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When it comes to living self-sustainably, there are so many different factors that are necessary to ensure your success. We understand that managing all the aspects of homesteading can be very overwhelming. To make it easier to start, and continue, your journey, we’ve broken down the elements of sustainable living into bite-sized chunks on our homesteading blog. 

Explore articles that delve into methods for growing your own food, making your own remedies, caring for your soil, composting everything (even the stuff you’re “not supposed to compost”), and so much more. Browse our entire collection of sustainable living blogs to discover some of the most comprehensive resources for building your eco-friendly way of life.

The 5 Minute Prepper #13: Stay Tuned Into Disasters with NOAA Weather Radio
date_range November 28, 2013
view_list 5 Minute Prepper

By Rob Hanus What if I told you there is a radio service available whose sole

A Backyard Business With A Huge Upside
date_range November 25, 2013
view_list Building Community

A few months ago I was looking to buy some rabbits to replace my livestock. The old man who I used to buy from had gone out of business (he is now in

The 5 Minute Prepper #12: 8 Items You May Have Overlooked For Your First-Aid Kit
date_range November 21, 2013
view_list 5 Minute Prepper

By Rob Hanus  If you don't have any FAKs or want to run a quick check on

Green Meat – Food Exploration In Strange Places
date_range November 14, 2013
view_list Articles

I stopped by a Spec's liquor store recently.  No,

(video) Grow Food On Your Patio With The Garden Tower
date_range November 08, 2013
view_list Container Gardening

Here is compact and easy way to grow food on your patio; simple, low tech, yet highly productive. You can grow all kinds of greens and veggies in a sm

A Path To A Sugar Free Life
date_range October 22, 2013
view_list General Health and Nutrition

Sugar: Take it Away Marjory! Do you remember that show where Oprah comes out on stage pulling a wagon full of blubber to celebrate her weig

(video) How To Identify Plants Quickly; Botany In A Day Interview With Thomas Elpel
date_range October 17, 2013
view_list Gardens

Would you like to be able to quickly and easily identify all kinds of plants? Even be able to recognize species while driving 60 m.p..h. down the high

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Marjory Wildcraft founded The Grow Network with a purpose and a mission in mind. Our company was created to stop the destruction of our planet, prevent the extinction of the human race, overhaul modern medicine, and fight against the root causes of modern diseases. Our team is composed of passionate individuals with tons of expertise in their field. Every one of our team members is passionate about our homesteading blog, permaculture farming, and sustainable living in general. Everyone contributes to our Community, sharing ideas, developing guides, and creating videos.

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In addition to the advice you can find on our homesteading and permaculture blog, we also started a forum to help community members find answers to some of their most burning questions. We understand that each of you is operating in a unique environment and needs answers to personalized concerns. Find a new home online with our homesteading blog and the eco-friendly community at The Grow Network today!