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How to Grow an Abundance of Spinach in the Winter
Lynn Gil..
date_range December 21, 2023
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Winter greenhouses are perfect for growing winter spinach. Spinach loves the cool growing temperatures, and winter greenhouses are the ideal place
The Best Variety of Kale to Grow in the Winter Greenhouse
Lynn Gil..
date_range December 13, 2023
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Kale grows exceptionally well in the cold winter months. In fact, is one of the best winter vegetables to grow, especially in a greenhouse. How
How to Build a Low Tunnel: A Simple, Inexpensive Way to Extend Your Growing Season
Michael ..
date_range January 24, 2023
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Want to extend your growing season? Building low tunnels is an easy, inexpensive DIY solution. Here, learn exactly what materials to use, how, and wha
Saving Heat in a Small Winter Hoop House
date_range January 21, 2023
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Once again I had no intention to compete in this quarter’s writing contest, but the article from the Mad Scientist (Russell) about his Greenhouse ha
Underground Walipini Pit Greenhouse Construction
The Grow..
date_range April 04, 2022
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Head underground to learn the basics of building a Walipini pit greenhouse—perfect for year-round growing in arid Southwestern climates!