Gunshot WARNING: Maine Peg Tells Marjory Wildcraft Her Story

Think all those gunshot scenes on TV are even close to real? A single shot, which only landed on a harmless target, still managed to destroy a life. New gun owners beware! Marjory Wildcraft interviews Maine Peg Gannon for this true-life story with a warning for everyone. There is currently an explosion of new gun owners, and with good reason. Self-defense is an important skill for a mature human being. Women are the biggest group of all new gun owners. But these are powerful weapons so watch this story to understand how important it is to treat them with the utmost respect.

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  • Jim Johnson says:

    Worm composting does several good things.
    1. It keeps vegative waste out of the comunity waste stream. (our kitchen wastes go to the bin)
    2. It give the worm “breeder” a common thread with the cattle folks: “yeah, I only have 40 thousand head of livestock.” If you use this ploy, don’t wait too long to explain the exacture nature of your ranching efforts.
    3. The relative difference between fertilizing results between castings and manufactured fertilizers is like comparing worm poo to, well, rocks.
    4. About 40 bucks will get your herd off to a good start. They are sensitive to prolonged heat, lack of humidity, and extreme cold.

    1. Marjory Wildcraft says:

      Thanks Jim,

      You know, here is Texas – big hat country – it would e good to have a way to brag about the size my my herd.

  • faultroy says:

    It certainly true that everyone should ALWAYS use hearing protection. I’m ex USMC, and when I was in the Corps, we put cotton wads in our ears. It turns out that this is insufficient, and I and millions of Marines wound up with some hearing damage.

    However, it is also true that while shooting a firearm will cause hearing loss, so will working in a factory near heavy equipment, running a chainsaw, woodworking equipment etc. Pretty much any loud noise has to potential of causing hearing loss.

    But, to develop the type of hearing loss that Maine Peg developed is very unusual. I’ve never heard of it before and I am very familiar with some of the problems related to hearing loss since I have suffered significantly over the years from even standing next to certain motorcycles.

    The loss from all those years is not nearly as significant as what happened to Peg.

    Furthermore, I regularly hunt, and when we hunt, we do not have on hearing protection for obvious reasons, and while I am certain that we sustain some hearing damage, it certainly is not as significant as to worry about going deaf.

    Having said that, I agree with Maine Peg and recommend that you always wear hearing protection when possible. However the idea of shooting off a 38 special and going deaf is very rare.

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