QUIZ: What Is Your Antibiotics IQ?

Do antibiotics still work?

Is it safe to take antibiotics? And are there safer ways to heal our infections? Without dropping antibiotic BOMBS on our immune system.

These are questions I’ve been asking myself lately. . . .

Doctors are too quick to prescribe antibiotics, right?

And the spread of antibiotic resistant “superbugs” makes me NERVOUS to go into a hospital with a compromised immune system!

. . . And I know many of you share my concerns!

So I thought you might enjoy the opportunity to test your knowledge of antibiotics with this short quiz.

And find out…

What Is Your Antibiotics IQ?
Take the FREE Quiz Now!

It’s important that we’re informed!

. . . Because when the World Health Organization declares “the end of modern medicine,” you know the problem is SERIOUS.


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