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The Growing Threat of Antibiotic Resistance

The antibiotic apocalypse? The end of modern medicine? Impossible” is the reaction I often get. So for those of you, like me, who are trying to educate friends and family on the gravity of the situation, I’ve put together this “news reel” highlighting some of the biggest headlines over the last 18 months. Share with those you love!

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Gobble gobble, cough cough The High Cost of Cheap Turkey


Here in Virginia, a regular 15 pound turkey at the supermarket will cost you about $30 or less. But if you want a local, traditional turkey like a Bourbon Red, raised on pasture - expect to pay anywhere from $60-$90. That’s a lot of money! Is it really worth it? I saw some turkeys on my home a few weeks ago that definitely answered that question for me...

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Are you in the know? Or no? What is Your Antibiotics IQ?

What is Your Antibiotics IQ?

The Quickly Changing World of Antibiotics Well, if you haven’t been following along about the state of antibiotic resistance in the world today… it’s time to do your homework! The “superbugs” are here.  But don’t let the media fool you – antibiotic resistance isn’t about a handful of “superbugs.”  Any bacteria can develop resistance to […]

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CAFO Capers Antibiotic Resistance on the Move

Crowded pig farm

New Development in Antibiotic Resistance A new study came out on Tuesday that investigates the way antibiotic resistance spreads on pig farms, and beyond.  What did they find?  Well, let’s just say that what happens on the pig farm doesn’t necessarily stay on the pig farm. The study was led by Michigan State University’s Center […]

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