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How To Identify Plants Quickly
date_range August 01, 2017
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Marjory Wildcraft interviews Botany In A Day author, Thomas Elpel about how to identify plants quickly and easily.
Catch Marjory Wildcraft on TV this Weekend!
date_range January 15, 2016
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Marjory Wildcraft on Central Texas Gardener Marjory Wildcraft will be featured on this week's episode of the public television show Central Texas Gard
(Video) Building an Oven with Cob
David Th..
date_range October 26, 2015
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I usually like to do things fast! Why bake when you can fry? Why whittle when you can use a bandsaw? Why bother planting all your seeds in perfect
(video) Rocket Mass Heaters and Stoves With Paul Wheaton
date_range March 12, 2015
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The absurdly efficient, ridiculously cheap, surprisingly comfortable way to heat your home.   Check out this video where I met up with Paul Whe
What Do You Want To Ask Richard Heinberg? Author of “Snake Oil”
date_range August 19, 2014
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Do you remember back in 2006 or so when oil and gas prices were rising and the mainstream media was talking about the reality of peak oil and how prod