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An Illustrated Glossary of 49 Botanical Terms
Scott Se..
date_range April 06, 2022
What does "perennial" mean? What about "venation" or "whorl"? Find out in this no-nonsense, illustrated guide to nearly 50 botanical terms.
15 Wild Foods That Will Keep You Alive In An Emergency
Scott Se..
date_range April 16, 2020
Living off the land, whether by choice or by chance? These 15 wild foods will help you stay alive.
Is the Flu Shot Really Effective?
Scott Se..
date_range January 16, 2020
Is the flu shot really effective? Here's a look at some surprising statistics—straight from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Cattails: 10+ Uses for the Swiss Army Knife of the Swamp
Scott Se..
date_range June 13, 2019
From food source to fire starter—and a whole lot in between—cattails are among nature's most versatile plants. Here's how to find and use them.
Hackberries: Nature’s Grape-Nuts for Winter Survival
Scott Se..
date_range January 11, 2019
Here's how to identify, harvest, and eat hackberries -- the ubiquitous fruit you can enjoy in a number of ways (even as cereal!) in the dead of winter