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Bites – Stings – Rashes

Home Medicine

[i4w_not_logged_in] You must be logged in to view Module 1 of the Home Medicine 101 Course. >>> Login here to watch and listen to this webinar. Not a member yet? The purpose of the membership area is to help you to grow, prepare, and preserve your own food and medicine. [/i4w_not_logged_in] [i4w_is_logged_in] [divider] References Mentioned: […]

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Unlocking Garlic’s Healing Goodness

As many of you probably know, garlic is an amazing herb. It is loaded with amazing and natural antiseptic, anti hypertension, antibiotic, anti cancer, and anti fungal properties. As I watched Marjory’s amazing video about The Four Thieves Tonic, it occurred to me that there is a way to enhance the already effective formula even […]

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