Treat 30+ Common Complaints With Homemade Lavender Oil

Do you feel like you have the art of preventing colds “figured out” in your household?

There are the common herbal cold remedies that we all hear about, such as garlic and elderberry . . .

. . . but there is one little-talked-about, simple herbal remedy that goes a long way toward preventing colds:

Homemade herbal oils.

I know, that isn’t the remedy folks usually think of to help keep colds at bay!

That’s why I’m so excited about a free workshop my friend and colleague Kami McBride is offering: It’s about how to make herbal oils that can help you keep your family well.

Claim Your Seat at the Free Workshop Now!

(You probably remember some of Kami’s presentations from TGN’s Summits — she’s been teaching the art of making herbal oils for more than 20 years, and she really knows her stuff!)

In this free workshop, Kami shows you exactly how to make an incredible batch of lavender-infused herbal oil — without spending a lot of time and money!

When you register for this free workshop, you’ll also get Kami’s bonus e-Book on “Lavender Infused Oil,” which walks you through the process of creating lavender oil, step-by-step. 

You’ll end up with a powerful home remedy that helps prevent coldsbut that’s not all it does!

Here are some of the other ways you can safely use this oil to have a big impact on your family’s health throughout the year:

Prevent Stress

We all know that stress is a big illness trigger. Used as a back rub or bath oil, lavender oil really does live up to its age-old reputation as “the great stress buster.”

Stay Moisturized

When it comes to staying hydrated, we often think about drinking more fluids. But keeping your skin moisturized is an important part of the equation, too.

Oiling and moisturizing your skin is the topical conditioning that keeps your lymph moving . . . which keeps your immune system working for you.

So, if you start to feel a little run-down or susceptible to catching a cold, oil up your skin!

We often hear about garlic, elderberry, and all the other cold-care superstar herbs in the context of chasing down a cold . . .

. . . but preventing stress and keeping your skin moisturized are amazing PREVENTION techniques that, when you do them a little bit every day, add up to better overall health.

Check out how you can make this super-easy lavender remedy in your own kitchen.

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