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Wild Mushroom Foraging: Identifying and Eating Foraged Plants
Karen th..
date_range February 27, 2017
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Wild mushroom foraging is a skill that served our ancestors well for millennia, and it’s become somewhat of a lost art. Thankfully, it’s possible
Mushroom Hunting for Food and Fun
date_range June 10, 2016
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Amateur Mushroom Hunting Mushroom hunting is a time honored tradition that goes back hundreds of years or more in many cultures around the world.  Wi
Edible Weeds Growing In Your Area
James Sm..
date_range December 05, 2015
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A prepper knows that extreme changes can happen when you least expect them. Conditions might be the stark opposite of what you've been preparing for,
Wild Edibles from the Utah Desert
date_range November 09, 2015
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I've been studying and eating wild edible plants for several years now. I started this research in my local area of Utah, primarily the desert, by acc
Don’t Just Survive in the Wild – Thrive in the Wild
date_range July 19, 2015
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If you found yourself lost in the woods, how long could you make it? Do you know what plants are edible and which are not? Do you know which plants ca