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‘As Hot as a Razorback’s Armpit’: Survival Foraging Across the Ozark Highlands Trail, Part 2
Scott Se..
date_range August 17, 2018
Join Scott on he completes his 30-Day Survival Challenge with a hike across the Ozark Highlands Trail, eating only foods he can forage, hunt, and catc
Sodium for Survival: 8 Ways to Find This Essential Nutrient in the Wilderness
Scott Se..
date_range August 07, 2018
Sodium is an essential nutrient -- but how do you find it when you're living off the land in a survival situation?
Living Off the Land: Surviving Week #1
Scott Se..
date_range July 12, 2018
In a survival situation, could you forage enough food to last 30 days? Here's how to survive the first week when you're living off the land.
Eat a (Poison Ivy) Leaf to Get Relief?
Scott Se..
date_range June 30, 2018
Itching to learn more about building immunity to poison ivy? If so, this controversial method could be right up your alley.
The Grapes of Youth: 11+ Age-Defying Reasons to Love This Plant
Scott Se..
date_range June 15, 2018
The grapevine has much more to offer besides grapes — and you might be surprised by some of its age-defying benefits.