Free eBook – Ideas for a Permacultural Greenhouse

free-ebook-ideas-for-a-permacultural-greenhouseYou might remember back in March we shared some articles with you about our friend Francis Gendron, the Canadian Permaculture Designer who built the Greenhouse of the Future. This was a self-sufficient greenhouse capable of maintaining a warm growing environment straight through the harsh Canadian winters, without using any electricity from the grid. Francis makes use of some cutting-edge permaculture technology like:

• Passive Solar Energy
• Thermal Mass
• Passive Geothermal
• Passive Ventilation
• Compost Heating
• Rainwater Catchment

Francis trained at the Earthship Academy in Taos, New Mexico, and he is big on sustainability and self-sufficiency. His DVD The Greenhouse of the Future was a big success, because it demonstrated how to build a state-of-the-art sustainable greenhouse without contractors or heavy equipment. Mostly, he used recycled/repurposed materials and a big group of friends to do the work. You can see a clip from the DVD here:

Well, now Francis is offering the first 50 pages of his eBook for free. This is the eBook that accompanies his popular Greenhouse of the Future DVD. Here are some of the things covered in the book:

• The vision and the philosophy behind S.A.F.E. technologies (Safe Autonomy for Everyone)
• How and why tires are a safe and ecological way to build and save thousands of dollars
• Ongoing research and developments on how to improve ecological technologies
• An introduction to the cutting-edge permaculture technology described above, including Thermal Mass and Passive Geothermal

Just input your name and email address, and you will get the first 50 pages of Francis’ eBook delivered straight to your inbox. He will also send a few complementary videos as well. You don’t need to buy anything. As a disclaimer, if you do choose to buy anything while you’re on Francis’ site, a percentage of sales will go to the [Grow] Network.

We really like the ideas Francis and his team are working with. Many people write in each week to tell us about work they’re doing to build or improve greenhouses, and to tell us about the experiments they are trying out for different sources for heat. If you live in a cold climate, or if you are trying to grow through the winter in a greenhouse anywhere – we think this free eBook will be a valuable resource for you. So here’s the link:

Get the Free eBook The Greenhouse of the Future


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Michael Ford


Michael has been the resident editor at The [Grow] Network since January 2015. Michael grew up in St. Louis, where he became a lover of nature - hiking and fishing his way through the Ozark hills in Missouri. He attended Baylor University in Waco, TX, and he currently lives in Austin. Michael has background experience in small-scale farming, commercial growing, vegetable gardening, landscaping, marketing, and software development. He received his Permaculture Design Certification from the Austin Permaculture Guild in 2013.

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  • kris

    Can’t upload link for e-book Greenhouse of the Future.

  • Rita

    I’m having trouble downloading the book. I put in my info and a thank you note comes up, but nothing else.

    • Hi Rita – Links to the book and videos should be sent to your email inbox. Check your spam folder just in case, and let us know if you still can’t get it.

  • duggy dugg

    How much for the dvd and other materials ? I live in NJ.

    • Duggy dugg – The first 50 pages of the eBook are free. If you want to buy the DVD, I think that’ll run you $25 plus shipping for the physical DVD, or $20 for online access.

  • Jackie

    Super cool!

  • Sean

    Couldn’t download the e-book after paying. Left a message. No response.

  • margaret conyers

    Looking forward to reading mini book. This process of using up tyres is priceless. Never mind a greenhouse only what a good house this would make with greenhouse abutting – with internal access of course.

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