(video) Plastic Trellis Clips to Support Your Tomatos! Dead Simple System…

In this video I share a method I use to support my tomato plants with just one string per plant – using a plastic Tomato Trellis Clip. It’s fast, simple and works very well. It will save you time and labor.

I used electrical conduit as my “frame” to support my strings. At the time of this article the price is $2.00/10 foot section making it about the lowest cost for any type of pipe, bar or even wood. You can purchase the needed 90 degree elbows with set screws to connect the pipe and also 1/2 inch black pipe T-connector to join individual sections as well as tie in your vertical supports with the horizontal runs of your pipe.

The plastic clips came from Johnny’s Select Seed and can be ordered here: http://www.johnnyseeds.com/p-5909-tomato-trellis-clips-500-count.aspx At the time of this video (7/14) 500 count shipped was $32.70.

My “all-in” cost for this project was $64.71 which is less than if you were to purchase 20 of the cheapest 54″ tomato cages at Home Depot at $3.97 each = $79.40 without tax!

These clips can be used over and over so they should give you many years of service. You can even unclip and move them as you need when adjusting support for your tomatoes.

I also show you a neat trick using a single nail to make a variable tension adjuster with a simple slip knot.


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  • Mina Prina says:

    We think your system and ideas are excellent! Thank you for sharing. I’ve ordered the clips and found a source for Dazzle twine (Lowe’s since our local Home Depot doesn’t carry it). Thank you so very much for sharing your useful and wonderful ideas!

  • Todd says:

    Good job, good ideas. Only complaint is that I did not see this video before this growing season. A ++++++++++

  • Kiri says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have extremely rock soil, actually I have a tiny bit of soil covering my rocks so raised beds are mandatory for me. This idea really will be handy for me. I love it.

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