How to Poultice a Dislocated Elbow

Last October, Katrina Blair showed me how to poultice a dislocated elbow (which happened to be mine!).

In this excerpt from her upcoming presentation at our Home Medicine Summit, “Powering Community Building With Wild Weeds,” watch as she prepares and applies a poultice made with comfrey, plantain, and mallow.

Then, be sure to check out Katrina’s entire FREE presentation at The Grow Network’s Home Medicine Summit, which kicks off Monday, October 15!

In it, you’ll discover:

  • The common weed that has more calcium than milk 
  • 5 hugely successful community-building projects powered by wild weeds 
  • The common weed that heals your liver 

And much more!

Get your free ticket to the Home Medicine Summit here:

Home Medicine Summit -- Starts October 15!

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This post was written by Marjory Wildcraft


  • StacyLou says:

    Great information – I’m looking forward to the summit!

  • Marjory Wildcraft says:

    Hi StacyLou,
    I am in complete awe of Katrina. You’ll love the full episode. I am planning on taking some classes from her next year.

  • Sandy says:

    Since seeing Katrina’s first Home Grown Summit appearance I have looked upon my treasury of field herbs with different eyes. Instead of “sanitizing” them out of my beds I now study them for the properties and characteristics that make them garden allies. My garden is a riot of field herbs in leaf and bloom with their more delicate vegetable cousins peeking out from behind herbal borders. That herbal poultice looked so soothing. I would bet there are herbal poultices that would be very restorative after a long, hard week in the garden applied to feet and hands, calves… If I had the tub, and the time, and the volume of herbs, a whole body poultice now and again with every gooey scrap of it poured over my compost pile! Ahhh, the good life is ahead! In further fact, decades ago, during my first Northern winter I managed to dislocate both of my thumbs when trying to open the door of my old Ford station wagon. The only herb I don’t have is mallow. It will have spot in the deep mulch bed I am about to set p for planting next Spring. Yo! Home spa, here I come!

    1. Marjory Wildcraft says:

      Oh I am in love with that idea of a whole body poultice!!!

  • Joy says:

    That is awesome. Very ingenious.

    1. Marjory Wildcraft says:

      Hi Joy, glad youliked it.

      A year later, my elbow is almost completely healed. I am working on getting that last bit of extension in the arm, and re-building strength. Yikes, push ups 🙂
      But seriousdly my arms got so flabby with that injury – and it was shockingly short time.

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