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Is It Raining? Get Outside and Do THIS!
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date_range February 09, 2018
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Is it raining where you are? Here's the No. 1 reason you should get outside now!
A Guide for Using Tap Water in Your Garden
date_range March 09, 2015
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I understand the frustration that gardeners experience when they are forced to use tap water for gardening purposes. For most of my gardening life,
(video) Simple And Effective Watering Systems For Small Livestock
date_range October 30, 2014
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One of the reasons why growing meat and animal products is easier than vegetables, fruits, or nuts is because they will water themselves if you set it
Using Bottles For Inexpensive Water Saving Irrigation Yet Achieving Maximum Yield
date_range August 26, 2014
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 This is an entry in the 2014 Aug./Sept. writing contest with a combined prize value of over $1066.   Be sure to rate this article - your vo
You Can’t Grow Food Without Water; World Water Update
date_range July 15, 2014
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(Marjoy's note; this article by Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute is an excellent overview of how we stand in regards to our planets most pre