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Your dinosaur did what?? Free eBook for Kids

My Dinosaur Ate My Broccoli Samples

Free eBook Giveaway for a Limited Time Stacey Murphy is the founder of BK Farmyards, a Brooklyn group that is cultivating urban agriculture by operating backyard farms, CSA programs, urban beehives, and farmer training courses. One outreach of BK Farmyards is their support of The Youth Farm.  This is an educational production farm in Brooklyn […]

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Growing Boys and Growing Vegetables


Even though I have been growing gardens for 53 years, and boys for 39, I do not claim to be an expert at either! I did happen to run into two good ideas for growing both, however, while experimenting with my youngest son on his vegetable garden. My youngest son was 15 at the time […]

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What We Learned about What “They Say”

We live out in the boonies, in south-central Tennessee, in an old house that has been sticky-taped together over five generations. Five acres, or so, is all that remains of the original homestead, with an old “baccer barn” (built for tobacco) and a few random outbuildings. The house and buildings weren’t built by our family, […]

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Teen Wilderness Adventure Series

Get ready for an extreme outdoor adventure as you learn the skills required to live in the woods! Imagine yourself being able to track deer, rabbits, raccoons, and other wildlife. And imagine that you have actually trapped one using the snares and deadfalls that you’ve learned to construct. Imagine that you know how to process […]

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8th Annual Bug Fest In Austin, TX

8th Annual Bug Eating Festival moves to local hangout in.gredients Bring the kids! Bring yourself! Bring your appetite! We’re gonna eat bugs! Entomophagy, better known as insect eating, is practiced by cultures all over the world, some estimates say up to 80% of the countries in the world have traditionally seen insects as just another […]

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