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7+ Ways to Prevent Gum Disease and Heal Your Gums
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date_range January 11, 2023
Discover the many natural ways you can treat and prevent gum disease.
Toxic Dental Care: 11 Ways Your Dentist Can Make You Sick
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date_range October 10, 2020
Here's how to protect yourself from toxic dental care and the hazardous materials and procedures that are widely used in commercial dentistry.
The Hidden Dangers of Commercial Dental Care
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date_range April 16, 2019
Learn how toxic dental care could be affecting your health, which dental materials and practices are most harmful, and 5 questions you really should a
Want a healthy body? Start with a healthy mouth!
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date_range March 07, 2018
I'll be speaking at this month's Holistic Oral Health Summit. Join me? (It's free!)