(video) Ancient Inuit Technology With A Modern Twist; Marjory Wildcraft Talks With Pat Farneman

Majory Wildcraft talks to Patrick Farneman about his unique skin-on kayaks and how they are made. Skin-on frame kayaks are a modern application of ancient Inuit technology. It’s an affordable, lightweight, sturdy kayak that is a joy to behold and even more fun to paddle.  Patrick Farneman has been building these kayaks for a long time now and even teaches a workshop course on building them.  Check out Patrick’s website at http://www.bridgestothepast.org/


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  • Terry says:

    after watching your kayak post I thought I would coment. I used that same two part resin to line an old tank that had small holes in it and then used it for my aqua-ponics fish tank. It holds water well and is safe for the fish! plan on lining my bigger better grow beds for next year! Master Gardener Terry

    1. Marjory Wildcraft says:

      Nice tip Terry. thanks

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