grapevine Marjory Wildcraft
Create Cool Shade With This Easy Plant
Marjory ..
date_range August 01, 2019
Marjory's patio used to be too hot to enjoy during the summer ... until she rustled up a few cattle panels and a little resourcefulness to create this
The Grapes of Youth: 11+ Age-Defying Reasons to Love This Plant
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date_range June 15, 2018
The grapevine has much more to offer besides grapes — and you might be surprised by some of its age-defying benefits.
Homesteading Basics: Is the Fruit You Eat Bad for Your Teeth?
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date_range August 04, 2016

A Great Example of Stacking Functions

Marjory planted this grapevine on the southwest side of her house a few years ago. Believe it or not,