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Remove That Tomato Debris … Or Is There A Better Way? (Homesteading Basics)
Marjory ..
date_range October 28, 2021
What do you do with your tomato debris? Is it entirely necessary to remove it from the garden at the end of the season . . . or is there a better way?
Why Switch From Chickens to Ducks? (Homesteading Basics)
Marjory ..
date_range September 03, 2020
Ducks produce tasty eggs and excellent fertilizer—while being smarter than chickens and quieter than geese. Here's why I switched from chickens to d
Homesteading Basics: How to Dress for Working in the Heat
Marjory ..
date_range July 26, 2020
Dressing to stay cool when you're working outside in the heat isn't as simple as putting on a tank top and shorts. Learn Marjory's best tips in this v
Homesteading Basics: Should You Wash Your Vegetables in the Shower?
Marjory ..
date_range June 07, 2019
Kramer did it first ... should you, too? In this episode of "Homesteading Basics," Marjory explores whether it makes sense to wash your vegetables whi
Homesteading Basics: Keep Those Special Plants Close
date_range January 10, 2019
In this episode of Homesteading Basics, Marjory explains why it is important to keep your special medicinal plants very close to the house.