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Homesteading Basics: Do Ducks Like Duckweed?
date_range August 30, 2016
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Duckweed is Great... But Do Ducks Like Duckweed? In the last episode of Homesteading Basics, we took a look at the popular permaculture plant called D
Homesteading Basics: Why Switch from Chickens to Ducks?
date_range May 31, 2016
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Would You Make the Switch? Marjory recently added some ducks to her homesteading repertoire.  You might ask, "Why would you switch from chickens to d
Overheated Ducks? No Problem!
date_range April 19, 2016
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The Problem is the Solution The permaculture motto is turn the problem into a solution.  In this case a quadruple solution. Lois M. in Oklahoma inhe
Ducks: The Farm Clown And So Much More
date_range December 02, 2014
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I never knew I was missing out on anything spectacular. I was just living life. But when our family ended up deciding to raise ducks as part of our se