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Elena Upton
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Fast Fact: Elena’s first book, Mastering Alternative Medicine: Your Family’s Guide to Wellness, is set to release this spring. Find all the details and more great tips on her website!


Tell us a bit about your background—your heritage, where you grew up, and what first drew your attention to the world of natural remedies?

I am a native of New England, and my family ancestry is Italian. You know what that means . . . good food!

My paternal grandparents had a garden, and my grandfather made his own wine. He also owned small neighborhood grocery stores (five at one point). I remember them as being no more than probably 500–600 square feet and jam-packed with fruits and vegetables and imported Italian grocery products.

I would go into the store up the hill from my house after school and, of course, make my way to the little ice cream cooler. He kept a box of change by the register for those who needed a little extra, and I’d pick out a nickel to buy a frozen treat.

I also remember he had a large notebook with names and numbers scribbled in it. He said it was for “credit.” The locals would come in and pick up food staples they needed and run a tab, promising to come back later to pay.

This didn’t connect me with natural medicine specifically, but it gave me a foundation for good, healthy food and a sense of taking care of the community.

Was there a particular “Aha!” moment in your family’s medical history that you’d consider a true turning point away from traditional treatment methods?

The “Aha!” moment that changed my life forever was a ski trip to Colorado with my husband and sons in 1988.

We were visiting my husband’s former college roommate, George, when his wife, Colleen, pulled out a little white box filled with vials. She referenced a booklet, opened one of the vials, and popped a few little pills into her mouth.

She had been getting noticeably sick with a cold. Within an hour or so, though, there was no sign of the cold continuing to materialize.

I asked her what had been in the box, and she said homeopathy.

I had never even heard the word before!

She went on to explain that it was natural medicine from Germany. It is made from tiny expressions of plant, animal, and mineral substances that act as “information” for the body to follow to heal itself.

I thought that was the most amazing thing I had ever heard! When we went back to Massachusetts, I immediately went to the library to research homeopathy. (There was no World Wide Web then.)

The reason I was so interested was because I was developing some health issues, my husband had health issues, and both my sons had their own health problems cropping up. It seemed whatever conventional medical intervention we were given only suppressed the problem or made it worse. I wanted to know what this magical medicine was and why I’d never heard of it.

Soon after, my husband was transferred to California, and my good friend’s family was also transferred there. At our first West Coast reunion, my friend mentioned learning about homeopathy in Ohio and had a prospectus in her hand for The British Institute of Homeopathy. They had opened a satellite school in Los Angeles. Needless to say, we both enrolled. This was the beginning of a decade of formal training in homeopathy.

My health immediately improved with the use of homeopathy. My husband’s lifelong allergies were gone, and my son’s chronic, seasonal bronchitis cleared. I never looked back.

You’re a strong believer in “food as your first medicine.” How has your diet and that of your family evolved since the days before your homeopathic training?

Wholesome, fresh food was always my first medicine with the rich experience from my family.

The piece of the puzzle that came next, once I was deeply ingrained in the holistic medical community, was developing an understanding of how our food sources had deteriorated with the use of preservatives, the introduction of fungicides into “modern” farming, and the advent of GMO seeds.

What studies/training did you undergo to lead to your role today as a homeopath, author, lecturer and product development specialist?

When you study homeopathy, or any other form of holistic medicine (naturopathic, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, chiropractic, etc.), you gain insight into working with the whole person mentally, emotionally, and physically.

This includes their energetic body.

It is a huge departure from the Western model of medicine, with its use of pharmaceutical drugs and invasive procedures. Instead, there is a respect for the innate intelligence of the body to heal itself, if given the correct information. This information comes in the form of clean, nutritious food and natural-based medicines.

My earliest experiences included a Canadian naturopathic doctor who came to work with me in the clinic I opened after finishing school. He had trained in Germany and opened my eyes to many modalities beyond homeopathy.

We found herbs, supplements, and homeopathic remedies to be a winning combination.

In addition, my older son became a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist (yes, I’m very proud!), and we have clients we work with together. He can read their pulse, use needles to direct or unblock energy, fix structural issues, etc., and homeopathy adds another dimension.

Sometimes, when someone is stuck in a certain health pattern and not making the expected progress, I treat with a homeopathic remedy that reaches the emotional blockages, and Bam!, their physical issues clear up.

Grief is, by far, the largest block to healing.

You make an especially ardent case against commonly used antibiotics. Please explain the research behind this movement and the top alternative treatments you credit with keeping you and your family off of antibiotics for 30 years now.

Before antibiotics (and before vaccines were introduced in response to epidemics), there was homeopathy.

It is over 230 years old and is the second largest system of medicine in the world—everywhere but America.

In my upcoming book, Mastering Alternative Medicine: Your Family’s Guide to Wellness, I briefly explain the history of homeopathy and how this inexpensive, safe medicine has been systematically driven out. The space here simply doesn’t allow me to explain the volume of research that exists for homeopathic remedies and the true facts about people saved from smallpox and other diseases when conventional medicine failed.

Armed with a reference guide and a homeopathic kit, you can stop many illnesses in their tracks before they even develop.

Examples include using Euphrasia as soon as symptoms of conjunctivitis (pink eye) arise; Hydrastis for sinusitis, and adding Sanguinaria if it’s chronic; mercurius solubilis or mercurius vivus for tonsillitis; hepar sulph calcarea for dental abscesses; Allium cepa for hay fever; Aconitum and Bryonia (or Gelsemium, depending on symptoms) for the common cold or flu; Belladonna or ferrum phos (depending on symptoms) for fever; and Nux vomica for acid reflux.

I could go on with pages and pages of natural solutions, and this is exactly the subject of my book. Listed above is just a small sampling of the FDA-approved remedies you can buy for $6 to $8 in any health food store or pharmacy or online. (I have an extensive reference section in the book on how to source the remedies you need.)

Not everyone has an opportunity to grow their own food or healing herbs. Even if you do, there are important natural remedies we all should know about sitting on a shelf in your health food store. Just as it takes effort to grow your own food, it takes effort to find health solutions not readily spoken about in mainstream society.

Please tell us how your new book came about and the personal research that fueled it.

For nearly 30 years, I have studied homeopathy and other holistic modalities.

It never gets old to see how quickly people improve (with no side effects) when they use remedies from nature.

I have gathered data, researched, and studied with medical professionals who have found another way . . . a safe way to stay healthy. It was a natural transition to pull it all together and share information you’ll never hear on the nightly news or from your insurance-mandated doctor.

It is your right to keep your family and yourself as healthy as possible. Bringing holistic medicine into your life may be what you are looking for, as it was for me.

Can you offer any last piece of healthy living advice that would be of interest to our Grow Network community?

I would like to stress that, because of the source of homeopathic remedies, they are safe for pregnant women, infants, and the elderly, as well as animals and plants. In essence, when you feed the body what it needs—clean, organic food and clean, natural medicine—it responds in kind.

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  • Rufus B. says:

    Why NOT put a link to this ladies book?

    1. Marjory Wildcraft says:

      As Lori down below points out – the book isn’t out yet. But I’ll make sure to put a notice in the community digests (TGN sends via email) so you’ll be the first to know when the book is out!

  • Lori Smith says:

    Hi Rufus B.,
    You must have missed the part that says it is coming out this spring- so it is most likely not available yet for sale as it has not yet been released. I, too, want to read it, and most likely will purchase it. I’ve been into herbs and foods for medicine for 35 years, but I have just been self-teaching myself homeopathy the last two years or so.

  • Marilyn says:

    Great article. Oh, how those grandfathers influence our lives! 🙂 My grandparents were from Berkeley, CA. My grandfather grew up in Ohio and homeopathics was all his family used. My grandfather studied it and passed his knowledge on to me as a teen in the late 60’s. He had a homeopathic remedy called a Zerp – for Gerd (LOL- Zerp rhymes with purp) but he would not touch medicine even up to the end of his life at age 93. He also used veggie supplements in the 60’s. I still have some of his “veggie” tablet tins his supplements came out of. I started with not just homeopathics, but herbs, acupuncture, reiki. Actually I was one of the first reiki classes in the early 80’s in America. Then became a naturopath in the mid 90’s. It’s been a great life helping so many get well – or stay well … it’s out natural inheritance vs being usurped by the medical mafia – although I do support emergency medicine, OF course!

    Living in the mountains, I’ve always bought herbs or plants. I’ve only been able to grow the basics so
    I took a recent class here at TGN for hopeful plant identification for when I travel to friends off the mountain so I can assist and further teach them to find their own medicine right out their doors vs. spending at the farmers market or grocery/health stores – hoping to save them much money.
    Great reminder class for other healing food tidbits, by the way! 🙂

  • Arthur Peters says:

    This is fantastic! I will keep an eye out for her book, when it comes out later.

  • AJ says:

    Because homeopathy is increasing in popularity in the US now (it’s still tiny though), you no longer have to go to a health food store or search online to find some for sale. At least in southeastern Pennsylvania, homeopathic products are being sold in some conventional supermarkets near the supplements aisle. This is a wonderful advancement, as it exposes ordinary shoppers to an alternative source of medicine they would never seek out otherwise. We should all request our local grocery stores to carry at least some homeopathic products so they can get exposure in the community. Once people start seeing it often, it will become more normal and less scary and strange. Thank you Ms. Upton for all the work you do!

  • mamat34gb says:

    So grateful for her book coming out this spring! 🌻

  • donnadevane says:

    It’s wonderful that more young people are understanding the importance of good food and the fun of growing your own groceries. I was taught by grandparents and am so thankful for all the love & wisdom they shared with me growing up.

  • Ruby says:

    Wow great interview! I love reading her books so much! I have been waiting for her upcoming book. Ruby from http://www.cookwarelab.net/ten-best-non-stick-cookware-set/

  • sslaird1963 says:

    This sounds like a wonderful resource for both beginners and more knowledge able folks; looking forward to it.

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