15 Skills You Need to Survive a Medical Emergency

What if there’s no doctor? Would you know what to do in an emergency?

Many of us have basic first aid skills, but in a severe collapse scenario where qualified medics, instruments, diagnostics, medicines, and other supplies are limited …

… would you be able to manage shock? Treat a gunshot wound? Set a broken boneDeal with dental pain and infections? And do it all with herbs, medical equipment, and supplies you have on hand?

In all, there are 15 skills you need to have in order to handle a medical emergency during The End Of The World As We Know It:

  1. Trauma assessment and response
  2. Recognizing and managing shock
  3. Debriding, cleaning, suturing, and closing wounds, including those caused by a gunshot, knife, chainsaw, and axe
  4. Creating a sterile field for surgery
  5. Assessing and managing dehydration
  6. Setting broken bones and splinting sprains
  7. Treating burns
  8. Controlling and healing internal and external infections
  9. Treating venomous snake and spider bites
  10. Managing dental pain and infections
  11. Managing respiratory infections
  12. Using herbs to control pain
  13. Finding medicinal wild plants in your area
  14. Sourcing and stocking medical equipment and supplies
  15. Making and using your own medicine

Learn all this and more—including how to save lives when you’re far from medical help or when it’s simply not available—in the in-depth When There Is No Doctor training.

In it, Dr. Patrick Jones—traditional naturopath, clinical herbalist, and retired veterinarian—teaches the essential skills you will most likely need in a crisis.

You’ll learn:

  • The skills you need to save lives in a medical emergency
  • What to do in those first few critical minutes to give your loved ones a better chance at survival and future health, even if the ambulance is on its way
  • What to stock up on, so you’ll always have the right supplies on hand
  • How to find, identify, and prepare effective medicines from wild plants
  • And a whole, whole lot more!

This training is digital, so you can watch and learn in the comfort of your own home.

Click here to get our exclusive When There Is No Doctor training—and become the lifesaver your family needs in a crisis!


This is an updated version of an article that was originally published on June 18, 2020.

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