How to Create Living Soil … And Why You Should

Tom Bartels over at GrowFoodWell.com has a great series of free gardening videos that he’s agreed to let us share with our TGN Community. In the third and final video in the series, he explores the concept of “living soil” and why it’s unquestionably the biggest part of his garden success.

Learn to design your garden so you only have to weed once per year in Tom’s first video, here.

Learn to avoid garden pests and disease organically in Tom’s second video, here.

In fact, he told us, “Living soil has made it so much easier for me to grow food at home that I’ve kept making it, uninterrupted, for over 18 years. It’s that good.”

Learn how to invite billions of helpers to your own garden party in Tom’s video, here:

By the way, Tom offers a free 46-page “Food Gardener’s Quick Start Guide” e-Book over at his site that you’ll definitely want to get here.

For a very limited time, he’s also offering his incredible, in-depth Food Gardener’s Video Workshop to TGN Community members at a major discount. Learn more here.

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