How to Grow Food When you Have no Yard

2020 has been a wild ride. I’m a bit behind in making videos for you, but . . . I thought it was about time for a life update!

I found myself in Puerto Rico through the 2020 earthquakes and COVID-19 pandemic. While I’m a legal Puerto Rican citizen, I don’t yet have a permanent home on the island. For now, I’ve been renting Airbnb’s, which has been great.

How to Grow Food When You Have No Yard

One of the houses I rented was advertised as a “garden house.” I was expecting it to have, well, some sort of space to garden or grow things. Of course, “garden house” doesn’t actually mean it has a garden. Perhaps it was foolish to think there would be ample area for small-space gardening. It turned out there was little to no garden space to speak of, although the property was certainly beautiful.

I had to get creative and find ways to grow food when you have no yard. I made a few videos for all of you to share some tips on how I started some veggie seeds . . . and may or may not have participated in some guerilla gardening!

Oh, and did I mention the iguanas?

Stay tuned to see how I did despite the fun garden pests and lack of growing space!

What Do You Think?

What are your best tips for growing food with no yard?


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