Do THIS and Only Weed 1x Per Year! (VIDEO)

Tom Bartels over at GrowFoodWell.com has a great series of free gardening videos that he’s agreed to let us share with our TGN Community. The topic of his first video is super-intriguing—Tom teaches us how to reduce weeds in the garden by design, so you only need to weed once per year.

The same methods will help optimize the growth in your garden beds during the whole season!  It’s all about growing more food with less work, using natural systems.

Check out the video here:

By the way, Tom offers a free 46-page “Food Gardener’s Quick Start Guide” e-Book over at his site that you’ll definitely want to get here.

For a very limited time, he’s also offering his incredible, in-depth Food Gardener’s Video Workshop to TGN Community members at a major discount. Learn more here.

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  • Laurette Janak says:

    I was looking forward to the weeding video but instead, a video on compost came up. Do you have a link to the weeding video?

  • jmarlened says:

    Ditto what Laurette said. The email we received said we would be looking at the weeding video, but the compost video came up. The compost video was really good, but I’d like to see the really good weeding video, too.

  • Edward says:

    I checked out his youtube video channel and couldn’t find the weeding video.

  • bonnie.hargrave says:

    Agree. The email link goes to video 3 and we should be seeing video 1. Since email is a noreply, oh well. I did go to his website and download the .pdf for free. In three sentences, the method given there for keeping weeds down is to plant in blocks instead of rows. The example in the .pdf was 20′ long by 2’wide with 12″-18″ between blocks. Theory appears to be that the plants placed in groups instead of rows form a canopy that shades out any potential weeds.

  • jmarlened says:

    OK. The link to the proper video is working now.

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