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3 Tips For Working Outside In The Cold

Working Outside In The Cold As A Homesteader

As you start to live more sustainably you will be spending more time outdoors. And in the winter it can be tough. Getting or cutting firewood, tending livestock, taking care of the orchards or greenhouse – all of these activities mean you’ll be outside, in the cold. Here are my three best tips for staying warm and toasty during the winter months:

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Surviving A Cold Night With Nothing But The Clothes On Our Backs

Picture of a cold night outside in the desert

“You have deep survival in your genes. All of your ancestors were survivors or you wouldn’t be here now,” David told us. “Humanity has faced plagues, famine, wars, floods, and every form of disaster you can imagine. In your lineage are people who fled, or fought, or learned, or adapted. The people who didn’t make it, died. You are direct descendants of all those who survived. You have it in you even if you don’t know it…”

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huaraches de tres puntos Why Go Barefoot?


The Best Minimalist Shoes are Homemade Marjory loves to go barefoot. And she’s not alone. In this video, she talks to master herbalist Doug Simons about some of the reasons why they both prefer to go without shoes most of the time. They also show some of the “running shoes” used by the Tarahumara in […]

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Teen Wilderness Adventure Series

Get ready for an extreme outdoor adventure as you learn the skills required to live in the woods! Imagine yourself being able to track deer, rabbits, raccoons, and other wildlife. And imagine that you have actually trapped one using the snares and deadfalls that you’ve learned to construct. Imagine that you know how to process […]

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How to Survive Living in Your Car

From August 25th 2012 until over a year later, I slept and lived in my car in Los Angeles, California. In my last article, I told my story about moving to Los Angeles to follow my dream of becoming an actor, only to realize that the cost of living in the city made it nearly […]

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