?

      4. Are there any fellow (preferably long-term) tenants also interested in growing food? It may take a committed team to persuade your landlord, and to provide needed labor to install and maintain gardens/alternative water supplies.

      5. Would the landlord be positively persuaded if you “agriscaped” the property (use food plants to make the place look nice), or is there a corner available onsite or nearby that could be made into a community farm/garden?

      These are some of the things I’m working with where I live. Hope you can try some of this. In the meantime, keep sprouting.

      Barbara in a ‘hood of Houston

  • Joyce says:

    Marjory, I’m ever so happy to have found you a few months ago. I’ve never met you, but feel that I know you. I can relate to many oft the comments. My story is that as a child, I’d talk to my grandmother who was born in 1886. I’d ask her “what was it like when you were growing up. I’d have what is now called mind movies, of being in her stories.
    I learned so much by tapping grandma’s brain. I learned what it’s like to live without electricity, having to go to the pump outside for water and the outhouse or in door “potty”.Gardening, canning, butter, soap, and many things. If I never asked questions to take care of my curios mind. I wouldn’t have known the how’s and why’s to teach my grandchildren, and great grandchildren.I live in Fla.And soon moving to Tennessee to live off the land like you, an d to teach others”you can if you think you can” with your body, mind
    and your land (God’s earth).

    I’m a young74 next month, and I have a lot of seeds to grow!
    I’m looking forward to watching and reading everything you do. You keep doing what your doing and I will continue send others to your site. Love it, Love it, Love it!
    And, BTW I

    1. thank you Joyce~ we can sure use the help in getting the word out.

  • Silvia says:

    Cara Marjory, food and the way we eat has been a long standing love of mine, each day I learn something new and interesting and share it quickly w/ friends and family. I’ve always lived in an apartment, but since a long time got involved w/ organic agriculture and organic cosmetic from production to retail and more and I rent a lovely plot for my own food growing. I’ve enjoyed your video and look forward to more.

  • Sheila says:

    Thanks so much and I can’t wait to read the book! I am a mom of 3 and we live in a farming community. My kids attend our local public school. I have been learning so much about health and wellness over the last several years. It has been a great struggle for me to get our diets just right. I do not work outside the home and I have always made it a priority to cook from scratch as much as possible. Just a couple of years ago we learned about GMOs and have switched to eating organic foods. I know that my kids are seen as “weird” for not eating all of the prepackaged junk foods and drinks that their friends eat on a regular basis. However, I do make desserts at home, including pudding made from scratch. I keep getting the message that we should not be eating sugar from the health and wellness community, but I am finding it difficult to do because I know how far out there our diets already are compared to what others are eating. I don’t personally know any other person who is eating healthfully. The farmers in our area are producing commodity crops such as corn, wheat, and soy. My kids are 4-H members and raise chickens, ducks, and turkeys. My parents own a farm, but rent the land to a farmer. My kids have actually been ridiculed at school by student members of the FFA organization for eating organic foods. On a school trip to Washington D.C. my oldest daughter became sick to her stomach after eating at fast food restaurants for several days. One high school student, an FFA member, told my daughter that she needed to be eating highly processed foods and food from fast food restaurants regularly in order to build up her immune system so that she could tolerate it. The world feels like such a mess. I am doing my best, but I know there is still room for improvement and I am trying everyday to learn more and do better. Thank you for your valuable work.

  • Betty Montgomery says:

    This video is a great ‘hook’. It had me whipping out the old 3 x 5 card to write down those 5 keys! But I do agree with the one guy above that an actual printed book to go with or to be purchased separately from the videos would be much appreciated.
    My personal story is that my immune system has gotten ‘confused’. It is attacking my skin (psoriasis) and my joints (rheumatoid arthritis). So of course my Rheumatologist put me on something called Metheltrexate. A drug that’s supposed to subdue the immune system. Now she’s wanting to add yet another called Cimzia that is even more expensive, powerful, and who’s on line info tells me to “not change the cat litter box, get someone else to do it, avoid farm animals and don’t dig your hands into garden soil” and me living alone with two cats, 13 pullets and two cockerels that are prepping my spring/summer garden, and two horses I’m caring for that are supplying me with the fertilizer for the garden! And the doctor tells me to wear a mask and gloves. Sigh.
    I’ve asked if there’s a way to treat my problem without beating my immune system into submission and leaving me open to who knows what but the doc say’s there isn’t. Personally I wonder if it isn’t the pharmaceutical industry that says there isn’t as both the drugs I’m supposed to take now are costly. This last one is so costly that I’m having to get one of those agencies that help folks get their meds cheaper involved. My copay would be over $130 a shot with out that help and as I remember I’d be getting it at least once a month. For the rest of my life.

    1. Sheila,
      Oh, I feel you! It is so difficult to ‘compete’ with all the junk out there. I too have had my kids wish we could be more ‘normal’ – yikes. My in-laws used to think I was crazy (they were polite about not saying it too loudly) but now after 20 years they are starting to figure out that what I’ve been saying and doing is right after all. So hang tight, hold to what you know is right, and do the best you can.

    2. Hi Betty,
      That sounds like a rough road you are on! Have you looked into working with a good herbalist or perhaps a nutritionist for support? And yes, starting to do more with all of the five keys to health will t in general.
      You are in my prayers.

  • Joyce says:

    I couldn’t finish my post. So, BTW I believe in nature 100% As the saying goes… “You can’t fool mother nature”!
    The quick way is not the best way. As Jbuys posted…
    The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I would say that it’s paved for big Harm’s money making and the hell with you and I.
    We need for people to learn about what everyone hear is talking about and like Ty Bollinger says…
    Educate- Expose & Eradicate
    Educate people- Expose big pharmaceutical, GMO’S etc-
    Eradicate -disease.
    Thank You again, Marjory, and for everyone else, keep telling your story.

    1. Starr says:

      Dine tæpper er meget smukke, sÃ¥ du kan jo overveje at sy pÃ¥ beistlling 🙂 Jeg er lige gÃ¥et i gang med at strikke din Sirri no. 3, den er bare sÃ¥ flot.

  • Carl Palmer says:

    Hi Marjory

    A lot has happened since your visit with us in Oregon. We now have our Chicken Sanctuaries up and running. We have 75 chickens in 10 Sanctuaries. They do not look anything like what you saw on your visit.
    We know that there is more to a Sustainable Life Style than food, water and energy. It has to include health, financial freedom, and happiness. So we have expanded our mission to include these subjects. Presently, we are bartering our programs with a dozen people that are helping us develop more new programs.
    We do not plan to write a book, but are willing to help you write yours. Yes, we know that a person’s DNA (brain) changes based on their diet and thought lifestyle. It can be demonstrated scientific. It called Neuroplasticity. We teach it in our Mentoring program listed below.

    Sustainable Mentoring
    The goal of our mentoring program is to equip and educate aspiring “Living Off the Landers,” “Permaculture Enthusiasts,” or Homesteaders with the tools and knowledge to live sustainably.
    At the Sustainable Living Center, we value education. We host workshops on diverse topics related to food, water, energy, shelter, health, joy, and financial freedom.

    With education being a major component of our work at the Center, participants are exposed too much more than the typical Sustainable Living experience. We help each find what will bring internal JOY.
    As part of the program there are free 2 – 4 hours of Mentoring Sessions in the follow areas:

    • Sustainable Food
    • Happiness
    • Financially Free

    Sustainable Food Mentoring Sessions teach About Growing Food Sustainably:

    Tomatoes…From July to Thanksgiving
    Lettuce…Grow lettuce all year on your deck when there is no electrical power.

    Chickens….. What do you do with your chickens when there is no feed to buy?

    Other Ways to Grow

    For more details on Sustainable Food

    Secrets of Happiness Mentoring
    The Secrets of Happiness Mentoring offers a comprehensive guide to understanding what happiness is, and isn’t, and what can be done to bring us all closer to the happy life we envision for ourselves. You will be introduced to the latest results of positive psychology from Harvard, Stanford, Loyola University, U of Chicago, U of Penn, U of California – Davis, and U of Minnesota. By using these results one can increase their happiness level.
    The Mentoring offers a new and potentially life-changing ways to understand our innate relationships of joy and happiness as well as our ability to sustain it in our lives.

    Nearly all of us buy into the myths of happiness—beliefs that certain adult achievements (marriage, wealth, children) will make us forever happy and that certain adult failures or adversities (illness, divorce) will make us forever unhappy. Overwhelming research evidence show this is not true by joining this study group on Wednesdays you can learn how to increase your happiness.
    For more detains go to:


    Financially Free Mentoring

    To be Financially Free means you have the ability to live the lifestyle you desire without having to work or rely on anyone else for money.

    Many people think that there are hundreds of routes to become Financially Free. You’ll see that there are only nine paths to become financially free and that one of those paths is the correct one for you.

    The successful people who have achieved financial freedom through following their natural path highlight these paths. This is to say; they found the match that suited their TAGs (Talents, Attributes, and Gifts)

    Could you imagine Richard Branson as a footballer, or Bill Gates as a fishmonger?

    No, they discovered the TAGs they were born with and capitalized on them. They followed a path that they loved, their path of least resistance and they excelled at it.

    Wouldn’t you like to find your path, benefit from your natural strengths and excel?
    For more details go to:


    Who does the Mentoring?

    Carl and Coralee Palmer, with a MBA, an Electrical Engineering degree and 77 years of being entrepreneurs and 17 studying happiness will direct lead these meetings.

    Yes, they are Happy and Financially Free and are old, both are in their seventies. They practice and live the techniques that will be presented.

    They presently are the Directors of the Sustainable Living Center of Oregon. They are committed to show others how to have a happy, joyful, healthy, and sustainable life.

  • C. Rice says:

    Hi Marjory, I’ve loved following your stories for the past several years and plan to continue doing so.
    I’m really thrilled that you’re putting together a book of the info you’ve gathered.

    Curious… will mostly address those things that address physical health, or is it a bit of “everything”, or will you maybe do another book later on the other “stuff”?

    1. Hi C,
      The book is about health, family, community, meaningful work, and purpose. All of these are true wealth – and they all come from the ground.
      Ha, ha, yes I haven’t even written this one and I am getting requests to write more.

  • Jeremy McLeod says:

    I look forward to seeing other videos. Stories for case studies are good, but in the telling they came off as a little too pat/predictable. I hope, in the book, they are told with more depth in terms of these people’s lives and choices.

    Secondly, the story of your own encounter with a hospital nutritionist/dietician, if it’s an accurate recounting of the conversation, doesn’t paint you in a terribly good light. As the empowered expert in your own body, I would have hoped for you to simply ask for something you know to be healthful. That may or may not have produced a serving of your desired food, but the conversation would have been more direct, more positive than what you reported in the telling of this tale.

    1. Jeremy, how I told it is how it happened. Nope, I wasn’t the strongest I’ve ever been. And yes, could I have done it better – for sure. But that is where I was and how it went down.
      They didn’t really have any healthy options. That is the thing.

  • Monica says:

    I can’t wait for the next episode. Keep it up – it’s stuff I’ve known instinctively for years but has been smothered by intimidation from conventional doctors

    1. Whew Monica, they can sure be intimidating, can’t they?

  • Bonnie says:

    First off, would be nice to have this comment space at the top of the page instead of the bottom. I almost gave up looking for a place to put a comment.
    That said:
    Hey Marjorie, so happy you are doing this. Beautiful video. I chuckled when you said I know a woman Ester in her 70’s that still has a sparkle in her eye. Oh my goodness, I am almost 75, each day I do yoga, I take several on – line classes each month, I cook all our meals, I can over 500 jars of food each year mostly from my two acres of all natural gardens, my yard is permaculture, I bake our bread, I read, I write, I live in this glorious universe knowing the angels are here with me, knowing that everything that is necessary to my life will be there for me each day, all I have to do is pick it up. I also listen and guide people who have health issues, I have a Master’s degree in Herbology, among many other degrees, and I live a nature filled life. I have no doctor, no medicines, no diseases. I have been living this lifestyle for 30 plus years. Doing yoga and meditation for 40+ years. Before I get up each morning I do my gratitude song, listing gratefulness for my body and all its parts, for my family, for my bed and pillow that nestles me through a good nights sleep, for my love filled home. I say to myself before my feet hit the floor, “Good things are going to happen today.” And they do. Every single day, no matter where life takes me is good, because I choose to lift spirits of those around me, I choose to do random acts of kindness, I choose to be alive and learn from each thing, person, event that enters my life. I never use negative words (swear) as those words carry no energy and have no meaning. I look at everything and say thank you. I carry a grateful stone or wear a grateful stone necklace each day of my life and every time I touch it I am reminded to say something I am grateful for. I give grateful stones to people all the time. A person in the most desperate circumstances, (and I have been there) can always be grateful for something. The more you are grateful, the more you receive to be grateful for. That is how the universe works. That is the name of the game.
    Good luck dear universe friend. I am grateful for you always taking the time in your life to share your knowledge with all of us. I am so grateful somewhere along the line, my guardian angel let me know she was there for me in all times (I was 7 years old) and I would always be cared for. Through the best and worst of times, I have trusted the universe in all its diversity to fill me up and it has. Om Shanti, Om Peace.

    1. Bonnie, what a delightful life. Oh, I will talk with my web guty to see if we can put the comments box up top – yes, I get it is a pain scrolling down with now over 200 comments!

      I would love to get to know you better. I’ll have the tech guy get your contact info (I think it is in here somewhere???). Would that be OK?

  • Great video Marjorie! I am 68 and certainly agree with all you say. My health took a downward dive after I turned 50 and nothing was more important to me than turning it around. I never went to a doctor, because they only say you are not sick until things actually get a lot worse, but I say why wait. You absolutely can improve your health if you eat the correct natural healthy foods. It does take time and it needs to be a permanent change, because why should we eat poisons as you call them? I loved your first chapter and am looking forward to hearing more. Thank you so much for sharing your work.

    1. Thank you Kathleen. There are so many of us finding that this simple thing is true. Lov eyour story!

  • Rebecca Riddle says:

    Looking forward to next videos…Really, you were offered a popsicle?

    1. Ye,s seriously. I couldn’t believe it. Then pudding… or jello. ah! You know, I wasn’t sure how to react. I was thinking “are these people for real?”.

  • Anita says:

    Great start and so true! We were at a party the other day when my daughter walked in with a knee brace on. I was asked what happened and I just said she’d been eating too much sugar and it causes her to have weak knees and ankles. My friend responded that she had learned the same thing about her own knee pain and was embarrassed to admit how long it took her, being a physician, to put the two together.

  • David Mangen says:

    Will pray for your success. Truth reigns supreme! Many of us wreck our bodies working for worldly wealth, then spend it trying to regain our health. Living a life of minimalism and treating our bodies with care makes life more enjoyable and with less stress. Thank you for your caring for fellow humans!

  • I’d like very much to “hear” what you have to say, but unfortunately we are not set up for audios and I can only “see” your comments in print. The book sounds like a good idea.

  • Margaret Pope says:

    Thank you for covering these subjects. I agree that health is wealth. I have seen the difference in my own life and my family. I was fortunate to grow up on a small farm. At 65 I can look back to times when we used manure on the garden and then went to using the chemicals. My 92 year old great grandfather walked 20 miles to town and the 20 miles back the next day. He needed nails to fix his roof with cypress shingles which he had made himself. Inpatience killed him because he did not wait for the younger family members help. He fell off the roof. His death was an accident not from his body giving out. Now when I look at the next generations, l see that modern life had a great impact on health and wealth. They got sick and they spent quite a lot of money on drugs, hospitals and nursing homes.
    About three years ago my doctors told me that I needed to go on insulin. At the same time my friend had the same advice. I decided to try the ketogenic diet and it worked . I was able to go off 7 different medications. That year I had about half function of my kidneys. Now two years later my kidney function is almost back to normal. Part of that had to do with getting probiotics that helped get rid of toxins. I make my own kefir, sauerkraut , Kombucha . I have also gone non gluten and non dairy. I eat out very rarely. On the other hand I am taking no pain pills, blood pressure medicines or medicines for diabetes. My joints are the best they have been in years. I did this on my own as my doctors solutions were taking more medications or treatments. They told me that what I was doing was dangerous. But I know I made the right decision. My friend who had the same problems I had three years ago, has not done so well. She did not change her diet and went with the insulin. Now she has a insulin pump. She is on several different medicines . She is in a lot of pain. And she spends quite a bit on diabetic testing supplies, and her blood sugar is out of control. Her life is centered around checking her blood sugar and going to the doctor. So having good health means having a quality of life worth having.
    My daughter went to Sumatra, Indonesia to work with a group of scientist studying orangutans in the wild. What they ate, what was their habits. The animals ate certain plants or roots when sick. The CDC was one of the sponsors. They were interested in finding new material to make drugs. What my daughter came to believe is that the natural food was what was healing them. The animals at the zoos were not as healthy. They were given vitamins, antibiotics. And the public would give them junk food.
    Also my daughter observed that ten years ago the village people did not have junk food. They ate fish, birds, vegetables. These people were in excellent health and happy. They had very little else. When she returned 9 years later, the village had modern foods, drugs, and computers. The children had tooth decay and were over weight. The women were having miscarriages and difficult births. The young men had drug addictions. Yes modern science had changed their lives . Some of it was good like clean drinking water but it is clear the sugar , white flour, white rice have been bad for these people. When one takes health away from these poor people who had nothing else, the elites have done something criminal.
    Most people in the United States have no idea that most of their health problems are from the food they eat. I hope your book will wake some people up.

    1. Margaret – A dentist named Weston A. Price traveled the world a hundred years ago and found the very same phenomenon as your daughter. He intentionally sought out communities/tribes who had been untouched by the modern world seeking to study what they ate. He focused almost exclusively on their nutrition. It’s interesting he knew which groups to study by examining their teeth upon his first encounter. If the teeth showed no shows of decay and were not crowded in the mouth he knew this was a group to study since he also knew the people had no dental care available to them. He also used dental health as an indicator of nutritional deficiency. The change in bone structure in the face (narrowing of the face) crowded the teeth AND major glands in the brain which set the stage for chronic health problems resulting from “civilization”.

      Dr. Price returned from his travels after 10 years and published a seminal book entitled “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”. His findings were ignored by health “experts” until revived by the Weston A. Price Foundation in the late 1990s.

    2. Thank you so much for writing in Margret. Yes, I too hope the book hs some impact.
      But mostly I am deeply upset for how commercial ag and big medicine is destroying the planet. It is needless, we can grow some or all of our own.
      Thanks so much for your support!

  • Kirstin says:

    Hey Marjory!

    Love your style and, of course, agree with the mantra that the ultimate wealth is health. I had the pleasure of enjoying your presentations at MENF 2016 Seven Springs, PA. Hope to see you again there. Encouraging each of us to know our own body and manage our health naturally is terrific.

    It is SO crazy how hospitals pump patients full of sugar as they try and heal. Ugh. Modern medicine certainly has its place but we’ve become too dependant upon academia and lost our heritage medicines and treatments. Thanks for helping to keep that knowledge available and the community connected to it.

    Thanks and best wishes in your future projects!

    1. Kirstin says:

      Edit note: Devin is referred to as Kevin a couple times @ 3:10 in video.

    2. Hi Kirsten,
      Hope we meet up again at 7 Springs. I had a fun time there.

  • Greetings Marjorie-
    I agree with you wholeheartedly with your approach to a vibrant, healthy life. Getting back to basics in all phases of our life is certainly the best way to truly ‘live’. I am a firm believer that we are body, mind, spirit, emotions….we need to learn to ‘treat’ all to keep us whole. My mother was a master herbalist, massage therapist and very well read on alternative medicines…in her later years (she passed 2015 at 89) she had 2 hospital stays in her latter years and she made no bones of ‘educating’ her doctors and nurses on herbs, homeopathic and alternative approaches to staying and being well. I hope that in the future the medical field embraces nutrition and how ‘what you eat’ certainly affects your well being. Just an FYI– a friend sent a study that when GMO products were released in the mid- 90’s and the dramatic increase in inflammatory bowel issues with people……we can also see our pets/animals suffering from the same health issues that we have….I have seen in my work as an animal communicator/herbalist changing their diet, exercise and providing a more positive, healing environment has not only affected the pets but also their humans….

    Looking forward to your additional videos and book! Thank you Marjorie!

    1. CIndy, I would have loved to meet your mom – ha, ha, I resonated witht he phrase “and she made no bones of ‘educating’ her doctors and nurses on herbs, homeopathic and alternative approaches to staying and being well.”
      I need more of a backbone. LOL

  • Belinda says:

    I am a doctor….and a gardener! If I can help you with any questions, let me know. You have shared your knowledge and I would be happy to share mine if you have any questions or concerns.

    1. Belinda,
      I am on a business trip for the next week – but I hope to get in touch with you after that.

  • Jennifer Johnson says:

    Marjory, I so enjoy you and your projects and work around empowering others!
    I do hope that part of your 5 areas include our “thinking”. How and what we think often produces our reality…both good and bad. And what we “say” often reveals what we think! My sister has struggled with IBS for over a decade. She has tried traditional medical interventions and about every naturopathic solution you can think up. Her diet is clean and based on whole foods. She limits or restricts foods that act as triggers, she practices meditation and yoga type exercise. We’ve done emotion code work on her…the list feels endless at times.
    She is also aware that her brain is a major controller of what takes place in her body and that she can’t always be in charge of her thoughts due to the power of her subconscious. So she has seen a hypnotist for about 5 sessions. This woman combines hypnotism with some very intuitive counseling.
    For the first time in about 12 years, my sister now feels that she is in charge of her body and not the other way around. Very freeing! for her. And her IBS is losing its battle for control.

    Blessings to you in sharing such important information in your book. Maybe it will jolt some people out of their reluctance to take back responsibility for their own health, wealth and well-being. Being a “victim” is not an attractive quality and it promotes laziness and an attitude of entitlement! I suppose I’ve just indulged in a lack of political correctness with the above statements! 🙂 But it is time for everyone in this country to get off their butts and back into the race called LIFE! Kudos to you!

    1. David Mangen says:

      Would like to add to those who have tried many different ways to treat health problems they may like to look into geopathic stress. Many are living in enviroments, homes or places of employment that are detrimental to their health and well being. If our relationships and and surroundings are destroying us we must change them even though it may be difficult.

    2. Jennifer, yes I will be including the “thinking” aspects from time to time – can’t help it because you are correct, that is a big component.
      DOn’t worry about political correctness 🙂

  • Loreen Green says:

    Thank you for your bravery and forward thinking in opening your mouth to speak the truth. Thank you for using your position of power and influence to spread this truth. I’m seeing this is a trend so keep going. More people need to learn the truth about what we are doing to ourselves by eating a mainstream diet. I eagerly await your future installments of timely information. Thank you.

  • Katrin Palmer says:

    Thank you, Marjory! So excited about your book-in-the-making and love your approach to health. I am a nutritional therapy practitioner and couldn’t agree with you more. The food served in hospitals and schools is where health care reform should start! Without health, nothing else matters!
    Katrin Palmer, WA

  • Suzanne says:

    Truth! Looking forward to your book. Love your website and videos.

  • Jennifer Johnson says:

    Had a lumpectomy about 8-9 years back followed by brachitherapy (a targeted form of radiation into the wound site) Subsequently got a nasty infection in the wound site (felt like a burned out log inside my breast). Got trapped in the hospital for 3 days when they had to open the wound and drain and swab it out. They put me on IV antibiotics…didn’t work. Used a wound vacuum…didn’t work. Opened up the wound 2 more times. Sent me to an infection specialist ( I fired him!). I finally told the surgeon that I was going back to what I knew to get rid of this 3 month old problem. Two weeks later the problem was solved. (the doc told me to “have at it. I’m out of options”) I packed the wound site with activated charcoal soaked in colloidal silver. Changed the packing every few days. Wound gradually closed without trapping bad bacteria. Also started on about 5000 mgs/day of liposomal C. When I told the surgeon what I did and suggested he let other struggling patients know of their alternatives he said he couldn’t due that without jeopardizing his medical license. “Outside of standard protocol”. Knowledge is definitely important if we want to live with vibrant health! We have a sick care system. NOT a health care one!

    1. Wow Jennifer, that is an amazing story. Thanks for writing in.

  • Linda says:

    Boy. Your words ring so true. I doubt there would be anything in a hospital that I could eat. The fluorescent lighting and emi fields are off putting too. My BP goes up in fluorescent lighting. The video is timely as my husband’s epilepsy just flared up. The doctors have not done anything to help over the last 16 years. And the hospital bills were humongous. We are taking the grow challenge. This will be year three for permaculture. Hoping to reach 1/4 or more of our own food production inside the city this year. (Budget is limited) Looking forward to the next video.

  • Michelle says:

    Totally agree, love the video. Can’t wait for the next one. I love all that you do to help all of us do better and I learn so much from you.

  • Marie Parks says:

    I agree 100% with all you say. I don’t use mainstream docs, thank God, but on the rare occasion use a homeopath. Mainstream doesn’t get it about the body able to heal itself, they think only drugs, cut & burn out disease will heal, oh how wrong. Am looking forward to your book and the next video. Keep bringing us your excellent info on how to stay healthy in an unhealthy world with unhealthy food etc. Thanks for all you have given us. Marie

  • Jodi says:

    You have peaked my interest, I look forward to hearing more. I grew up on a family farm and we ate what we grew. I appreciate my mother’s wisdom bringing us up learning about natural foods.

    Friend of mine is 86 and had cancer when she was in her 40’s. Her doctors were supportive of her diet changes (many green vegetables, low carb, lean meats if any, and no sugar). She will tell you that prayer and diet were what saved her life, not the chemo and radiation.

    Looking forward to the next video!

  • Kathy Lee says:

    WHOA! What a way to end the video…..can’t wait for the next one!!

    1. Thanks Kathy, yes got to keep you on the edge of your seat! LOL

  • Molly Culver says:

    This will be a fantastic video series, Marjory!
    I am excited to have this chance to listen to each episode as you post them. I will also be looking forward to your future book.
    Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of something so basic and essential…but so often overlooked…as our personal, individual health.

  • Zaabria Lee says:

    Hi Marjory,

    So great to see someone trying to make it simple. I worked in the Medical Industry for many years from my early Twenties- hence to say I worked out very early Doctors are not Gods. I have always accepted that we are in control of our own health and are thoughts and actions have much more to do with it then genetics. Well done for opening up this discussion I look forward to watching your next video.

  • Jane Lael says:

    Great idea, Marjory! I dated a young man who took a year off from John’s Hopkins medical school. When he saw the vitamins I took, he asked what they did! I was utterly amazed. Three years at Hopkins and didn’t know what Vitamin E, A, B, etc. do! In our time together, I taught him. When he returned for his final year at Hopkins, he was chosen to work with a project on Vitamin E as he was the only one knowledgeable about it!

    Unless things change, doctors are all about drug and surgery treatment of SYMPTOMS. Aiya!

    Keep up the great work. Thank you! Jane

    1. Jane… whew, that is something else isn’t it? I’ve heard doctors only spend about an hour learning about nutrition. Yikes, what has the world come to?

  • Jimmie Watkins says:

    I read come of the comments and have to agree that our health is determined by what we will eat and the worth of the thoughts of others (including doctors). I will be looking forward to your post and help when I can.

    1. Jimmie, by writing in comments you are helping!
      Thank you.

  • M.L. says:

    Nature versus nurture has long been discussed among professionals of physical and mental health. I have never heard of DNA changing as you have described. I am interested in that and will research the topic. I do know that many”professionals are not experts! I worked with a dietician who said I was wrong when I mentioned low fat foods seemed to simply add calories through carbs/sugars in order to make the food more palatable. Obviously, this is a well known fact now but she refused to even entertain the idea and was rude rather than acknowledge that she had never heard that. Professionals should be open minded. I hope your information is affordable for me!! Sounds very interesting and promising. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi M.L. we do a lot to give away as much as possbile for free.
      Yup, experts can be troublesome…

  • Marla Stark says:

    Your first video is wonderful. You come off as easygoing but someone that believes in what they are doing. I hope the book plays as well. I hope you record your own book for audible that is always a great way to get your true meaning across. I noticed a few granatical errors but since this is a video before you write I have every faith that the editors will fix such things. I love your stories but felt short changed on the lady that has her health. Perhaps going into her story just a bit more would tie things up nicely. Loved the hospital example but would love a solution even more ( not sure there is one but I dream big). I have had the same experiences in the hospital and even in the ” diet” industry. I believed that this industry would guide people to make the healthy choices for eating – wow was I wrong. I went to a weight watchers meeting with my step mom one evening and was offered to sample some of the premade prepackaged snacks. I looked at the wrapper and box and found to my huge dismay that sugar was on the list of ingredients. I having had Breast Cancer do not do processed sugar and called the instructor out. She basically said that it is in everything so…. Then my best friend told me about how she was going to Positive Changes and her counselor told her to buy the one serving size of ice cream so she wouldn’t eat as much at a time. I wanted to strangle her. If you continue eating sugar your. Oxy craves it more and more – yikes. Anyway, good luck. I am looking forward to more!

    1. Hi Marla,
      Yes, I hear you. You know Bonnie (who is 75) wrote in with a great testimonial of good health, and I will incorporate other.
      Oh yes, I definitely will get an editor! Ha, ah I am notoriously bad with grimmer, etc.

  • Citricidal kills fungus, mold, spiders, aphids and more on your crops. Citricidal is the brand name for ACTUAL grapefruit seed extract, which is no longer an ingredient in ‘GSE’ brand, which says ‘grapefruit seed extract but they let the FDA make them remove the active ingredient from their product. I think you can still buy real grapefruit seed extract in bulk in powder form which would do for, say crop spraying.

    Clorox kills nematodes, since they removed other products from the market that do. You pre-treat the soil and let it set, then plant your tomatoes.

    Floor mats made from vehicle tires: Lay them on the ground and within minutes vegetation under them turns yellow. Leave them down: no weeds.

    Elk love to eat Canadian thistle. Geese will eat weeds. Geese will give you an impressive lawn: They mow, dethatch, fertilize and water all in one operation.

    You can simply throw leftovers, egg shells, water from cooking boiled dinners, peels (including onion and garlic peels) and similar stuff directly on your lawn or yard, and it will over the years fertilize.

    Put out food for birds, and you will have them eating insects. I grew 100 cabbages that had not one hole from worms because swallows were in the shade and moisture of the cabbages.

    If you cut a fruit tree when it’s about 3 or 4 feet high, it will branch out there and the fruit will be easier to pick.

    BOY SCOUT marigolds planted next to anything will prevent infestations.

    Places like Evans Nursery in Georgia sell bulk bareroot plants for your garden very very inexpensively. They work fine.

    Manure from peafowl make fruit trees double in size or more, even if they are mature trees. Put the poop at the drip line of the tree.

    Simple boiling or very hot water applied to weeds will kill them. I run a line directly from the hot water heater and drain it – which is good for the heater too.

    Plant dandelions somewhere fairly distant from your garden to bring in the bees in the spring. Dandelions and other plants fix nitrogen in the soil.

    Sometimes netting is sold at army surplus places. Putting that over your garden, on tall metal poles, will keep most birds out.

    To protect plants from sudden frosts, buy plastic. Anchor the plastic to heated rocks for even better protection, or put some heaters that blow warm air (on low, and sporadically) facing into the covered area. You can also put electric blankets plugged into moisture-guarded electric outlets over tender plants in a late night frost. Put the blanket on low, make sure it doesn’t affect the plastic, and cover the blanket if rain or snow is possible. No, this isn’t convenient, but you can save your plants from a brief frost like this.

    Wash off the produce in a wash tub, and pour the silt back into the garden, or use it in your potted plants.

    Buy what is called ‘reading lamps’ on sale. White light with miniature fluorescent-looking bulbs. 18 to 22 dollars on sale, depending on the height of the lamp. These affect plants unbelievably. My geraniums grew 3 feet tall under these lights.

    1. Emily, that is an amazing list there. Thank you for posting. We need to see you commenting more on this site! Good job.

  • Jantina Rohde says:

    Very interesting Marjory.
    I was a Reg. Nurse and a Reg. Psych. nurse for about 30 years and have never lost my fascination with people, their health (both mental and physical) and how these facets related to their diets and understanding of nutrition, their belief systems (in all it’s facets) and the debate about nature/nurture and so on.

    Why do people think you can take a healthy baby, feed it dead (unless on breast milk) enzymeless (is that a word?) milk, proceed on with canned dead food and sugary salty dead food and expect to end up with an adult with radiant health?
    OK that might sound a bit extreme but I’m sure you know what I mean.

    In my experience medical professionals in general know very little about nutrition and are rather scathing in their replies if you bring the subject up.
    Two examples being told nutrition had absolutely no part in the development of macular degeneration (did my own research and got good results, not a cure but great improvement),and curing my irritable bowel with kefir after being treated with antibiotics for appendicitis.

    Doctors almost invariably mean well and work hard at doing their best but are overworked and shackled to out of date information fed to them by vested interests.

    Thee cheers for you helping to educate people to make positive choices for their health.

    Better get off my soapbox now haha.

    Good luck with your book.

    1. Hi Jantina,
      LOL, OK we will now make ‘enzimeless’ and official word!
      Thanks for posting.

  • Sharon says:

    Loved your first video. I am looking forward to more information on how to live a healthier life.Much of our existence is determined by the quality of the food we eat. I spend less time at the doctor’s office and instead choose natural methods to ensure my health. I will watch and cannot wait comment on each video.

  • Sue Marra Byham says:

    I love your confidence! I love that your book will empower readers to be confident in their own knowledge vs. the “wisdom” of the powers that be (such as that hospital nutritionists should get their education from the food industry)!

  • Dan says:

    Very nice introduction.
    Looking forward to the coming installments.

  • Najmah Hakeem says:

    I think that your book is going to be an asset to anyone’s library who understands the importance of nurturing the body.

  • Steve Marconi says:

    Great start! I know when I go to the doctor occasional for a check up they want to have me take all these test test because of my family history (My parent came from large families). I don’t get all these test done because all I eat and do has given me good health. I am almost 69 and still working, volunteering and working in my garden with only some very minor issues, nothing like all my family’s issues.

  • Jayde says:

    Looks amazing! Can not wait for it to come to life. Looking forward to your videos and the book itself. Keep up the good work. It is greatly appreciated.
    Anxiously Waiting,
    A Young Gardener

  • Sylvia Hennessy says:

    Sylvia Hennessy

    I am from Ontario. Most hospitals have kitchens, yet one kitchen may serve several hospitals Fast food is not nutritious food, nor are cheap vegetables the ideal choice,. Place regular carrots and organic carrots in your fridge and note the difference, and you only touched on it, but a healthy upbeat attitude does much to nourish.

  • Anne says:

    I really enjoyed your presentation, Marjorie, and am looking forward to more details and how-to’s in your next videos. I’m convinced that one’s ongoing state of mind contributes to health or sickness. My father was depressed and becoming more and more reclusive for years, and he ended up getting cancer. His doctor didn’t want him to lose weight, and since he was put off salt due to getting congestive heart failure from the chemo and was a serious saltaholic, she told him he could eat all of the sweets he wanted, so that’s basically all he ate. Of course this further weakened him, and he ended up in the hospital and in a coma from a fungal lung infection he picked up. He came out of the coma after a week, and they served him ice cream and other junk. He went straight down from there and died within a week. His doctor immediately disappeared. It seemed like she just wanted to look good by not having her slightly overweight patient lose weight and start looking gaunt and sick and to keep him alive with chemicals. When he died, she wanted to salvage her reputation as much as possible and remove herself from the situation. No caring at all. I think that people for the most part need a positive outlook on life, love/caring from some significant living being(s), real food, and a clean environment including as much of nature as possible to be truly healthy.

  • Mary Johansson says:

    Your ideas are great. I know that, but I have some ‘food for thought’ for you. (Since you asked) I did not like that you first lowered who you are by 1st saying you have no degrees. That, to me, is being apologetic, especially since many of your readers have many degrees. Many of those people would turn you off with that approach. I feel your approach there should be one that will ‘impress’ that audience as well as the multitude who still believe MD’s are close to God. Keep it very positive, how amazed you are that you have this wealth of knowledge. Tell why have what you have and know what you know. What you did to gain this knowledge and experience that gives you the RIGHT TO BE AN AUTHORITY ON WHAT YOU ARE TO WRITE ABOUT. See? Why you have a burning desire to share it and how you hope to empact your audience.

    Idea: Do a bit of research on your main ideas and include your research at the end of each chapter as end chapter notes. Add quotes from famous people and highly qualified people as you go along. Andrew Weil, possibly. Or a person like him who many people know from all walks of life and you might find something in his work that you would like to quote to support your own statements. Edgar Casey, if you are familiar with his work. However you do it, I think you need to establish a firm foundation so you don’t lose many readers before they get going. See? An, you are not saying things they already know (as you keep stating). Most people DON’T KNOW. Many people DON’T have common sense so to tell them that it is only common sense, might not cut it. They think their way of thinking IS COMMON SENSE.

    I say that partly because for 10 years I worked in a respected Medical School. I held a respectable position there and did work that spread through every program there. I “only” had a Bachelor’s degree in Business (not an MBA) and a Master’s Degree in Vocational Education. (which many folks in academia frown upon). (Funny, I thought to live happily, learning to communicate, respect yourself and others, perhaps learn a trade so you could make a living was more important than having higher-education degrees) I was often criticized when a doctor, PA, or PhD did not like taking direction from a person LOWER than them!!! Or for any other reason they felt like. I also had apologies from some of these same people when I PROVED that I was expert in what I was doing. One even wrote a letter saying as much.

  • Sue says:

    Thank you so much for doing this! My husband and I are in our fifties. Hopeing it’s not to late for us to get our diet straight. I have been growing 1/3 of our food for a couple of years, but it’s not enough. I really want to stop buying the mass produced, chemical covered stuff from the grocery store. And get our health stronger by eating better.
    And your teaching on eating wild “weeds” has helped. I know you make a living by teaching, but it has helped so much! So sad that we have forgotten so much on how to simply take care of ourselves and our families.
    Thank you!

  • Penny says:

    Marjorie, I think you have a real winner of an idea here. You come across as someone who is genuinely caring and concerned about just how little we understand about our bodies and our health. It IS within our power to be and stay healthy.

    I would love to see you walk around a bit, rather than standing in one place for the entire video. I’m sure you have a lovely garden or a favorite place where you like to de-stress. Let us see a little of what your daily life is like, so we may emulate.

  • Shari says:

    My daughter-in-law is a very healthy eater. She was put in the hospital with pre-eclampcia. They tried to feed her the same crappy food. They finally agreed to let me bring in her meals, real food. She has told me many times that I saved her life by helping her to eat healthy food during that scary time. My grandson was born prematurely but has thrived since they got him away from the hospital.

    What did I bring her? Roast from grass fed beef, chicken that we raised organically ourselves, and lots of fresh organic vegetables!

    I loved the video and look forward to learning from your wisdom.

  • DIANA says:


  • Karin says:

    Hi. This is a good idea you have here. It may bring a lot of interesting stories to your work.
    I smiled when you told about the food at the hospital,,, it’s just the same here in Sweden. A friend of mine had a heart attack and was offered cookies after the surgery,,,
    Another thing we should think about is the food at the restaurants,,,, they to often use bad ingredients and margarine, glutamate, table salt, sugars so on and so on,,,
    Regards from Karin in Sweden

  • Edward Lye says:

    Yes, I am recently aware that genetics is not a death sentence. Since you did not mention it specifically, there is this hot area of research on epigenetics where it is shown that pregnant mice can bear some healthy offspring when the diet of the mother is changed otherwise all offspring inherit the same ailment that is programmed into this strain of mice.

    I had a heart attack which drove me into research on diet where alternative media introduced me to the malfeasance in the food industry. I was so disgusted that I stopped buying newspapers and watching TV and question{except the comedy} each and every documentary I watch. I took early retirement at the earliest possible moment and am presently tending a garden which by the way is the first mentioned occupation in the bible namely Genesis 2:15. It is healthy because you will get exposed to sunlight which helps produce vitamin D, earthing{I still have an open mind about this} and contact with soil microbes and foods grown on it will imprint your gut bacteria and is probably why when you are away, you feel nostalgic for the land of your birth.

  • Carole Jones says:

    Hi. I agree with you wealth is not money, health of yourself, family and friends is most important in life. I live in the UK. When we visit our doctors surgery we are given a 10 minute slot. In that time we explain our symptoms and are sometimes prescribed medication to alleviate the symptoms. Never do they look for the root cause.
    By reading and research on the internet I am trying to overcome various problems with myself and family which I am beginiing to think all relate back to having a ‘leaky gut’. I am now cutting out gluten and making green smoothies and avoiding any supermarket prepared foods. I do grow some of my own vegetables and fruit but there is limited space.
    If I mention what I am trying to my doctor, and for example the consultant I am at present seeing who is offering surgery which would then need me using steriid cream, they just look at me as if to say ‘stupid woman’.
    What is wrong with trying to do things ‘naturally’? Drs just dont have the time to even consider it. I think all doctors should have at least a year’s training in nutrition as well as other skills – oh but that wouldn’t line the pockets of the drug industry. Don’t get me wrong, surgeons do a great job, some drugs are necessary but if we all ate better in the first place perhaps our NHS wouldnt be struggling. Education on nutrition should start in schools and be just as important as reading and writing.
    I could go on – but I think you will know my thoughts by now.
    Good luck with your book. Any help I can give let me know.

  • Marjory,
    This is excellent and I am very excited for you to continue on this. Your clear presentation style is so well done. I always enjoy hearing from you. Like a visit from a friend.The content of the presentation is very valuable and I agree wholeheartedly with what you have shared and looking forward to the next. It is also quite a task just to read thru the many comments. For my story… I am 62 and growing in health with every day. It wasn’t always so. Long story short a few years back all of my systems were showing signs and giving symptoms of coming crash and burn. Very scary. Traditional allopathic methods just weren’t doing it including the scare tactics (your family history and DNA are telling us that..) and medicine band-aid approach (you need to take this to avoid or slow down this…). I was just fed up with feeling helpless and refused to resign myself to their sentence for me. I did my research, looked for answers and made the changes to restore my health. I am a real PITA ( pain in the …) patient who argues and questions everything. I have made a huge turn around and the doctors are amazed asking me what I am doing. A soon as I talk about diet, emotional and spiritual health you can see their eyes almost glaze over. They can’t dictate or write a scrip to eat more specific nutritious foods ( each x cups of or add this herb tea, etc), be outside in the sun, walk, etc. because they truly don’t know. I am not about to go sit in the corner, take the meds and be quiet. I recommend the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton on Epigenetics. My body is the petri dish and I chose what to fuel it with and care for it. Thank you for asking us to contribute. You are doing a very good thing here. We need more of this and I just wish even our government would get involved in good clear education such as this. It is a missing key that is overlooked. Imagine if this kind of education became a practice for everyone. Please let me/us know how we can help get this out. You are appreciated. More please?

  • Cyndi says:

    Loved the video and cannot wait for the book. My mother passed away when she was 27 from breast cancer and my dad when he was 62 from an aortic aneurysm they would both be 80 now if they had lived. My point is I am 60 this year and just now learning how what we put in our bodies affects what happens to our bodies ( if my parents had know that they might still be here). My husband has had 4 heart attacks and I have been “diagnosed” with RA so we are learning about the food and environment and how that even the so called “healthy food” at the mainstream grocery stores are not healthy. I am trying my hand at sowing seeds this year to grow a garden at 60! I realize that we are up there in years but I figure it is never too late to start and hopefully we can teach our grandkids (two with ADHD another obese) that they can be healthy and thriving even though the mainstream has labeled them otherwise. Thank you for doing this.

  • Carol says:

    Looking forward to your series of videos on health.

  • Christine says:

    What a timely subject! Sometimes it is good to state the obvious or what seems obvious to you. I try to remember when I teach, this is new material for modt of thise I am speaking to. i am excited to see the temaining videos.

  • Pauline Clark says:

    Thanks a million. We’re on the same page! An organic gardener here and have six chickens in our (city) yard. I look forward to your book. It will save me much time and breath and frustration trying to convince others of healthy ways of living. I’m 85 and going pretty strong, even after having a spell with congestive heart problem a year ago. Been doing health education (no credentials) for over 60 years!

  • Marjory,

    You may not have lots of letters after your name but you offer more than those who do simply because, not only can you speak to the subject of health, you can also teach people HOW to grow nutrient dense food. This is the crux of what you do. It’s one thing to talk about health through nutrition, it’s another to actually produce the food that can accomplish it!

    I’m so glad you raised the topic of genetics in your opening chapter. I am a board certified Advanced Holistic Nurse and have received training from Natasha Campbell-McBride, M.D. to work with people who have chronic disease as a result of gut dysbiosis. Her research helped her understand that it was not genetics at work when a child developed autism or other neurologic disorders, rather the exposure to pathogenic microbes living in the mother’s vagina (having traveled there from the colon) to which the infant was exposed at birth. That exposure could be corrected with the proper actions (breastfeeding, no antibiotics, minimal environmental toxins, etc.) OR, more likely, conditions could worsen the gut flora now living in the baby’s GI tract.

    The “inherited” part of the puzzle is not the genes but the microbial life that worsens with each generation as a result of consuming the standard American diet and leaving traditional ways of growing, preserving and preparing food.

    I think you would enjoy Dr. Campell-McBride’s insights as you seek to help your readers understand why chronic disease seems to “run in the family”. You can find video interviews with this amazing and humble physician on YouTube. The two of you are kindred spirits.

  • Maureen says:

    You are an inspiration. We know what our grandparents and parents told us about heath – it’s precious! But, we’ve gotten away from it somehow. Even at my age, 66, i am learning to take care of myself in a better way and would love to hear more from you You’re what i call, “just plain common sense” and we just don’t hear that enough. And, the best of all, it works! You only have to give yourself the time to reap the benefits. Our society just doesn’t allow it, BUT, with your book and these short excerpt of health, i’ll call them REMINDERS, as we tend to forget, www can have a day to day awakening. What is it about us that doesn’t allow ourselves to take care of ourselves? I know,it’s the convenience that society now dictates so we can work more intense and longer, forgetting to stop and take the “time out” we all need. I live on the East Coast and boy, it’s a rush, rush situation everyday – rush to get up,to eat, to get chores done and rush to get out on the road and through the traffic. We allow ourselves to be conditioned , programed to this society plague of unhealthy living. We all need to take a step back and take a good hard look at our daily routines and make changes for the better. Stop buys convenience to eat and we can heal ANY problem we have. Just take that good hard look. So, with this said, we need to hear more from you and, do let us know what state you live in (i’m in NJ) – i find that would be interesting to all of us. Thanks so much for caring! God Bless!

  • Cathy says:

    Sounds good. Look forward to continuing.

  • Joyce Johnson says:

    Loved the opening and music. I am already a fan and enjoy your videos so much. My son was in the hospital with croup and they gave him milk ice cream. He was in there 8 days. I refused it. Looking forward to the next video. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Barb says:

    Marjory, I too have been on this exploratory path about nutrition for over 10 yrs. The funny thing is that you say it is so simple and it is common sense. While I agree, I believe this generation has grown up in a society that has taught us to eat in a totally non- healthy, different way ( processed junk, fired foods, lots of sugar, flours, meat, dairy etc. etc.). Veggies for me growing up were 3-4 different frozen kinds. a whole food, plant based diet is truly the healthiest way to eat; organic/ non-gmo. But I never heard anything about that.
    Our medical system doesn’t look beyond costly drugs and surgical procedures to try and “fix” things. And more often than not their way of “treating ” sick people causes additional harm inside their bodies. Yet we don’t tend to question it, we just want a quick fix.
    Looking forward to learning more from you, and hopefully trying to grow some veggies this year! Thank you!

  • Norma Patricia Burrows says:

    I am really looking forward to viewing your video series and gaining essential insights on health and a healthy life style, particularly at this time in my life when I am facing a number of health challenges.

  • Stephanie Marrero, Elgin, Texas says:


    Thank you for sharing this. I am excited about your upcoming book. I do love your videos, but prefer reading. It’s great you’re focusing on nutrition as a primary way to good health. I was not able to read all the numerous comments (I’m so glad so many people are responding!), so I’m unsure if someone above touched on this: I wonder if you might include the subject of the FDA’s and pharmaceutical companies’ probable role in the fact that western medical professionals get so very little nutritional training? Some might call this a conspiracy theory, but I have read quite a bit on the subject. I believe these corporate giants have a real interest in keeping us sick. I watched my mother die, not so much from cancer, but from the chemotherapy and radiation she (and my Dad) believed she needed. I long for the day when REAL medicine will no longer be referred to as “alternative” medicine; and when doctors are actually healers, and not drug pushers.

    1. Stephanie Marrero, Elgin, Texas says:

      (sorry I misspelled your name, Marjory!)

  • M Deborah Beris says:

    Humans that typically live within the western lifestyle have effectively traded their natural self for the modern convenience of modern life.

    We are more plastic and poorly constructed human beings literally (food does not have proper minerals, just enough to not get sick is not healthy).

    Before we can begin to get healthy, we have to understand what we are and what our society and life styles do to us nutritionally and environmentally (mentally and physical health) and how that effects our health realistically.

    Physical and mental health can very much support and enable great things from the other. Ensuring to embrace that aspect will help much if not already covered. To me, it is about self confidence and understanding true value of life. Our modern lives often blinds us from the true value of life.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work and I thank you.

  • Cheryl says:

    I worked as an ICU nurse for 18 years. Hospital diets are in no way real food. I worked with post open heart surgery patients for 13 of my ICU career years. The untruths around food are amazing. Everybody gets a dietitian consult after surgery and they are all put on cholesterol reducing drugs. They are told to stay away from saturated fats and salt. And now the hospital I used to work for is advocating for fully vegetarian diets. The research they pull their practice from is often flawed or cherry picked.
    After my son was born I had a series of my own health setbacks that were largely caused by the system I had worked for and supported. Even though I had a very generous amount of maternity leave, I was wiped out trying to care for a baby and work full time (12 hour shifts). I was recovering from a c-section due to my son being breach. I wasn’t given the option to labor with him and told it was too dangerous. That may not have been true. My health went downhill from there. I quit my job to stay home with my son for what I thought would be a short time. I started learning about ancestral diets and trying to get my health back. My journey has been long and is not done. I have learned so much more about health these last four years at home than I ever did as a health care professional.
    So many of my friends, and former colleagues, are sick. They often chalk it up to inherited traits and never make a connection to how they live. It is frustrating. Mostly because they are intelligent people yet they are unable to make a leap outside of a system they have been taught to trust.
    I look forward to your future videos and the upcoming book. Thanks for putting yourself out there Marjorie.

  • Melba says:

    How about a bit on the way we cook and what types of pots and pans we use. We know about teflon but what about other nonstick surfaces? What about aluminum’s relation to Alzheimer’s? I’ve chosen to fight cancer alternatively. The more I read the more conflicting the information is. I live about 30 miles from Red Rock.

  • P. Wykoff says:

    Thank you for this info! Don’t assume we *all* know this “common sense”, though. Some of us are just coming out of the fog we were put into in childhood. I know about artificial colors and too much sugar, but tbh, I would not have thought that tea would be a bad choice, for instance. That’s why we need your book ?.

  • Debra says:

    Hello Marjorie,

    Congratulations on having the courage to write a book of your own!! I have been thinking about it for about 5 years ~ you give me inspiration for writing and of course because you are so authentic about living a healthy lifestyle!

    What you say about health and wealth is sooooo true!! If you don’t have your health, you “ain’t” got nothin!

    Anyways, I just joined the Grow Network and love it! I live in Minnesota and Spring is just around the corner … good-luck on getting help on writing our book! If there’s anything I can contribute in the future, I will!!

    Take care and happy growing!

    -Debra B.

  • Victoria Griffin says:

    Good for you, Marjorie, writing the book. Looking forward to hearing about the 5! Thank you for sharing the video with me and I look forward to the others. This is one of the most timeless quotations and I’ve had to learn and am still learning it the very hard way.

    “Be careful to preserve your health. It is a trick of the devil, which he employs to deceive good souls, to incite them to do more than they are able, in order that they may no longer be able to do anything.”
    Vincent de Paul, Fr. Roman Catholic Priest 1581 – 1660

    Pacing yourself with working 50 min. and taking 10 min. to relax afterwards is a good technique.

  • C. Rice says:

    Hi Marjory, I mentioned earlier that I have loved following your stories for the past several years and plan to continue. And I’m really thrilled that you’re putting together a book of the info you’ve gathered.

    I am wondering, if this book will only address physical health issues or other issues as well, ie: gardening, chickens?

    If you are including those and would like to add info about (a low-key way to raise) rabbits, let me know.

    Starting forty years ago, I learned (through much trial and error and accident) how to produce an abundance of rabbits and profit using the most natural means.

    The results were phenomenal, as in about sixty babies er month. By the following summer, I had supplied an entire region with young healthy rabbits of eating size. When the operation would threaten to get too big for me to handle, I’d occasionally sell some of the adult does.

    Not too long ago, I tried it again, but on a smaller scale with only two does and one male, so I’d not get in trouble with my neighborhood HOA and receive a letter/visit.

    Then few years ago, I watched with interest when someone explained their backyard rabbit enclosure, thinking “oh, good, someone is doing what I did”, but when I saw the setup, knew right away that there were several problems that needed to be addressed so it could succeed; that there was no way it could work left how it was.
    But a lot of things happened in my life about that time, and well now I’ve finally looked for your website again & am glad to find out about your book idea.

    I’d love to share some of the surprising things that I learned about rabbits… through perseverance, with a minimal amount of work (I’d was raising 3 small children by myself) and with minimal start-up expenses and small amount of continued expenses; most things I found out through trial and error…funny things and the tragic, and through stubborn research (one govt booklet stated something as true, but which was totally out in left field and could account for extra expenses/losses), while taking advantage of a rabbit’s own natural strengths and tendencies, and protecting and minimizing their weaknesses. All of this is with what I came to think of as the rabbit-raising do’s and don’t’s.

    If interested, send me an e-mail. There’s no one else I’d rather share it with because, 1) I know you’ll use it to help the most folks, so it can be of maximum benefit and, 2.) it’s worth sharing. I’ll be driving down to Texas soon (maybe even next week), to visit family near Houston, so if you want to rendezvous let me know. If you’re tied up right now with this wonderful book project, I understand.

    Thank you, Carol

  • Christy Dominguez says:

    Marjory, tell us more please. I loved the video and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. Bad news: That I didn’t discover you and The Grow Network until about 5 months ago. Good news: I absolutely love what you are doing and glad I’ve known you for 5 months. Keep up the wonderful work you do for us. Can’t wait to buy your book.

  • Terry Vanharte says:

    I enjoyed your video, all truth. Health care systems R contributing to bad health. I would like to hear more about eating the right foods for good health. I’m 61 years old and seeking an alternative way of eating the right foods, can’t wait for the rest of the videos & UR book!! Thanks for a better way. Terry

  • Chynsia Morse says:

    Marjory I am excited for you in wanting to write a book. I viewed your video and I totally agree with what you said. Health is wealth. As a Christian, God has given mankind 8 free doctors called, Good nutrition; exercise; water; sunshine; temperance; fresh air; proper rest; trust in God. If we would just follow these steps He has provided we would have better lives to enjoy. The best as you write your book

  • Cynthia says:

    I have read many of the comments above about the importance of nourishing our bodies. I had my AH-HAH moment when I read the Weston A Price website! My first thought was “finally someone who thinks like I do”! And then, a friend introduced me to homeopathy (which I use as my first go-to remedy for ailments….what few I encounter). Between these two life style changes, my quality of life through health outshines not only those of my age group, but of most decades younger than I.

    I prefer to grow my own foods, cook from scratch using pastured meats and eggs, full fat dairy and saturated animal fats… all of the things that are supposed to be nutritionally “bad” for my health BUT what we have been provided by our Creator. I think He knows what is best for his creation. I live in the wilds of the country i.e., God’s World, as opposed to a city, created by man i.e., Man’s World. I find no peace in the artificial surroundings of a city with its pollution of air, noise, images and masses of people. Living under stress is a killer just as eating non-foods. The simpler life is a part of health but there is more.

    You are on the right track with your 5 points and I look forward to seeing them explained in the videos.

    Cynthia Gizesky, RN

    “The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.”
    ― Hippocrates

  • Laura Hays says:

    Epigenetics is indeed a hot new area of research. If I may offer a refinement- epigenetics does not change the DNA. You are so spot on when you say people think it is just genetic and inevitable, but that is also a misunderstanding. Your genetic code is largely immutable. Your DNA does not change. It is like a huge set of encyclopedias, there is occasionally a misspelling when copying, but the code remains the same. What happens with epigenetics is that differences in conditions (like diet) cause changes in which pages are read or how the instructions are interpreted. That means that a healthy diet will improve the reading, but if someone were to go from a healthy diet and lifestyle, the quality of the reading would decline.z
    Amazing possibilities and research are coming from the current studies. It will be interesting to see how holistic practices and cutting edge science begin to merge, at least at a few intersections.

  • Gerald Rhoades says:

    Great start, Marjory!
    This introductory video kept my attention and has me wanting more.
    Thank you for doing this and for sharing it with us.


  • Kay Lane Lane says:

    the Doctors in Australia seem to have no knowledge at all of nutition. They are only taught about drugs. Occasionally a Dr. has grasped it a little, and can give a little help in that area.
    We resist drugs because of their side effects, and they do not heal, they just mask the symptoms. My husband and I are in our 70’s, and we were experiencing difficulties with aches and pains and lack of energy. Our daughter told us of the Paleo way of eating and the effects it has had on her, so we made a committment to try it for 3 months. We were so surprised within a few days to feel the aches going away, and more energy and stamina. After the 3 months, we will try and tinrolduce dairy back into our diets, because we didn’t think we had any side effects from them; mostly it was the grains that had made usd feel so old. My husband’s hip was so bad that he walked wih a huge limp and his body was twisted to one side. We did nothing else except change our diet and eliminate grains and dairy. Now he can walk almost straight and there is so much more he can do again. So I am really looking forward to learning what you have to say; bring it on!

  • Margot says:

    Wonderful! This is just what I’ve been learning about in the past year and I believe strongly in the link between our food, health and ability to heal and influence our genes. I’ve had too many friends suffer with disease while not understanding the link to nutrition. It’s frustrating when they think I’m just a “health nut”, and don’t listen to suggestions. Our society is too caught up in medications to cover symptoms, instead of nutrition to heal our bodies. Thank you for working on this project! I look forward to your upcoming videos and ultimately, your book!

  • Marion Kaer Kaer says:

    Oh yeah! Great idea, Marjory and an excellent first video overview. I loved the talk about genetics not being equal to destiny. It’s a belief I have to overcome.
    We (my husband and I) have settled onto a small plot of land in a village near Lake Erie (in the heart of agricultural land– 4 or 5 generations of monoculture, machine-using farmers) in Southern Ontario and are attempting to make a permaculture demonstration site. The locals are either fifth generation farmers (complete with machines and debt and heritary monocrop dogma) or ex-urban dwellers who don’t recognize a vegetable unless there is a label on the plastic wrap. You can image that we are getting some push-back on our ideas. For example, I tried to float the idea of a sheep-based lawn care unit that rented out to home owners for a day or two (depending on the size of the land under care) and then I would come in on afterwards and mow or weed-whack whatever the sheep missed. The response I got was, “But they’ll poop all over my lawn!”
    Notwithstanding… we have cultivator chickens and 2017 is the year for the putting in the hugel beds and the food forest! Wish me luck…

  • Candace says:

    That was a great video and I can’t wait to read the book and see the other videos! I believe that all of our cures come from the earth in their whole forms not tampered with or manufactured. Keep it simple and whole with your food, your health and connect with nature daily is my motto for my family.

  • Nancy says:

    My one experience with hospital food being totally inappropriate came after the birth of my daughter which caused a fourth-degree tear up my rectum (ouch is right!). I had to stay until I passed my first stool to make sure the stitches were okay. Unfortunately, being fed dead, overcooked veggies and processed carbs were not going to provide the fiber for an easy pass-through. I complained and told staff I could eat better at home (I was also concerned about my breastmilk of course). Fortunately, after two days, they agreed…and after eating al dente veggies and lots of salad, my “bottom” was just fine!

    I am very glad to see this work you are doing spreading. I especially appreciate the growing awareness of process versus product mindset, e.g. in reference to our genetics. Our DNA can change for the good, we are not stuck with a label. Then your approach and style helps people get unstuck, as they learn to make changes simply. You know how taking responsibility is a bit of threshold to cross; it’s “easier” to stay passive at first.

    Off-topic: and I could relate another story of how the hospital pre-natal classes to prepare for delivery were completely inappropriate too such that I was not pushing correctly…I didn’t discover how to until I took a pre-natal yoga class with midwives. Furthermore, the doctor gave me an episiotomy exactly when I was pushing so baby’s entire body BURST out of me ALL in split seconds…so many examples of bad Western medicine so out of touch with natural processes and taught just to provide products: drugs, chemo, surgery. So limited and alienating when not connected to real life. Causing so many needless and hurtful complications too. It took two doctors over an hour in serious focus at my crotch to stitch me back up, keeping me from my newborn and husband. You can imagine how grateful I was to give birth to my second child in a birth center with midwives. Baby got delivered so peacefully and naturally.

  • Denise Stokes says:

    I really like your stories. They keep this very entertaining. In addition, this video highlighted for me the differences between a book and a video. You end this saying you are going to present 5 things in the next 5 videos, but you don’t say what they are. If this were a book, I would be immediately looking at the Table of Contents to see what the 5 things are, in broad terms. You may want to think about whether there is a way to name them and make it clear that the details are well worth the time to read and implement…that many people need to know more about these topics to achieve optimum health. Anyway, with a video, your approach here works well. I think it works a little less well in a book, but it is not a vital issue.

    As for stories, I can’t think of a really good one, but I can mention that, concerning diabetes, I have been running across literature lately that indicates that people who take the western medicine approach to it get the same problems (but maybe a bit slower) that untreated diabetics get. The reason seems to be that the real problem is not so much the blood sugar level, which is what we can easily measure at home, but the high levels of insulin. It seems to be the high insulin that is also doing damage big time to the body. So when they increase your insulin levels to lower the blood sugar, it is just treating a symptom and the underlying problem is continuing to destroy your body. I did have a grandfather who was diabetic, who took insulin shots daily, but did not take up any kind of exercise (this was before the time when exercise was part of the recommendations for diabetics), and continued his bad diet of DAILY ice cream, Nestle’s Quick, cake, and sandwiches made on white bread with honey and peanutbutter (this was before we all knew that white bread was not really good for you). He died of complications from diabetes in spite of his insulin shots. I seem to recall that he knew he shouldn’t eat these sweet things, especially daily, but he figured the shots would probably take care of the fact that he ate them. (There is also evidence now that Alzheimers and Senile Dementia may really be a form of diabetes.)

  • j says:

    Great reminders. My favorite adage is WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. GROUND UP.

  • Jennifer says:

    Dear Marjory.

    I watched your health video, and here is some feedback.

    I have been learning that what gets passed down and labeled ‘genetics’ is the EMOTION behind the disease. That is why diseases and genetics get repeated so frequently, but in fact genetics ARE mutable, as you are discovering.

    You may also be aware that there is an emotion behind every disease, and every ‘accident’ for that matter. So if we deal with that emotion, we will not get the disease. There are many books that point to this, such as Louise Hays’ books, or Annette Noontil’s “The body is the Barometer of the Soul”. There are many others. Unfortunately, these books miss the mark in what to do about it—otherwise total healing would be consistent and the emotion connection would be obvious and accepted. But what happens is most of these books rely solely on positive thinking, which has a limited affect on healing when the underlying (soul based or ‘unconscious’) part of the person is still attached to the error emotion. What needs to happen for full healing is for the emotion to be fully felt and released (although along the way, there will be incremental improvements as more and more emotions is released). Only with full release do people see complete healing. This is the key in what we hear as ‘miraculous healing’—that person has released the emotion. Instantly, the body heals.

    I first learned about this emotion connection years ago from Dr. Candice Pert’s work, Molecules of Emotion. And more recently, Dr. Butar of North Carolina is discovering the emotional causes of cancer, and helping folks to heal at the root level. And I have a friend, Dr. Luli Faber in Australia who is currently studying the release of pain by releasing the emotional cause. Some psychiatrists in Southern California are working on this too.

    I feel, as this information gets studied and understood, it will revolutionize the health industry. But in order for that to happen, we must become a far more humanitarian society that is not run by an elite group devoted to the mighty dollar and the desire for power and control—think of how self-empowered we would be if we knew we could heal every ill through emotional release. And for the truth to spread, we would need to become a society that is not terrified to feel. That can be a huge hurdle for many, since we are so good at finding and utilizing substances and habits that mask the truth of our emotional and physical pain.

    Any use of medications, as you may already suspect, is actually a step away from true healing. But some people are so afraid of dying that they would rather stay alive with medications than deal with the true causes of suffering, which, by the way, follow us right into the spirit world! And when that happens, we actually feel MORE pain from our emotional errors because the spirit world is less dense than here. Not a good choice.

    If you wish to find out more about some folks who are well versed in this information, you are welcome to visit my website at http://www.learningtoliveandlovegodsway.com. I appreciate that you have an open and explorative nature, and it will serve you well to remain open if you choose to read my site and follow the links I provide.

    Incidentally, anything we do to align ourselves with what is life-giving in our world (I call it aligning with God’s Way) will help our health. So being self-responsible for ourselves both emotionally and in physical ways, like growing our own food, using fewer resources, using nature-grown, renewable resources, giving back to people, the land and its creatures, sharing what we know freely and without demand for money, etc… all the principles you live by (except for the part about giving freely without demand for money)…. hey, lets be honest here. (yes, I know certain endeavors require money, but there is a more loving way… give freely, and accept donations… any lack of reciprocity is due to emotions that one needs to feel). So by creating a self-responsible life, we help our soul, and therefore, we align more with Life or God’s Way, and we will be healthier. Its an awesome system to teach about love!

    All the best,

  • Susan says:

    I too fell into the feeling of being a victim to my DNA only to find out that this is not true. Our DNA loads the gun, our environment pulls the trigger. All of us live in a toxic world and have been indoctrinated into thinking the fake foods we eat the ‘safe’ chemicals we use in our homes and our gardens the OTC and Big Pharma drugs we take are helping us, when in fact these are what contribute heavily to the epidemic of illness that we now live with. I’ve tried hard to convince others to live healthier but its like talking to a wall. BTW I did get my ex-husband to stop eating grains and dairy products and he told me he now feels like he has a future and his arthritis is gone and he’s lost unwanted pounds.

  • Linda says:

    Hey Marjory

    Your video was great. I understand how sugar can be really bad for you if you use it all the time. However, I discovered that when I used some sugar in my food after it was cooked it wasn’t so bad. In fact, it didn’t even affect my blood sugar.

    I have been following Dr John McDougall’s The Starch Solution diet and I found it to be pretty good. I have a lot of rice with my vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Sometimes, I add raw sugar to my rice to change the flavor.

    When I have salt and oil, I found them to be more of a problem for me.

  • Kelly says:


    Something that has been lost over the years of processed foods and marketing by money seeking conglomerates is an individual’s ability to “listen” to their body. My wife and I have taught our children to pay attention to their body’s signals. When you are tired, get some extra sleep, if you crave a particular vegetable, get some and eat it! We, and the medical profession need to be reminded of this.

    1. Marjory says:

      So happy to hear you have taught the kids about listening to their bodies. This is definitely an important skill to have. Thanks for sharing, Kelly! 🙂

  • Sandy Barringer says:

    Talking about hospitals, I have Celiac’s disease which means I can’t consume gluten. How shocking that, when I try to eat at a hospital cafeteria or other hospital catering service, I can’t eat much of any of it. Even yogurt, which basically is good food, has been contaminated with sugars, artificial flavors, MSG (!) and who knows what else. they don’t offer just plain yogurt. Everything is slathered in wheat. It’s very hard to find just plain, good, simple food (raw vegetables and fruits that they rarely serve) that hasn’t been contaminated with wheat (gluten), sugars, artificial flavors, etc. –in a hospital where you’d think they would have a clue about what to put in your body, but they don’t.

  • Peggy Stevens says:

    Great video! Looking forward to the rest of them. You’re right doctors and hospitals don’t know that much about health just drugs.

  • brenda jones says:

    thank you we all need to be educated

  • Marcus Van Hala says:


    You have a very important message to share, and I’m hoping that you will have the resources necessary to bring it to your huge and increasing audience. I was tantalized by your stories of Devon, and of Esther, and of your elderly gentleman friend who are all facing challenges in different ways. Do you plan to return to their stories? If you do, I would like to make a suggestion: your strength in maintaining good posture in the corner of your veranda is admirable because it illustrates your excellent health, but couldn’t you also change position to make yourself comfortable as you speak? Standing in one spot for so long has to require a lot of stamina and discipline. I think we would all be more comfortable if you show that you are comfortable.

    I look forward to seeing your next installments. Your motivation is intriguing and inspiring.

    I would like to add that when I was hospitalized with a stroke nine years ago, I discovered that the absolute worst part of my confinement was having to tolerate daytime television for hours on end. The key to my survival was the discovery of something called “Classic Arts Showcase” which gave my what I craved: examples of our greatest achievements in the performing arts that actually made me want to live again!

    1. Hi Marcus, you are quite observant. You know I am constantly working on my posture. I’ve got the ‘head lean forward’ issue that anyone who works on a computer seems to acquire 🙂
      I am still exploring how best to do these videos. Thanks for your insights and comments.

  • When I was 54 I was thinking I would have to retire at 55 because the accumulated injuries were making it impossible to move the garbage cans do the digging required by my contracts.
    Then I heard about an opportunity to get a student loan for massage school. I figured that would be a second career that I could manage and learn better how to care for myself. That proved to be true. Soon to be 77 and caring for the homestead that I inherited and still seeing clients that are willing to come to the farm.

    1. WOw Hans, what a great career shift. Good on you. Wish I lived nearby, I could use some work on my muscular structure.

  • Kenna says:

    The video was a nice intro to living naturally. My husband and I started eating more whole foods several years ago, and found great health benefit – more energy, less illness – but do find it challenging to maintain at times. This is particularly true during life changes such as a job swap or dependent care change. These changes are stressful, and when you need the healthy lifestyle most. But it is so easy to slip back into bad habits and prepared foods. I’m really looking forward to your book to learn your strategies!

  • Dan Bittaker says:

    Marjory, Thank you for the opportunity to preview your
    Intro to good heath ! I have been a long time advocate of our Heath is our Wealth so what are we doing to preserve it ? Basically we are what we eat and we do have the ability to alter the course of our health with good nutrition. But the sad reality is people perish due to
    a lack of knowledge. I believe that the body can heal itself if we supply the tools that it needs, foods and supplements that support good immunity and are building blocks to good health. I lost 3 siblings to cancer
    and I do not want to become a statistic of this dreaded
    disease so my wife and I have adapted to a diet that works to that end. God has given us an amazing body
    which is equipped intrinsically with the mechanism of
    healing throughout! From our white blood cells which fight infection and free radicals in our bodies to our telemeres which support cell regeneration.
    Even Hippocrates the Greek philosopher who was one of the first pioneers of homeopathy said, ” Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food .”
    I believe that to be a very profound statement that will
    equip us all with artillery our bodies needs to combat
    debilitating disease if we choose not to become a statistic.

  • george says:

    Good Job Marjory, excellent. I never would have thought a person with a business MBA, can be so “Folksy.” My grandfather would have called you a Bard. His description of a bard to me was a person so gifted that they could describe things and ALL would understand. He was also a Horticulturist and he would been extremely proud of the Way you do things. Back in the 50s, he taught me Permaculture and that is truly the only reason that I feel the my garden always blows away every one else s in my neighborhood.
    Sorry for your friends death, I wish I would have known about his issue before he died. I have a friend how is still alive after the same diagnosis. His doctor was a naturapath, who uses Orthomolecular Medicine. He started taking Vitamin C to Bowel Tolerance and the results speak for themselves, he s alive. This web site doctoryourself.com, was meant for some one like you. No drugs and junk allowed, just vitamins and nutrients at Therapeutic Levels, that s what OM is all about. Its just like the guy before me said, Dan Bittaker, the body does heal itself if it has the tools! The Adrenal Glands and the eye s have the largest concentration of vitamin c in the body for a reason. Your description of your friend is what happens to most people who don’t know how to SLOW down and be in the moment.
    You know your stuff Marjory, I’m here for ya.
    PS Please try the doctoryourself.com. Andrew Saul is a PhD Nutritionist not an MD(mad doctor)he does not medicate,he educates. He doesn’t prescribe, he describes. He is also the Editor in Chief of Orthomolecular Medicine and you can’t BUY any thing on his web site! God Bless and Gods Speed

    1. Hi George,
      Your words are so kind – thank you. I hadn’t heard of Dr.Saul before and I just watched most of his interview with Dr. Mercola. You are right – he has a great site over there. I’ll see if we can get him to present at our next Summit.

  • Sue says:

    You are off to a great start Marjory. This presentation was captivating and spoken from the heart. It’s true that without health all else is harder to deal with from
    day to day. I do think the right foods certainly make a big difference in the healing process and anything with lots of sugar only hinders the bodies ability to heal itself. Love all the person stories you added. Thank you for sharing .I’m ready to read the book already
    to see what else you have to say on this topic.

    1. Good good Sue. I hope you keep writing in and letting me know what you think.

  • Sara says:

    Thank you for your courage, knowledge and self confidence. When I read “How Doctor’s Think” by Jerome Groopman MD I learned that Doctors as a group are highly emotional thinkers! They are terrified of the consequences of thinking out side of the deep box they were trained to stay in. It is difficult for them to learn from experience. They tend to believe what they are told to believe. They are not even good at keeping themselves alive. They are taught not to confide their own health challenges with patients. They must maintain their lofty position of infallible leadership which exists mainly in their vivid imaginations. You do understand things most of them never will. They are so terrified of standing out and learning something new, they are not even demanding that hospital kitchens serve real food! They are also suffering from malnutrition because they eat the lousy food available in hospitals. And we are supposed to believe everything they say?

    1. Sara, those are some good points. Didn’t Joel Wallach do some research and found that doctors have a lower life expectancy from the rest of the population? And they have the best access to medicine… Crazy, huh?

  • Dr Sarai says:

    Kudos to you, Marilyn to speaking out as a lay person and sharing simple rules of health and wellness. You caused me to chuckle aloud when stating your Truthful hospital food experience. Hospital food is harmful to patients and physicians alike.

    “Genetics…. When you live a similar lifestyle and consume identical or similar foods as your parents, grandparents and siblings do, you then have the higher propensity to induce the same health ailments
    as your family members.

    Most illnesses are self-induced, thus, the disease or ailments are easily reversible when you improve your nutrition with dietary changes, maintain a happier attitude and a more active lifestyle.
    Plus, some family members will learn from you, and may also be willing to CHANGE to gain a lifestyle of feeling better. These actions can break the pattern of believing, if my parent had the (fill in the illness or disease) I will too. That practiced belief, is only true, if you let life control you, instead of you controlling and empowering your own life.”
    ~~ Dr Sarai Susanne Stuart, PhD ND

    Abundant love, light and success to you.

  • Dear Marjory,

    I think your intentions are good and your ideas needed at this time. While I’m not a homesteader, I’ve gardened and grown my own vegetables in the summer, done my best to be GMO, insecticide and herbicide-free. I have been a healer all my life. As you say, holding one’s well-being and good health as a top value is essential. I’m in my early 70’s and have outlived both my maternal grandmother and my own mother. I’ve informed myself and changed my food regimen several times over, in recognition of my changing metabolism and lifestyle, while taking into account food allergies to gluten and casein, so now eat paleo style. It is in being aware that everything changes and we too must make changes to keep healthy, brain wise, in shape and moving, no matter what age we are. I do brain exercises, HIIT 15 minutes 3 times a week and have built up my upper body strength, essential for aging women. I hike and canoe in the summer, do my best to snowshoe in the winter, (when there’s snow) and do my best to flex with the changing climate; no small feat, as I live where the Prairie meets the Rocky Mountains in SW Alberta. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your videos. I would suggest you be prepared and clear in your mind what points you want to make, so you keep your audience engaged and the energy moving. Best of luck. I’m so glad I found the Grow Network and you.

    Like you, I’ve had to educate the hospital nutritionist as to what to feed me during a short stay on massive doses of antibiotics. When I came home, I did a cleanse to clean all that stuff out of my system and doctored myself with probiotics, healthy foods, lots of good water and exercise. Periodically I have a “fireside chat” with my MD about how the current system doesn’t serve folks like me, as it’s designed as a critical care system, not preventive or health promoting, which is a shame. We can only hope that functional medicine becomes more prevalent and affordable for everyone and that we all become our best doctor in educating ourselves as to how to be our healthiest best, in the midst of so many auto-immune epidemics. No question our attitude of gratitude will also go a long way to help our immunity. Blessings to you.

    1. Hi Riesah,
      Thanks for the point about clearing my mind I do have a very clear outline constructed. It is surprisingly difficult to continue along a planned discussion and hit all the points correctly for 20minutes. I am very, very nearsighted so a teleprompter work work for me.
      It sounds like you really have the lifestyle and the values – good on you! I love it that you wrote in. I look forward to more comments from you as we go along.

  • Mark says:

    I agree with much of what you’re saying. However, I am disappointed in the inference that a person who is suffering from ill health – particularly over a long period of time, has a life that isn’t really worth living. While health is obviously extremely important to quality of life, I think loving relationships are even more important. For me personally, my spiritual health is even more important than my physical health.

    I’ve been skeptical of the nature vs. nurture paradigm for a long time. My experience with the Chinese practice of qigong has shown me that nurture (environmental factors) can do a remarkable amount to impact improvement to health. I’m glad to see more open discussion about how we have the innate ability to make dramatic improvements in our health, if we’re just willing to take the time to make some positive lifestyle changes.

    1. Thanks Mark. I know many people do live with disease and their lives are fulfilled. But whew, the healthier your are, you sure enjoy it more. 🙂

  • Rebecca Hale says:

    You’re a beautiful soul and are doing great work! Super excited for your book.

  • Nancy Bullock says:

    I agree that lifestyle choices mostly follow what we learned from our parents. While genetic diseases may not be totally changed/avoided by what you eat/do they most certainly can be modified/lessened by what you do/eat. For most of us working 40-60 hour weeks in an office leaves us very little time to grow/find/prepare healthy food not to mention sleep and exercise. Yet somehow we need to find that balance. Not something that I have achieved yet. But you are right about health being the most important riches. As I am getting older and my body does not want to do the things that I used to health has become a greater concern. If you have suggestions how to balance health vs work time I would love to hear them.

    1. Nancy, yes stay tuned. But the short ‘preview’ is that finding deeply meaningful work is the key. And it may not mean you change your profession, but who you are working with. If that doesn’t make sense, just keep watching and it will.

  • Joyce R says:

    I’m excited about the five things. I will be looking for the next video. Glad you are doing a book about health. The hospital story is so very true. I’m amazed at what they feed people. And I’m very interested in the DNA changing. My son has a genetic condition where his body stores too much iron. I’d love to figure out how to change that. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Joyce, from comments I’ve been gathering I suppose it is technically not correct that the genes change, but genes get switched on or off, based on diet, seasons, etc. In the end it amounts to the same thing…
      Yes, keep watching the next one is coming soon.

  • David says:

    I have taught biology for 35 years and am now retired. My PhD is from Tulane University in New Orleans. DNA of any organism is inherited from the parents of the organism. That inheritance can change but these are called mutations and are not usually useful to the organism. Perhaps what you meant was the your DNA contains tremendous amounts of information from our past and ancient ancestors that is not usually expressed. (used) Information on having a double row of nipples, thick hair over the entire body, or even the little gill slits that we do have as embryos is not only part of our genetic history but is not expressed in any useful way. The first two examples do occasionally show up and the latter is always expressed. During our lives some genes may be expressed only when they are needed; for example, men grow beards and and women mature on schedule that is controlled by genes in the DNA. Perhaps some stress in life can turn on genes as you seem to suggest. Some of our genes are known to be turned on and off by other genes expressing proteins that do control the target genes. My main point is that the sum total of our DNA is inherited when the sperm meets the egg. What you are dealt is all you get. How it may be turned on and off and used is perhaps what you were speaking off.

  • Ode says:

    Hey Marjory,

    Congratulations on the book. What a powerful connection! I’m on the same journey too myself. How crazy how we all are fighting the same fight but from our own different yet personal perspective. About a year and a half ago, I started sharing my recipes with on my social media platforms and friends wanted to know more as my recipes where quite inspiring. Growing up in rural Africa, now married to an American and having lived in the US for a while now, I can’t help but have some pretty dawn unique perspective.

    My recipes are influenced by my West African upbringing, blended with my western experiences, which means I cook a lot with red palm oil. As I began to research how best I could share my recipes, food blog, etc. I started to come across some seriously damaging information about red palm oil, information that come to find out, are politically and economically motivated and sponsored for the gains of a few powers that be.

    Long story short (not so short, sorry), the outcry is for people to boycott red palm oil as it is “supposedly” environmentally unfriendly due to its effect on deforestation in the southeast Asia and possible contribution to the extinction of the orangutan. I knew there was a problem as I was reading these stories simply because these people (so-called “environmentalists”) weren’t redirecting or suggesting to people that the palm nut tree grows wild and abundant in various parts of Africa and has done so for thousands of years even before the propagation of the palm nut seed to southeast Asia and should look for labels from this part of the world instead. This well- “oiled” propaganda machine, funded and backed by heavy-weight organizations such as the ASA (American Soybean Association), backed unfounded researches first with claims that saturated fats (palm oil and coconut oils), because they are solid at room temperature are bad for your heart and must be avoided. The war against these tropical oils has gone on for ages. You have to understand, that a tree, one tree (the palm nut tree) that has a life span of 40 years, and produces 6 times the amount the top 5 other dietary oils combined, and require zero to low maintenance versus other oil plants that require heavy equipment and chemical fertilization, mechanized farming year in year out, it’s got to be tough! So the game has to be dirty. And it si so dirty.

    I’m writing a book, I’m calling it “A Fortnight in Africa” for now. 14 recipes inspired by the region, simplified for anyone to implement, with red palm oil of course, replicated several ways. In my upcoming book and other publications, I share my lab results when I recently took out a life insurance and how I got one of the best rates in my age group according to the insurance agent. That’s right! My 40 plus years “saturated tropical red palm oil” eating heart has some of the best HDL levels out there, the same cholesterol levels that the “gurus” claim red palm oil damage.

    I would love an opportunity to collaborate with you as we take on these “corporate manipulations’ from our different perspectives. It will really be my honor.



  • Frances says:

    Hospitals are institutions, and ALL institutional food is CHEAP FOOD. As cheap as they can get it. Anybody here remember those pale canned peas in the school hot lunch? My sister made meals for my father when he was in hospital and I’m sure it kept him going much longer that would be expected. I heard a story the other day about a woman in her 70s who fell and broke her leg. As she was lying there on the gurney, the doctor discussed her case with her husband, saying, oh well, in these cases with the hip and all, they will be bedridden for the rest of their life. No point in doing extensive surgery. Well, the old gal wasn’t deaf and she literally yelled at the doctor: You Shut Up! You fix me proper! So they did! I was with a friend who went into the hospital for a swallowing problem and the first thing they wanted to know: Have you had your FLU shot? He just said he was ‘up to date’ on his shots to squash that conversation. We know of someone who literally drank himself to death. He lived on peanut butter and beer. When he didn’t respond to phone calls, the cops busted down the door and took him to hospital. His liver was so far gone, they just pulled life support and he was gone. I’m sure everyone here knows of people who thought their health was going to last forever, until it didn’t. There are always things to learn in this life, so we are all on a journey of discovery. We just have to keep looking until our Spirit says, YES, that’s what I need to do!

    1. Kitty Corbett says:

      I fell off my horse backwards last July (had caught my foot in a gate, not the horse’s fault), coming down hard on packed clay and broke my left femur near the hip. I was 78.8 years old at the time and there was no thought on anyone’s part that the break should not be repaired. Miraculously, my Medicare Part B had become effective three days before. (I was so healthy I had opted out of Part B to have a bit more money to support the horse, but my friends’ advice finally prevailed.) The operation was extensive and expensive, requiring a metal rod the length of the femur and another from the femur into the hip joint. With physical therapy and continuing stretching exercises, I’m now back to where I was probably 95% in terms of flexibility and 100% in strength and ability to do all the things I love to do, including riding and driving the horse. Bone scan reveals normal density. I do take Caltrate-D, always eat kosher and organic when possible.

  • Ann says:

    A poignant reminder of the value of optimal health. Looking forward to the other five videos.

  • Judy says:

    I watched your video, and it sounds great. Different info is retained when watching, listening, or reading. The video sounds more homey……the written word sounds more “fact” based. Hope you can keep both in your book. I look forward to the next “installment.”

  • Kandy says:

    Marjory, loved this intro! About hospital food…it’s unbelievable. Seeing what choices they offer to diabetics is mind blowing! Looking forward to your next video. Thank you!

  • Marisa says:

    I can’t wait to see the other videos with the five magic bullets for a premium health! Hope they come up soon!
    thank you for this video and all valuable information you always give us Marjory (beautiful French name even if you are German-Irish!)

  • I’m proud of you for doing this Marjory!
    Blessings to your and your book
    I strongly agree with Dominick–spirituality is crucial–namely belief in Jesus–“by His wounds you have been healed” 1Peter 2:24

  • Thank you Marjory for communicating the fact that we humans have more power than we think. Almost 20 years ago doctors gave me up to two years to live because I could not tolerate the prescribed medications to treat my lupus. I went holistic and stopped seeing a rheumatologist. The most powerful thing I did was learn to use imagery (actively using my mind) to reverse the process that the doctor said medical science did not know how to do. The only thing doctors knew how to do was give me a prescription for barbiturates. As a single mother of three, I refused to fill the prescription, and didn’t want them in my home! I lived in the library and learned from books, tapes, and CDs. Psychoneuroimmunology is now my passion (the study of the mind-body connection). I started a blog: duncanmindbody.com to help educate others about non-traditional ways to heal from illness. Using one’s mind to help heal works WITH the doctor–not replacing doctors. It involves what we eat and how we prepare our foods. In other words, it means taking control of one’s life instead of giving that power over to pills and potions. I’m still learning, still have challenges, and continue to learn about the mind-body connection!

  • Ralph says:

    Good day to you Marjory , are you golng to have how to prepare your soil in your book, your plants can only be as good as your soil love to see plants grow

  • Patricia Havens says:

    Well I definitely agree with you, the healthcare industry and hospitals in particular are full of well meaning people but they do not offer very good nutrition and doctors are trained to treat symptom’s not too often to prevent illness or to really promote health.
    I am fortunate to have a doctor who is more interested in nutrition and lifestyle changes to promote health and she works with me . I had a cardioligist prescribe simvastin for high cholesterol after reading of the side affects I decided I did not want to take it so I changed my eating habits and as of my last blood work my good cholesterol was great and the bad cholesterol was the lowest it had ever been.I changed only two things, I stopped eating low fat no fat foods and cut down on sugar.But I have thought for a long time that when I started eating artificial sweetener and low fat foods and no-fat foods I just got fatter and fatter. Now I eat grass fed butter, coconut oil, some lard (usually for biscuits) and I use olive oil for dressing my greens. I am not slender but I feel better now than in years, I am working on other lifestyle changes as well.

  • Thank you for sharing your perspective. As a survivor of patient harm living in the United States, health and how to achieve it is a very relevant topic for me.
    Although I agree that blaming genetics for all of our ills takes away much of the power we have over our own health; I do believe it is ALSO important to pay attention to “genetic patterns” of illness to determine a healthier method for ourselves. Doing this can be very informative in identifying practices which may be helpful or detrimental…as the case may be.

    From numerous types of Cancer, to ALS, to Lupus, to Uveitis, to Spinal Adhesive Arachnoiditis with associated CRPS and Juvenile Dermatomysitis and more; there is a long line of illness and early death on my Mother’s side of the family which I have come to understand (after becoming educated about the way toxins and food impact our well being) likely develops from a familial genetic predisposition to an inflammatory response to assorted variables and triggers in our diet and environment which may not necessarily immediately impact our cousins (on my father’s side), friends, and/or acquaintances in the same way that it might impact one of us …or others like us.
    It is evident that the disease presentations of each family member are not identical but very likely, in my untrained opinion, that the origin is always from this inflammatory reaction. (This is my term for the pattern I see.) When I began to comprehend these patterns and combined this knowledge with indigenous wisdom I gained great insight about how to change my own behaviors and consumption to allow me to implement appropriate care for myself when the medical community had no idea (or desire to discover) how to assist me to heal the damage that they had done.
    With the support of other empathetic, knowledgeable, and well-meaning medical practitioners (There really are some left out there.); I have developed my own plan using natural foods and indigenous medicine to improve my quality of life.
    Every day I learn something new from people like you who are willing to share these messages that help us remember the abundant wellness resources right under our feet. Thank you! For your continued efforts to keep this knowledge alive and available to all of us when we need it most.


    Maybe I’m too much aware of time, but it seemed to be too chatty. I was hoping you would get to your points more efficiently.
    I think you have to offer at least ONE of your Five points even if you say something like, STAY TUNED as we will explore the importance of
    XX in our journey to health, the basis of our wealth. At the end of your first video, I wasn’t convinced that I needed to come back for more life stories.

  • Yvonne G. says:

    Looking good so far. Thankfully there is a push by the holistic practitioners to get more mainstream medical to include nutrition and not push the pharmaceuticals. Which I would think would include what the hospitals actually have for patients and families to eat. I worked in materials management at a hospital and unfortunately the food offered to patients is also what is offered to employees and it comes down to numbers and who offers the best bid to the hospital. This is also how prisons handle food for their population. As I see it, the problem then is medical is business not health. The focus is money not health. Medical is now just a bandaid on every issue, not healing. This is why I started looking at alternative medicine, I want healing not pills. I have always believed that nature has everything we need, we just have to relearn what we once knew.

  • Veronica Utter says:

    I agree with all you have said. Hospital food is horrendous and will not aid in healing you. I also had come to the conclusion that families and illnesses have a lot to do with how the mother cooked. We tend to cook as our mothers did. I think we need to burn all the cookbooks and start fresh in educating in the schools. The SAD diet is pretty sad indeed. We have to start in the elementary schools and educate about REAL FOOD. Synthetic stuff has to go. Doctors need to be educated with good courses in nutrition so they can educate patients. After that, we need to go after the pharmaceuticals and clear the many shelves in the drug stores. Wish I had known this 50 years ago when I was first married.

    Truth be known, the foods we are eating and the drugs, prescribed by doctors for us are what is killing mankind. Very sad indeed.

    Keep up the good work of educating people.

  • Shelly MacRobbie says:

    You are so right about health being wealth! I’ve found another BIG factor to be will power.
    I’m watching the rest of my immediate family basically killing themselves because they won’t, or just plain think beyond “i want it”. I,myself ,have mirco-colitis which was only diagnosed in the last three years and I’ve always struggled with my weight. Just before I found out I needed to go gluten free I happened to complain to my mother that I was always tired and gaining weight no matter what I did and she actually believed that because of genetics there was nothing I could to to prevent ballooning to her 230 lbs and beyond. I refuse to believe that! I REFUSE to be fat! I am about 30 lbs overweight, but I’m working on healing and I have managed to stay under the 200 lb mark and I don’t intend to quit trying.
    My husband and his sister are type 1 diabetics and you can see the same lack of will power in my husband’s sister’s life. Where as my husband and I diligently work at balancing food, exercise and his insulin, his sister eats what she wants, when she wants no matter how it might affect her blood sugars.
    Thanks for all the good info you and the Grow Network put out. Looking forward to the next videos.

  • Tonya Dawson says:


    I am so excited to see you write this, I feel that it is going to help so many people. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I have been cancer free for many years now, but will all the chemo and radiation that I went through, I am still trying to heal my body and it has been slow going. Simple changes will be helpful as that I all I can manage and maintain. Thank you.


  • Louise Lyle says:

    Great video. Clear and empowering. So good to be reminded that we are in charge of our health and have everything we need to nurture it. I am eager to learn the 5 keys. Go Marjory!!

  • Pauly says:

    Hello Marjory,

    Wow! You nailed it! Health is the foundation that makes all things possible. Without it, everything becomes extremely difficult to nearly impossible to achieve.

    The only way to achieve TRUE health is to listen to nature. Nature has all the answers. What makes a lush rain forest or grasslands provide everything? The fact that man is not involved!

    If we could only sit back and observe what already works, would we then find true health. Man loves to recreate and control EVERYTHING from plants and animals to me and you. Man does not have all the answers. The answers were provided to us long ago from above.

    It’s easy to know more than the doctors these days because they only know what they’re taught. I’m not getting on doctors or blaming them. I only blame man’s greed (corporations). The doctors truly want to help us.

    Years ago, I wanted a garden and used man’s invention “Chemical Fertilizers” I failed miserably and found it extremely difficult to understand. Well, after praying, I was pointed in the direction of nature and knew that the foundation of health was laid out thousands of years ago.

    What makes a plant so big and healthy? It’s grounded in a foundation of nutrition (not provided by man). A plant actually has the ability to communicate with its surroundings and benefits from the billions of microbes it feeds on. When you dig up a healthy plant, there is fertile soil and worms moving in and out of the root system.

    Chemicals are the complete opposite. They kill the soil, make a plant appear to be healthy, and eventually cause us to get sick or even die.

    I knew the answer was hidden in only a few inches of soil. So it wasn’t really hidden at all, but just waiting to be uncovered 🙂

    Since then, I’ve incorporated thousands of worms to compost kitchen scraps and other things and now I have a beautiful garden every year and have been sharing this with the entire world. I now have goats, chickens, a big garden, and the hardest workers in the world, the worms.

    I’m not perfect in going natural, but I’m getting closer all the time. It doesn’t matter how or where you start. Even if it’s just one little plant. AS LONG AS YOU START!!!

    I now have all of the eggs and milk and even meat that I want plus more garden food to give away than my family can consume.

    Thank you Marjory for supporting my Kick Starter campaign. You have helped bring more awareness to helping others Return to the Foundation of Successful Gardening. Now people all over the world are learning about why worms are found at the base of plants thanks to your support AND I REALLY wanted to return the favor.

    I hope everyone reading this will just listen to nature. Because if you do, even if we’ve never met before, we’ll end up at the same destination…HEALTH 🙂

    Bless you Marjory and bless you all,
    ~Pauly “Dr Worm” Piccirillo

    Remember, nothing is too difficult. One thing I say in my books is “In order to understand the big things, we must first understand the little things. For these are the building blocks of LIFE” 🙂

  • Hi Marjorie,
    Love the video. As of age 30 (I am now 60) I have kept in mind my family history as I manage my health from a natural health perspective. I have avoided diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. I am working on maintaining brain health to avoid Alzheimers disease and bone and joint health to avoid arthritis. I believe I n complementary health care. As you did –i also use the medical health system when necessary after I have used food and supplements, common sense, diet and lifestyle modification to maintain health or return to a better health status. By all means, do get annual exams and recommended testings for your age group. I am very sensitive to medications, so I must find a natural alternative if possible. I pray- get massages, and aim to manage my stress levels. By the way, I am a nurse and a natural health consultant.
    Audrey Thomas

  • Kim Martinez says:

    Haha Yes, when I took my mother for her breast cancer radiation treatment they had coffee and donuts smh I gave her sautéed burdock and red clover infusion. In nursing homes and hospitals the orange “juice” has so many preservatives that it doesn’t need refrigeration. I love the fact that you can change your DNA! The best gift that my parents (ages 80 and 88) have given me is taking care of their health.

  • Tina Saravia says:

    Hi! Marjory,

    It’s very encouraging what you said about our DNA changing. My mom and two of her sisters had breast cancer post-menopause and I’m now close to the age when they had their cancer. There’s a part of me that says it’s just a matter of time, and another that says, I eat better and healthier and it may not happen to me.

    With regards to doctors, one of my cousins had a massive heart attack a couple of years ago. He was 55 yrs old. He managed to drive himself to the hospital and died upon arrival. He had been a successful cardiologist; saved a lot of people’s lives but couldn’t save his own heart. I remember having a discussion with him when he was in medical school about the benefits of high fiber food. He said it was bad for the digestive system. He was a proponent of eating a lot of meat and not much vegetables. I was 19 years old and I thought maybe I got it wrong. It seemed to me like he never changed his habits. I can’t believe that they don’t teach proper or better nutrition in medical school.

    As to Health being the foundation of all true wealth, I look forward to hearing the rest of this. So far, I like what I’ve heard.

  • Sarah says:

    I had a similar hospital expierence when my 8th child was born. I lost a lot of blood during the birth and not wanting a blood transfer I asked the midwife what I could eat, drink or take to build up my blood. She only could think of one thing: dried Turkish apricots. As soon as I arrived home I researched the subject and came up with black strap molasses. When I went back to my checkup at one month, the midwife asked me if I took my iron supplement because my iron count had came way up and was in the acceptable range. I said yes and no. I took it for 2 weeks and then did the blackstrap molasses. She praised me and said it works better anyway. Now the question begs to be asked, “Why couldn’t she tell me that in the hospital?”

  • Julie says:

    Marjorie, I always find your topics interesting and sometimes we need reminding about the simple things in this busy hectic life.

  • Carolyn says:

    Hi Marjorie, you are so full of life thank you for what you stand for, I do admire your sense of vigor and promise, commitment and passion..
    Health seems so widely spread today in all manner of conversation and practise always available in different forms in the world around us..to me health is always present a state to be desired, a natural out pouring of good, grounded in the basic, the profound wonder of life, a gift. Like peace in the world more universally felt today more than any time through out the history of mankind, we can welcome and aplaud the great ideas now shared and used to benefit the progress of our future generations.. Thank you for what you are doing to promote health, living practical ideas designed right in our own back yards available for everyone.. Love all of it ..???

  • Amanda Stotelmyer says:

    love your insight and good to know I’m not the only one seeing this,family thinks I’m crazy lol. keep up the great work.

  • Robin Nargi says:

    I understand what you said about genetics all too well. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when I was 45 years old. The doctors asked me which parent or grandparent had RA, that it was “genetic”. There is no RA in my family. I tried for a long time to find other ways of treating this dis-ease before going on the drugs they now have me on. It seems to me I have traded quality for quantity for something that all doctors should also be trained in. After all most medicines were made from herbs, roots, bark etc. before they were made in a lab.

  • Teri Strege says:

    I am new to your network. I got involved because my husband and I were fulltime RV’ers and had a couple of instances where getting medical help was difficult…so I signed up for a couple of courses. I completed the medicine 101 course while experiencing the worst headcold that I have had in many years. We are now “stationary” in CO where we are caring for my aging mother. Watching her become more and more immobile and my own recent bout with illness makes me total agree with the premise that health is the first foundation for weath.
    I look forward to the next videos.

  • I work in one of the grand new Veteran’s homes they are building around the nation. They are wonderful places with each resident living in a 14 room homes with a nurse/patient ratio of 1/14 and aides 3/14. They get very good care. BUT, the meals they are served are put together by dietitians, not nutritionists. They are full of starches, sugars, and margarine. No butter is offered. Meals are cooked in Polyunsaturated oils. It does not matter how beautiful the place. It matters what they get to eat. These facilities contribute to their disease instead of healing.

  • Sandy says:

    Hi Marjory
    “You are what you eat” is even more relevant now that you share our health is not all pre-determined by genetics.
    Choices are empowering especially when faced with ill-health.
    Look forward to hearing your other videos.
    Kind Regards Sandy

  • Sarah says:

    Nice info and anecdotes. Good lead in for more to come. Whetted my appetite for the five things. Only one negative… the music on the video is very unpleasant to me. It’s raucous and doesn’t feel like happy, healing music. Of course, music won’t be in your book.

  • adrienne says:

    I work as a cook and baker in a nursing home. I do not eat most of the food I have to serve. Oh, it tastes wonderful all right, but it is mostly toxic chemicals, sugar, artificial sweeteners and GMOs laden with glysophatal. If I can get scratch ingredients….real food…., it gets cooked in aluminum pans. Sadly, most of the residents think they are suppose to have bad health. We have a nursing assistant that is 86yr that works circles around her 30 something co-workers. We both tell them what we do to be so healthy. Few listen. We keep setting the example and expressing that chronic illness is NOT normal.

  • Dodie says:

    I have been teaching Nutrition [I WAS a Registered Dietitian and worked in hospitals early in my career] for the last 23 yrs and often use videos to impart info so students stay engaged during lectures and so that they can see confirming info that I am trying to share with them. Wish this video was available at the start of the semester because the points you make are the very things I emphasize. Ppl don’t understand how the food they choose EVERY time they eat and drink either makes them healthier or sicker; there are no “neutral foods.” Over time, the body either becomes stronger or weaker and sicker.
    The Standard American Diet [SAD] is truly very sad because we spend the most $$ on “health care” but have the most sick people compared to other industrialized countries. We are mistakenly led to believe that we are living longer – “living” as in being incapacitated that nursing home is where most land later in life because ppl often can no longer do things for themselves and are too ill for self care ! And yes, the lifestyle practitioners will acknowledge that genetics only plays 10-20% role in determining what illnesses we develop as we age. The rest is lifestyle choices !

  • Frances Murphy says:

    I do believe that unless you have your health, nothing else really matters. I have gradually been reducing my sugar intake over the years, and have recently learned that you can train your body to get it’s fuel from good fats (medium-chain fatty acids) and not have to rely on sugar to fuel those energy cravings. The good fats that your body needs can be found in nuts (such as macadamias, walnuts, cashews), coconut oil, coconut milk, and even butter, as long as it comes from dairy cows that are grass fed, the way God intended cows to live!

  • Mesha says:

    I am really excited that you are written this book I am an organic gardener and eat only healthy food and agree with everything you are presenting. What I find interesting is if someone goes to the doctor and is sick, in most cases, the Doctor does not suggest a healthy diet. Yet, if the person goes to the doctor and is healthy, for example for an annual checkup, the Doctor will say I am not sure what you are eating but keep doing whatever you are doing and indirectly acknowledge a good diet is the cause of good health.

  • GJ says:

    Hi Marjory, I have been saying for years that healing is in the food we eat and a lot of the diseases we get are because of lifestyle choices. My family is a perfect example. My maternal great grandparents and the ones before them all lived in to be in their 80’s and 90’s, but my grandparents, my mother, and some of her siblings, only lived to be in their 40’s and 50’s. Those that are still alive have so many chronic diseases and or in and out of the hospital. I’ve only been on this chemical free, non GMO lifestyle for 3 years and I’m not completely where I want to be in going so but at 49 years old I have absolutely no health issues and if I feel a bug coming on I immediately go to God and food for my healing and I can’t remember the last time when I felt the flu coming on and it lasted more than a day. 20 years ago I would get the flu twice a year and it would last for at least 2 weeks.

    1. Wow GJ, that is an amazing story. So you KNOW first hand the power of whole foods and herbal medicine! Thank you so much for writing in. I hope to see more stories from you going forward – I love your contributions.

  • Deborah says:

    Writing a book sounds like an awesome idea! Thought about writing one myself a few times. We just have so much in our heads that we would like to share, and never enough time. A book sounds like a great way to get it out there. Not to mention the future generations that will be able to read this years down the road. You can tell I love books.
    You are so right on about the genetics. And oh my gosh, don’t get me started on the hospital thing. I could tell you some very funny stories. Keep up the great work. Will be thinking of a good story for ya.

    1. Thank you Deborah, I look forward to seeing you comment in upcoming sections!

  • nancy says:

    You are definitely not a Popsicle…
    Good luck with the book! There is a huge need on our planet for good common sense and how it can be picked up and run with. And yes, health and how we go about obtaining that wealth is foundational to most all of what follows.

  • Kate Howell says:

    At Last, a common sense approach to good health. I am excited to see the five videos. Thanks.

    1. Stay tuned Kate! More coming soon. 🙂

  • I can’t wait to read your book. Your approach is very honest. I wonder what your advice is to someone with no yard? So many new homes that are being built in California have no yards and are so close together that you can hear your neighbor cough! I would love to be growing my own food. Have been eating organic and a lot of raw. Green powders in smoothies. What do you think about superfoods?

    1. Hi Lorna,
      If you got a patio or some sunny window space you can get started with some fresh herbs and / or greens. I too enjoy some of the powered greens available. I try to be careful about where they sourced the material to make the green powders… But I like that along with herbal infusions. Gives a good mineral boost while keeping hydrated.
      Also keep in in your heart and intentions to find a place to garden of keep chickens – I am a firm believer that holding an intention and being open is the foundation of miracles.

  • Debbie says:

    Wow! You cover a lot of material in under fifteen minutes. I think I have been interested in good nutrition throughout my entire life. In the fifties and sixties, I was raised on the traditional American diet, but I was a strange child who craved real food and would eat it whenever I had the chance. Trusting what the “professionals” told us was true, I had a lot to learn over the years. From the time I became pregnant with my daughter, I really began to take nutrition seriously, because I wanted her to have a good start in life. I am sixty three now, and avoid doctors and medicine at all costs, healing the rare illness or injury with food or other natural means.

    I can relate well to your hospital experience, as I had to spend some time hospitalized a few years ago, due to a couple of bad fractures and a torn ligament. When I first awoke from surgery, they told me I needed to drink something, and asked what I would like. When I said I wanted water, they told me it would have to be something “more substantial”, like coffee or soda, both of which, aside from nutritional considerations, I thoroughly dislike. We were finally able to settle on a cup of fruit juice, followed by water. The only fresh food I remember seeing there was a half of a strawberry sitting on a small kale leaf, intended as a garnish to make the rest of the stuff look more attractive. Of course I ate those with relish (not the kind that goes with mustard and ketchup), and wished I had more. When I was released, they were pretty insistent that I receive service from Meals on Wheels, since I would be hopping around on one foot for over a month, and might find it difficult to prepare food. I didn’t see much difference between that and the hospital fare, so I declined, preferring to live off the previous year’s canned, frozen, and fermented garden produce until I could get a ride to the grocery store.

    I have subscribed to your newsletters for some time now, and appreciate your continuing dedication to providing real, solid, commonsense information. Good luck with the book! It sounds like you are off to a great start.

    1. Thank you so much for writing in Debbie. Yes, the entire healthcare system in the US need to be re-created, re-imagined, and re-built… Yike, fruit juice is just the same as sugar water… So glad you had a good supply of backup foods. That is so important! Just as your example highlights – it might not be a big event for the community, but being prepared for something like this that happens just to you is super important.

  • Alba says:

    As a new grower, also new to coastal (97458) Oregon (I’m a transplant from CA) I need help with a clear, simple schedule to follow on when to start what in my greenhouse and /or when to transplant into the ground or start seeds directly in the ground. Other sites do it by the plant, in alphabetical order, instead of by the date.
    I think it would be best of I could create my own list of plants on a site, then it would be put in order of the date when to start these plants.
    Thank you for all you do!

    1. Hi Alba, oh thank you for your comment Yes, I am working with a web development team to get planting guides and times and journals here at TGN for everyone to use. It takes time, but know I am working on it!

  • Kelly says:

    watched the first two videos. definitely held my interest the whole time. following weston price eating practices for years now. no denying the benefits. starting my own homestead. in reading up on the most natural ways to raise my goats, it’s almost troubling the things that are presented as common knowledge that most doctors/dentists will dispute you on, i.e. the detriment of fluoride in the goats water, and the problem with birthing where they eat off depleted soil. I appreciate your videos. we moved a year ago and between all the projects at our new place, I have been negligent in what I know to be proper eating. you’re getting me jazzed about getting back to better habits. looking forward to when my goats birth and I’m getting raw goats milk. just the other day I had eggnog made with raw cows milk colostrum (purchased, no room for cows) and raw eggs from my muscovy ducks. was a time I wouldn’t have touched sugar, but I did sweeten it with organic sugar and cinnamon. you could see the nutrition in the color of the egg yolks. i started lasagna gardening since we have a lot of clay here. I am very much looking forward to your future videos. I need the energy good health brings for all the activity of a homestead. thank you very much.

    1. Kelly, it sounds like you are doing really well on the path. There is always more to learn and do, huh? Me too, I am always trying to do more and new things to improve.

  • I perfectly agree with what you are saying. I just have no accesso to my garden, as it is possessed by my husband and we usually do not agree on how to do things. So even so I get some ‘natural food’ it is not from nutured earth like I would like it. I am busy with growing my nices and my neffs instead of vegtables.
    Thanks for you sharing

    1. Hi Lydia, well perhaps you can find a spot somewhere that is free of your husbands influence. A community garden perhaps? Or evn just adopt a tree in the park is a tiny start.

  • Tina says:

    Hi Marjory, I am in the game late, missed your first vid, but YOU ARE SPOT ON! I am non-pharma at this house. They make a pill to cure one thing, only to destroy another part of your body. Same with food. They “say” salt is bad but put it in every food available to make it more marketable. Everything in moderation, fresh from farm is best! No story to tell, but game on with the book, I will buy!

    1. Hi Tina,
      Thanks so much! Yes, I’ve been meaning to rip some of those pharmaceautical commercials for my own private keepsake. You know, people in a few years will not believe the utter craziness of those commercials! Take this pill for your heart, but the side effects are this, that, and the other… Ha ha, one side effect was increased interest in gambling. Can you imagine?

  • Ronald Mumper says:

    do not send email notifications…very interesting but too many

  • Al Hyslip says:

    There is a Neuroscientist – Caroline Leaf – who has spent 30+ years upsetting the Neuroscience field. She has proven that you can actually change the DNA by working with positive thoughts. Too many people I know ‘live’ with a defeatist attitude about everything. This tears down their entire being.

  • Amelia Thomas says:

    Interesting how you mentioned that most of us are involved with alternative lifestyles and all the electronics in our modern world. As a matter of fact, I believe many people are spending so much time on the computer and watching television that they simply grab fast food rather than cook, let alone grow their own food!

  • Toni Brewen says:

    Sounds like you are off to a good start with this book. Love the simplistic approach. Looking forward to listening to future videos.

  • Jen says:

    I always enjoy reading and listening to your pearls of wisdom. I am actually a nutrition professional and I think if more of us could get back to basics we would all be healthier for it. We tend to complicate things and everyone is looking for the magic pill or quick fix. You have inspired me to start growing my own food. Looking forward to more videos and to reading your book. All the best!

    1. Jen, welcome to TGN. Sharon Porter, our Director of Operations, is a Certified Nutritional Therapist and we all love her input into the team’s health.
      So glad you want to start growing food. My suggestion is to start small and move forward from there. Perhaps some herbs in a windowsill, a garden planter, or a 50′ bed.

  • Tammy says:

    I totally agree on the hospital thing. My son was with his father one weekend a few years ago. He had hit his cheek and his tooth cut his inner gum a few days before, he did get a puss pocket from it and I was watching it, thinking it would naturally bust. His father took him to the hospital and did not tell me until the next day. When i got to the hospital, he was eating donuts after they had given him antibiotics that I would never have agreed to. There are a few other examples i could give but I won’t. i told my mom years ago, ” I am healthy because I do not go to the doctor”. Great to have them for acute, emergency situations but not so much for everyday care.

    1. Yes Tammy! The medical system is good for some things, but you certainly have to be careful. Yikes doughnuts…

  • Nanette says:

    My name is Nan and I come from a military family and married into one. I was married for 43 years to an Army officer and a Police Chief. Now, this may be fine for some people, but I sincerely believe that the life style, for me, made me very sick. I had migraines for most of my life, developed fibromyalgia, colon cancer at age 35, and early onset osteoarthritis and gout. Ten years ago I went gluten free, then organic and dye free….. some of my symptoms started to clear. But when I divorced and found my true SELF and moved back to my home in the mountains I started to blossom forth. Yes, I still have to take a few pharmaceuticals but have remedied my gout with an herbal concoction. Probiotics and prebiotics are great as well a food based vitamins are extremely helpful. Looking forward to getting back to my organic gardening and building a greenhouse for year round eating.
    In conclusion, what I wanted to really say is this: Getting away from the expectations of others, yet still being there for them (I have 3 grandchildren)…. eating a healthy lifestyle, communing with nature daily with my walks in the woods, and laughter with my friends and a relationship with God has helped me to become healthy again. More aware of my surroundings and wanting to protect God’s natural gifts.

    1. Nan, thank you for your story. Have you looked into Bert Middleton’s website “The Gout Killer”. Bert presented last Fall at the Mother Earth News Homesteading Summit which TGN hosted. Bert has been gout-free for hmmm, 7 years?
      And yes, I think I understand about freeing yourself from a military/police oriented environment and feeling so much better. Sounds like you are well on your way to finding yourself!

  • Joe Mason says:

    I very much enjoyed this first of your video series. I’m a bit late in watching this but greatly look forward to seeing the other videos in your series. Best wishes on the book!!

  • Judy says:

    Very interesting! What type of soil gives the best yield?
    How do you get control of puncture clover (yellow blossoms)?

    1. Hi Judy, the discussion on the best soil is wide open! LOL, but generally all of our domesticated fruits and vegetables prefer a rich loamy soil full of nutrients and life. Most of us don’t have that naturally… so hence the emphasis on this site for home made fertilizers, cover crops, etc. Also there is a world of figuring out what native foods (which grow in the soils you have) are edible and can be made delicious
      It is an adventure – and that is why we are doing this! Oh, in the next upcoming Home Grown Food Summit Stacy Murphy will be presenting a lot on garden soils. That will be in early June – so stay tuned!

  • Donna Young says:

    The video is inspiring! I can attest to what they do in hospitals too. My mother is a diabetic and they constantly gave her stuff with HFCS in them all the time while she was in the hospital. Another thing people need when they go to a hospital is have a REAL health advocate. While my mother recuperated from pneumonia I went home and made food for her and brought it up to the hospital. I brought her bone broth and some good herbal teas and made her rose hip and elderberry tea and made her drink lots of it. At first the hospital fought me telling me the dietitian knew what was best for her. I begged to differ. In the end I won and she didn’t stay very long in the hospital either.

    Thanks for all you do. I learn even more through your videos and website.

    To great health!
    ~ Donna Young

    1. Donna – yes! on the concept of a health advocate. That is so needed. There is a lot of awesome technology in the medical system, but clearly you can come out more damaged than you went in. Having a solid advocate with a clear head and good boundaries is super important. I am in the process of setting that up formally. A while back, a TGN member sent me a little book on what your rights were and having an advocate…. Dng it! that little book is lost in my voluminous library and I’ve been looking for it. Ha ha, I need better organization. :_

  • Rachel says:

    In response to the comment that diseases are not genetic you have to remember that some are. I personally have thalassemia as well as quiet a few people in my family. Where some people might consider a blood condition as something that would hold them back I have learned enough medically to know that it actually protects me in certain ways. On the average most of us have gluten intolerance or sensitivities which I also consider a protection against many things we shouldn’t eat. Maybe I’m just looking for the silver lining in a cloud but I think this helps us all. Just know what you’re dealing with

  • Rachel says:

    I could also give you an instant sore to wear a hospital did not believe somebody’s allergy and decided to experiment with it by giving them something and containing it anyway

  • Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed!
    Extremely helpful info particularly the last part 🙂 I
    care for such info a lot. I was seeking this
    certain information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  • Wonderful video presentation, Marjory! Your story about the food offered to you in the hospital reminded me of a time when my father was given a steak and a milkshake in the hospital the night before a quadruple bypass heart surgery. I was shocked to my core! After the surgery, he was so ill, that the only thing he could ingest and keep down were the freshly made vegetable juices I brought for him. Since that day, I have had a fierce desire within me to find a way to improve the dietary offerings at hospitals – although I realize I am up against a colossal, firmly entrenched system. However, I do believe that lots of little voices can make a big impact!
    I would love to help you with your book in another area, too, if I may. I am a professional editor who specializes in natural health, healing, alternative medicine, conscious living, and spirituality. This is my greatest passion in life, and I would be honored to help you with anything related to helping your book dreams come true – even the nitty gritty details of ISBN procurement, library of congress application, copyright submittal, cover design, or formatting for print or ebook. If interested, you can contact me personally, or visit my website: http://www.eloquent-editor.com. ~ Angela

    1. Hi Angela,
      You site is very clear and straight forward (I love it!). I currently have two editors lined up 🙂 But we are always coming up with more work as this network grows. I’ve put your contact info (from your comment and website) in the TGN database to make sure I don’t lose this thread and your offer.

  • Jacque G. says:

    I learned that food is EVERYTHING for health. After 35 years of the Standard American Diet (SAD) my body said, “ENOUGH, you have poisoned me enough!” So I got Chronic Fatigue, and had it for 4 years (the doctors said they could find nothing wrong, must be in my head) before a friend got me to go and get acupuncture (they took one look and said, “Whoa, we must cleanse your liver..” So that was my first step to learning to take care of my own health. Acupuncture helped, but I didn’t get rid of CF until I went to an herbalist healer who used kinesiology (sp?) to ask my body what it wanted to eat. I came away with a diet even the herbalist couldn’t believe, NO fresh fruits or veggies, nothing raw. I followed this weird diet and got over CF! Then my ribs started popping out of my spine, even the two chiropractors I went to didn’t know why. But Pharmacist Ben did! It was breakdown of connective tissue -DUH- I may learn slow, but I learn thorough! My key this time was organic cow’s whey-my ribs stay in now. Turns out I have leaky gut, which explained the CF and ribs. I got it by eating GMO foods in the mid ’90’s. I am addressing all my health problems with foods, superfoods, herbs, clays, bone broths, and lots of research and testing. I literally can’t tell you when I last went to a doctor, as far as I am concerned, except for a shattered body, they are useless.

    It is only logical that what you put into a system has everything to do with how that system runs. Ever gotten a bad tank of gas? How did your car run? You body is simply a biological system. You bet what you put in it and on it makes ALL the difference. Thanks Marjorie, you are an inspiration! Keep up the good work, you make research easy!

  • DAVID WEEKS says:

    Thanks for spreading the truth about vaccination information. We are at the point that 40% of the children born after 1989 have a chronic health condition. Autistic spectrum used to affect 1 in 10,000. now it is 1 in 25 kids.of those who are so unfortunate as to be “fully immunized”
    Blessings to you for spreading the truth. I am not against immunization, but it needs to be safe. What we have is most definitely not safe.

    David Weeks

  • Kitty Corbett says:

    I am 79.5 years old, have no chronic illness and do not take any prescription medicine. I saw a holistic doctor a couple of years ago and he recommended I take Progest-E, collagen and one tablespoon of coconut oil daily. I also take a multi-vitamin, calcium tabs with vitamin D and vegetable-based glucosamine. More importantly, I eat kosher always, organic when possible. I plan to live at least until my horse dies, probably in 20 years’ time, give or take a year or two. Housework, yard work, grooming the horse and riding or driving him keep me physically active. Now, if I can avoid toxins I think I could go to the legal (biblical) limit, 120. I wonder if you recommend your audience to avoid pork and other non-kosher meat and seafood?

  • Donna Chicca says:

    I love you Marjory. Although I have not heard you say it with these words, your teaching is God’s way for us to live. You truly resonate with me and I feel so blessed God is using you to help others. It seems so many people in the health arena have lots of supplements they want to sell. Your God’s way approach is very refreshing. Thank you !!!

  • Colleen Gildea says:

    I must comment about genetic versus environmental factors and familiar predisposition. All of these things occur and matter when it comes to specific conditions in the body. Some conditions though even with a clean and healthy diet are not escapable. I found this out when a blood vessel ruptured in my brain. I am still here and have no deficits, very thankfully, but this was a hereditary condition of a weak blood vessel. I did not know about it until it blew. There was nothing I could have done to prevent it at all. I farm my land and grow all my food cleanly. But perhaps I survived because of a healthy lifestyle. I am a 15 year survivor of stage 3 breast cancer, with no familiar factors or hormonal factors involved. This too may have been possible with a healthy lifestyle. My doctor told me that environmental factors, ie growing up near a factory that was taken down with a wrecking ball because it had asbestos in it, HA!. So I will ask you to consider these things while your story progresses.

  • dottie Holmes says:

    Hi Marjory,

    About 22yrs ago as I was getting ready to have my 5th child a friend who had became involved with a company called Melaleuca came over to show me her products and what peeked my curiosity was the literature that she had about the ingredient in our shampoo’s and household cleaners. I took the info she gave me and began doing some research of my own and was shocked to see that the baby shampoo I was planning on using on my infant child had formaldehyde in it under the name Quaternium-15.
    As you can imagine I was horrified so I threw out all my cleaners, shampoo’s etc. and replaced them with melaleuca products. now we have many other healthy alternatives. i will always be grateful to my friend for opening my eyes to the dangers of eveyday products. I was able to raise my kid’s on a llama ranch for many years and they have always been extremely healthy.

  • Tim MacCaw says:

    Marjory, I couldn’t agree more with your comment about the words “it’s genetic” in relation to health, though when someone uses that expression about their own condition I tend to keep my views to myself, in case I inadvertently hurt their feelings! Curiously, many people seem to feel a degree of relief or comfort after their condition has received an impressive sounding label from someone they regard as “an expert”. A very eminent old cardiologist I knew proudly told me that after many decades of sleepless nights with back pains he had been diagnosed by a medical specialist as having “fibromyalgia”! As I knew however that neither my pointing out the etymology of the term (muscle fibre pain), nor suggesting that my interest (homeopathics and herbals) might help alleviate his problem, would be received well by him, that was sadly the end of the conversation.

    I was at our enormous annual local agricultural show (The Bath and West Show) last week in the south west of the UK and thought about your book project as I happened on a unadvertised area where the three top prize winners of an undisclosed competition had been given space to show off their creations. The Gold winner was a tiny ‘Man Shed’ complete with a small hob and kettle, and surrounded by plants and flowers; due to having bought your Doug Simons CD on teeth care (hope I have his name right!) and learnt about the magical qualities of Equisetum, we had a great chat about it when I spotted it growing in water in a pot in his patch. The owner was also not backward in letting me know what a great ‘stress reliever’ his little shed and pot of tea was – and it didn’t have to be raining, he said, as the first drops came down!

    Next door was another winner – a well stuffed raised veg and herbs plot, perhaps a bit under 3 yards square. The young chap who’d grown it was so enthusiastic to get the chance to describe how much was crammed into it; I got the impression that no one else had really stopped to look at it 🙁 Everything in it was wonderfully green and healthy looking. Needless to say not a drop of pesticide had been used to get it that way.

    The third winner had created a similar sized raised bed which smelled wonderful and had a bench nestling amongst all the blooms.

    And the buzz and hum of hundreds of local bees around all three plots showed that not just humans appreciated them 🙂

    Truthfully, that for me was the gem of the Show. I hope that one day many more of the children of those wandering along the lines of trade tents at this Show will have been introduced to Nature and learnt what she has to tell us, and particularly to the joys of growing ones own healthy food. Thank you for all that you are doing.

    PS If you would like to see pictures of the three stands, please let me know where to email them.

    1. Marjory says:

      Please send the photos to happiness@thegrownetwork.com so that the Grow Network team can check these out!! How amazing!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Eve says:

    Hi Marjorie – I can tell you right now that I can’t wait for your book to be out as I will be one of the first to buy it. 🙂
    I really hope you will go into details when you bring something up. I understand how this chapter is an introduction but when you explain the keys to optimal health, I really hope you will go into details about the whys, the hows, ways to implement them and so on. Details. 😀

  • Eve says:

    PS What would you have offered to a healing patient such as you were, to eat?
    Thanks! 🙂

  • Barbara OConnor says:

    I loved this video, so straight forward and common sense. Common sense, something we have forgotten we have.,Thanks for reminding us!

  • Roma says:

    Wow that was great! You did a super job. Keep up the good work.

  • Susan Sweet says:

    You’re singing my song! I am a two-time breast cancer survivor and have come to figure out most of the lifestyle stressors which put me there. I have used exercise and diet to clean up my act, continuing to refine both as I learn more, over the past 22 years. I am congenitally hypothyroid due to pituitary insufficiency – it is not autoimmune and does run in my mother’s family – and have been on meds for 50 years. My latest foray has been a quest to determine whatinheck is causing arthritis to gallop across my hands. Post-chemotherapy I noted a sensitivity to wheat products and dairy and cut those out, for the most part (I continued with some butter, yoghurt and cheese thinking I was lactose intolerant). But still, the arthritis, which I assumed was due to chronic low level systemic inflammation. Figured it had to be something I was putting in my mouth. I avoid sugars, caffeine, alcohol, wheat and dairy. So then I eliminated all grains/starches/flours, as high glycemic index foods. Regardless of how whole the grain, once milled to a flour it enters the blood stream quickly and spikes the blood sugar level. Have been living pretty much on nuts, proteins, veggies and no fruits for months. No improvement. Tried an alternative healer; lots of money spent and in six months had only three asymptomatic days. Per Alan Christianson’s blog, mentioning food sensitivities which are hard to diagnose with an elimination diet, I paid for an expensive blood test which covered 120 foods. Preliminary results are back and they are somewhat hilarious: Very reactive to walnuts, oysters and peanuts; quite reactive to clams (cue the cessation of nightly baths in red clam sauce…); moderately reactive to (deep breath here) casein (e.g., ALL dairy other than ghee), banana, pineapple, olives and oil, asparagus, almonds, codfish, buckwheat, corn, soy, baking yeast, flaxseed, garbanzos, kidney beans, lima beans, pinto beans and soy of all sorts.

    Fortunately, I love to cook. Fortunately, I’d rather cook than eat and do a lot of baking for others which I don’t consume. Fortunately, God put coconuts on the planet – because the ‘okay’ foods (note I have not yet received the full report; this was a phone call from the issuing doc which hit the highlights) are pecans, cashews (neither of which are affordable), mung beans, cantaloupe, peas, coconut and lentils. Oh goody. Nothing said about nightshade veggies though I cut them all out (eggplant, potato, tomato, peppers, okra, tobacco, ashwagandha…) because they tend to aggravate arthritis already present. Will pursue this further. The internal dialogue as I stroll the grocery store is hilarious. But I was eating a lot of almonds, peanuts, peanut butter and olive oil in an attempt to get enough ‘good’ oil and protein.

    Back to the monster salads with eggs or chicken or fish or lentils, my mono-veggie soups in place of cold smoothies (aargh), and now some citrus and berries and anything dessertlike will be homemade gelatine, my coconut ice cream or coconut cookies.

    Really enjoy your summits and bless you for the work you are doing. Couldn’t agree more. Have lot more to say about how proper diet, sleep, clean water and exercise have regularized my physiology; life seems a process of undoing what was done in ignorance by one’s parents in the early years. Rock on!

  • Helen Alston says:

    Thirty-five years ago, while living in Hawaii, I developed gall stones verified by my family physician. Some one told me about Doctor John McDougal in Kaneohe. I went to him and he put me on a strict eating plan – plant based, eating “nothing that comes from a face” (in other words, NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS). I did that for one entire year, except for one company Christmas party where I ate anything and all that I wanted. In just a few weeks, my symptoms went away. No more stopping at every restroom from my home to the office, no more “knife attacks” (when the food goes right through like a speeding train). At the end of the year, he tested me, and declared that the stones had dissolved on their own, and I agreed that I no longer suffered the consequences of gall stones. Fast forward 35 years. During my annual physical, my family doctor ordered a bone density test and then an xray. She said she spotted something in “that” area and ordered a sonogram. I told her that 35 yrs or so ago yada yada yada, and she informed me that it was probably a calcified gall stone since THEY DON’T JUST DISSOLVE. (voice tone included I must be senile). I had the sonogram, paid the $90.00 copay, and have heard nothing since from her. Now if it was a calcified gall stone, which she said would have to come out immediately (even though I have no pain nor any symptoms), wouldn’t you think I would have heard back the results. I am a firm believer that what a person eats matters. I am a vegan for the most part. Still trying to conquer my sugar addiction, but otherwise, eat a WFPB diet.

  • Susan Boyce says:

    When I found out hospitals were feeding patients McDonald’s fake foods I was not surprised. The industries have too much power over our law makers and aren’t in the business of keeping us healthy no matter what their marketing that has brainwashed millions into thinking these corporations have our best interests at heart. Sadly the truth is their primary goal is to increase profits period. I say be your own advocate and educate yourself. We cannot continue to bombard ourselves with toxins and overuse of sugars fats and sodium and not suffer the consequences.

  • Kwame Ofosu says:

    Thank you Marjory!!! You demonstrates so well,

  • Julia says:

    I am a retired nurse and it constantly amazed me what hospitals feed the patients and staff. Diabetic diets are full of carbs and sweets. Every meal bread and potatoes, rice and do not forget dessert and juice.Fried everything or covered in gravy or both. I had better quit while I am ahead. Patients want the quick fix…lose weight NOW. Antibiotics even if they are not needed..but my sister (friend, brother, etc) fix me now, do surgery. if you will not give me ,,,,(fill in blank) then they go to another doctor or hospital over
    and over again. Your video is like a breath of fresh air. Thanks. Most of the time (in medicine) less is more but most patients want just the opposite. Sad.

  • Anupo says:

    Hi Marjory,
    I would be great to have footnotes in the book, with the studies you are quoting.

  • First I want to say I love your site. I am a person who believes that you can do more to heal yourself that most doctors and hospitals can do for you . I am not against using them if you need to.
    I have gotten some of your video and I send people information about your site.
    I try to help as many as I can with books on herbs and growing your own food. I am working with a person who helps out retired veterans and is try to get a gardening program started for them. We live 28 miles outside Tucson AZ. We have one acre and have built a 550 sq ft. greenhouse from recycled windows and glass doors. I am building an underground greenhouse for winter growing with less heating cost. I am 76 years old and my wife and I do not take any meds.
    Keep up the great work. Larry and Sue J

  • dan950 says:

    i would like to know the 5 things you are talking about thank you for this link

  • Susanne Loose says:

    I am a 62 years old woman and in excellent health. Where I go to church there are a group of woman my age and they all have Autoimmune diseases, diabetes, neuropathy, high blood pressure etc that they are struggling with and taking all the meds for. I took one of them grocery shopping one day because she is in a wheel chair, and I would not have put one thing in my mouth that she put in her basket. My husband, who is a Fast Food Addict, passed a kidney stone several years ago and the paramedics thought that it was a heart attack and took him to Glendale Heart Center. They sent him home with 6 prescriptions. I told him not to even fill them,which he did anyway. I believe that if you go to a heart doctor with something minor, you will have open heart surgery within 5 years, due to the drugs that they have you thinking that you need. I raised my children to go to my herb cabinet for any health problem, and look to their diet. My youngest ,17, tells her friends at school when they have a cold, that they should not be drinking that soda or brownie, because they are just feeding the infection and making themselves sicker. They look at her like she is crazy. We are finding it difficult to watch what our friend around us are doing to themselves. I have story after story of the stupid things that doctors have told me in all earnestness, that of course we have completely ignored. I have followed you for years, thinking you are inspirational (I hope that didn’t sound too dramatic). I also have a large organic garden. I am looking forward to your videos.

  • zora ignjatovic says:

    thank you so much for advocating for the clean and wholesome food. so important to pass this knowledge and common sense to new generations. I am doing the same thing in my circles. After diagnosed with the cancer 12 years ago I listened my gut and my common sense. I refused the treatments and healed, nurtured and changed my attitude. I call it fall in love with life again.it was a lot of work at the beginning( cleanses, juicing, raw food, cooking after, eating organic, walks and exercise, slowing down and paying attention to important things. I raised my son and did a lot of good work for the community. I am a gardener, produce a lot of food.simple life, nothing extreme. moderation and clean food.as much as possible. my community is a medicine for me.support is important. love your work. grateful

  • Casey Marinucci says:

    Go, Marjorie! It was very exciting to hear that you are writing a book. I look forward to what is to come. I applaud all that you do. I, too, am involved in health and educating people about the benefits of a real food life style. As a Personal Health Consultant, I work very hard to re-educate people about leading a healthier lifestyle, and why that is so important. My hubby and I lived in Texas for 9 yrs. We now live in Virginia, very near Joel Salatin. We love it here. The gardening season is in full swing now, so that is a big priority. Congrats on all of your accomplishments. I really enjoyed the Food Summit, too. All the best with this new project of your. I look forward to your updates.

  • Jillouise Breslauer says:

    While watching you speak just now, I put my coffee down and drank my green juice instead. I recently had a bad case of bronchitis, and finally went to a doctor’s office for help (while traveling), only because it was interferring with my breathing. Instead of giving me a physical exam, he called an ambulance to take me to the hospital… which was mere blocks away. (I couldve easily taken a cab). At the hospital, they did NOTHING to “care” for me or help me breathe! They basically, left me waiting, lying in bed, to run a series of cardiac tests and they kept drilling me; “Does heart disease run in your family? Does diabetes run in your family?” I kept saying, I’m NOT HERE for heart disease, I do NOT have diabetes, I have bronchitis or pneumonia! AND I spoke with one of the health care people, telling them that just because my father had diabetes, does not automatically mean that I will get it!! They gave me an eyeroll (Grrrr!). I hadnt eaten breakfast or lunch and when I was offered PUDDING or JELLO, I told them I was vegan. The nurse looked at me as if I had just confessed to being a serial killer. I explained that I do not eat sugar, dairy, meat or animal byproducts. The words “vegan” and “no sugar” really blew this nurse’s mind…but she could clearly see that I was dehydrated because of being disallowed water by their orders! She brought me, in a semi-panicked state, a can of ginger ale soda, a lemon ice, a strawberry gellato, a package of Fig Newtons, a package of sweet crackers, a package of some other highly processed, sugary snack. What I really wanted was water and something healthy….a carrot. Out of desperation, I ate part of the lemon ice, I drank the ginger ale, and nibbled a cracker….which is just awful non-food, of course. A few hours later, they suddenly forcefully discharged me… at night, without even helping me call a cab or care if I had a place to go (I did not have a place to go. I ended up sleeping upright, outdoors, on some building steps, with my luggage, much like our homeless population. Luckily, I had enough clothes to stay warm, and the rain was light. Well, sleeping upright with bronchitis or pneumonia, was the best thing that had happened to me…. I felt a little better the next morning. I just wanted to share with you the reason why I will only go to a hospital if I am run over, or forcefgully abducted…. they are only good for surgeries, NOT healing! Also, my family has a history of longevity…most living well into their late eighties, and nineties…with the exception of few. Thanks for a great video presentation, Marjory!

  • Judy T says:

    Looking forward to your next video. If people would be open minded and use what God has given us. I believe we can change the world. Keep us the good work.

  • Jake says:

    I enjoyed your video. Important information that many don’t know. I’ve been telling people many of the things you mention for years. I can’t wait to see your next videos! You’re doing an important work, keep going (Grin!).

  • Beth says:

    These videos are a little shocking and challenging as well as very inspiring! I’ve watched the first two videos and these are some thoughts: (And by the way, asking people for feedback is an incredible way to encourage real interaction with material! That’s why I love to read and watch resources with the thought that I will need to teach them. This is a similar motivator.) Shocking example at the hospital of lack of understanding when it comes to the body and nutrition vs harmful chemicals! Challenging also to me because I have gladly accepted those popsicles and puddings and coffees! Inspiring that we can change things for ourselves and those we love. We don’t need to stay where we are!!!! Oh Wow!

    In your second video: Shocking realization that government recommended standards are for minimum health without showing signs of disease! Challenging because I have known that in the back of my mind, but still have lived life with the thought that they were LIMITS for being healthy. I think that thought comes from counting carbs and calories. I’m Inspired to maximize nutrients from carefully grown produce!
    Thanks for the story of your first broccoli and moment at the campfire when you were warm–recognizing health. That is inspiring.

    Here is a question/concern: My husband and I are already gardening. It is hard work. Not just out in the garden, but it is labor intensive inside as well to prepare the harvest for the table and for storage. I heard what you said about gardening for about an hour a day, and am all ears with a lot of wonder and hesitation.
    I walk in the mornings with a friend who is a financial consultant with an extremely busy schedule and a husband, son and dog. She can barely get time to walk for her health–which is deteriorating due to her stressful lifestyle as well as her food choices. HOW can gardening work for her? Even buying from a CSA would put her over the edge just in trying to prepare the food. Is she simply an example of the person who needs to spend a lot more to have her food?

    Thanks for working on this book and for sharing. It really has me thinking!

  • Patty says:

    Marjory, it’s so true about people freely giving up theirpersonal power under the assumption of genetics determining their present and future health status. That narrow mindedness takes away hope and leaves one in bondage to defeat and despair. I am a dental hygienist and can’t tell you how many times patients say “well my mom/dad had gum disease too and they have dentures now so I’m sure I will too”. Everyone regardless of genetics can have teeth for life if they take care of them, eat a healthy diet and utilize good homecare techniques with daily brushing and flossing. Most people are not compliant with good homecare and it’s easier and feels justified to lay blame on genetics. Most non compliance is also in fact due to our hectic and busy lifestyles so we are too tired to take the time to properly address our own health needs and daily care. Most people stay hurried and stressed and this compounds the health problems. You are ON TARGET. By the way, I too am grateful for hospitals and doctors as I was injured in car collision. There is a need for doctors for sure. However most training targeted to symptoms and not causes of disease. Also, after thirty years in dentistry I can tell you that a large majority of “health professionals ” have terrible periodontal disease and no clue to the fact or the causes. They are in the same rat race too. Working to make money to have a life, then in the end wind up spending the money to save their life due to health issues. Best Regards, Patty

  • Marie Free says:

    Looking forward to your next video. May God bless you in all you do. Agree that your health is your wealth.

  • Louisa says:

    I would like to know more about the mechanism of how diet changes DNA. This seems very odd to me unless there is some sort of mutation happening.

  • Anita McKenzie says:

    Thanks my friend, you have a wonderful, calming, effect on me and I thank you for that. When I moved to Michigan almost 3 years ago from Phoenix Arizona, I decided to grow food. My small scale operation would starve even a muskrat, but I am learning and trying new things every year.
    My dream is to win the lottery and buy enough land to build year round greenhouses to provide my community with fresh produce during the winter months when the farmers markets are closed. I am retired so a pension does not pay for needed electricity and costs for running an operation that large. So I experiment in my basement with a grow tent and a grow light to see what seeds works best! Lettuce in recycled canning jars is working well so far!!!
    Love what you are doing for the human race, I believe in your words about organic and healthy eating. I turned vegetarian at 50 and am 57 now, never regretted it!!
    Thanks for all you do and what a GREAT video!!! Looking forward to more and your book. Anita

  • Jean says:

    This was polished…Have been following u as a 20 yr CA desert transplant in TX..For a while ..Am so glad strength has enhanced your endeavour..Remain focused and strong..You resonate with ears that hear.

  • Roger Bittinger says:

    I like your thinking but I am a diabetic and have for years trying to get my numbers down .Changing doctors the hole shot.

  • Sue says:

    Hello Marjory,

    I really enjoy listening to your videos. I’m finally getting a chance to listen to them since they are chocked full of wonderful knowledge. It’s true that being you own advocate to good health is extremely important. I learned something new today. You taught me predisposition of
    a disease that can run in families can be
    altered by diet and lifestyle. If you think about that it’s pretty remarkable and I appreciate your sharing that on your video.

    Sugary foods being offered to a patient
    who had an abscess? What could they be thinking?

    Anyway, keep up the videos. Really love listening to you on really important and
    interesting topics.

  • Rhodesia Rwanda says:

    I am like you,in some ways. I am not a certified health and wellness practitioner, but I am a health & wellness advocate. I want to go back to college to be certified.For now I am self taught. I research many herbs, and supplements for me,and my loved ones. I eat by a Blood type/Body type book.I do a customized exercise routine that I created,which includes interval training, weight training, and more.I work out 2-3 times a week, one and a half hours . Most times I prepare my own food and,give food to friends and family to get them to eat healthier. I thank God it is working. I convert unhealthy recipes into great tasting healthy versions.I am a strong believer in the thinking that your genetics accounts for 10- 20% of your health and the other 80-90% has to do with eating what is right for your blood type/body type, getting some exercise, and of course getting the proper amount of sleep where your body regenerates and repairs itself. In the beginning God/Creator gave us the garden of Eden .God also gave us the ability to oversee the other creatures/animals, and the land.The love of money has allowed our food supply to be toxic, and for the most part deficient in nutritional value ,that can not sustain our bodies in a healthy manner for the long haul.I do take a customized 26 supplements daily, 13 in the morning, and 13 at night time. I am continually researching new supplements, herbs and food sources.If and when I know better I have changed my daily supplements by either removing or adding to my daily intake.The old outdated FDA/RDA standards are obsolete, and ineffective in keeping our bodies at optimal health. I consult Integrative Doctors, and Homeopathic Doctors if I have a question about any issue that may concern me or a loved one. I make sure the integrative doctor knows the natural supplements as well as prescribed medications I or my loved ones are taking. I then do even more follow up research.There are so many other environmental combatants we face. Knowledge is power. We need to be more aware of the very things that have a negative impact on our bodies. Sorry I can be go on forever.I am in my mid fifties,5′ 7″ 133 libs, and living, laughing, and loving life in the healthiest way God allows me.Still trying to limit/kick my sugar addiction. Thank-you for also being a health/wellness advocate.May God grant you the ability to continue to help others on their health/wellness journey.

  • Michelle S. says:


    I love the video and I commend you for taking on this project and agree with you whole-heartedly. I have always felt and believed that health begins with ourselves and the choices we make. The medical system needs to change from “sick care” to true “health care” and we all need to take more responsibility for our own health. My maternal grandmother, my great uncle, and paternal grandfather all had diabetes and my mother has diabetes and so does her two sisters and two brothers. My brother and I do not have diabetes and we are close to 50. Keep on keeping on!

  • Diana Carlton says:

    Hello, Marjory. I’m a New Zealander (or kiwi) living in Australia and I’m really looking forward to when your book is published and your journey along the way. All the best with writing it. Regards, Diana.

  • M Peterson says:

    I have a difficult time listening to your videos.I usually give up long before the end. Your voice is MUFFLED by something, the microphone or whatever. Your words don’t come out clear at all. Could that be changed?
    I am delighted when anyone stresses the importance of good food instead of sugared-down crap. Hospitals are notorious. I am being tested for possible cancer that has already spread so diet to me is extremely important.

  • Mary says:

    Great talk. I could listen to you all day, as you are speaking from experience. I went to the Charlotte Gerson Health Restoration Center in July, 2012 and learned the Gerson Therapy for a week. I’ve been doing it ever since and it changed my life. I am 66 yrs. young and feel more alive than I did at 20. I’m learning to grow herbs, (I live in a townhouse in CO, and want to grow food indoors in winter.) I admire your ability to be self-sufficient, and want to get a house with a yard and garden. Life began for me in my 60s, and I never imagined the best years are ahead of me. I plan on living another 60 yrs.! I love your energy-it’s called health!

  • Joy Metcalf says:

    We don’t have a health-care system. We have a sickness care system, and it promotes illness. I was taking a friend to chemo and radiation treatments (which make no sense to me since they DESTROY the immune sytem, which is vital to healing), and at the hospital and chemo/radiation centers they were giving her sugary treats and telling her that diet makes no difference. Yet, the research is abundant that diet can actually cure as well as prevent disease, and that sugar feeds cancer.

    WRT genetics, the latest research is in epigenetics, which means that your genes turn on and off according to environment. Your exercise is environment, your food is environment, your emotions are environment. If your family all act the same and eat the same, of course they’re going to have the same diseases.

  • Im not such an skilled when it involves this. awesome browse, appreciate your bloging this.

  • Kathleen Kesinger says:

    I agree, Marjory – we do know more than we realize we do. I’ve tried to eat healthy most of my life and I’ve been pretty healthy. At 75, I can keep up with most of the younger people, and – according to the trainer at the gym, I’m the “white-haired lady who can kick everybody’s butt.” I inherited some pretty good genes, but the way I eat and exercise is not shared by most of the rest of my family. The are happy that I’m healthy, but not interested in eating or exercising the healthy way themselves. They prefer eating whatever tastes good and drinking sodas rather than water. Once in a while, I forget that they don’t share my healthy philosophy and try to get them going in a good direction, only to be met with stubborn resistance. It’s hard to watch them battle sickness and problems that are labeled “old age” when in reality, they could feel much better if they would just try my lifestyle. I am committed for the long haul to a healthy regimen and see the benefits daily. Keep up the good work.

  • I’ve ONE single photo of my wedding ceremony day.

  • beviweaver says:

    I REALLY appreciate people who are SO passsionate about what they do, that the MOST important thing is to share it with others and it is NOT MONEY motivated! Don’t get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with being comensated for sharing your information as I know how much work that takes. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart (and I am sure I speak for others like myself who know virtually nothing about growing gardens and such) that you make this VERY affordable and VERY basic so we can take it all in and soon be masters at it. I appreciate how you get right to the point – as this saves me a great deal of time. So, thank you for creating this program for us newbies!

    I would like to share with you and others on how I healed myself from Endometriosis.. IT was simple – COLON cleansing. There are A LOT of herbs that go into this protocol, and since you are a master at growing gardens, I know you have your hands in many of these herbs already.

    Cleansing is VERY important for optimal health! This is how I kept myself from having my 4th surgery.. That was 23 years ago and I have NOT seen a doctor since. On my quest to stay away from the doctors, I found the ARISE & SHINE cleansing program 24 years ago. This was the key to my vibrant health and HEALING. I began as a vegetarian, then went to being vegan and then “raw foodist” and KNOW what it’s like to feel great! While I no longer practice vegetarianism – or raw food for that matter, I know what it takes to stay healthy and colon cleansing is definetely one of the keys.

    I think everyone on this posting has had many awesome stories to tell and share, as I read the majority of them. In order to be happy and healthy it really does takes a lot of research, trial and error, as it is truly a challenge to keep these bodies in tip top shape!

    THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU for all that you do and share!

  • Kelly says:

    I just discovered this on the site. It is so true, I always say to my college students and patients that your health is your wealth. Health and wellness is being tapped in and tuned in to your own body. Food is medicine!

  • debraundergrace says:

    Greetings Marjory and Friends! Finally. At last. A network of friends who are sharing a like-minded need to find what is real in life. Finally I can start to breathe. The cave mentality of modern life is mentally, physically, and even emotionally unhealthy. What can be expected when we isolate ourselves from what is real and true? I’m ready to finally shake free from feeling the terrible sense of Not belonging to a community of like-minded people – people seeking a true, simple life worth living. I appreciate you, and I’m glad to be onboard! Love, Debra.

  • jscyrus58 says:

    Margory, It is an excellent medical counsel for health! I agree with you, in any field, there is no match for the commonsense and practical experience! In my understanding, we need treatment for all 3 human personalities—body, soul (mind), and spirit. Health issue in any one of the 3 personalities will affect the other 2. We know that a sound mind in a sound body. We must also understand that a sound body and mind in a sound spirit! So, we ought to learn about all 3 personalities and take care of them in order to have good health.

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