(video) If You Don’t Like How Money Works… You Gotta See This

Scott Pittman didn’t like how the banks were using his money, and he decided to do something about it.

I got to spend time with one of the legends of the permaculture movement – Scott Pittman. Scott and his wife live in a small eco-community located just a bit north of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I got you a video of a short interview I did with Scott. And I sort of flubbed it.

I mean, Scott has done so much….

When he told me he didn’t like how money worked, so he started his own credit union… I guess I was sort of speechless and you’ll see me stumble a bit. Because there was so much else I wanted Scott to talk about that he has done.

And yet, the concept of starting a credit union is such a great thing – I now wish I had done the whole interview just on that.

Credit Unions are designed as a way for communities to use the power of their own money for themselves.

Anyway, watch this short video and meet this amazing man.

Meet one of the legends of the Permaculture movement Scott Pitman and hear about how he got started and he is spreading the knowledge of Permaculture around the world.
Learn more about Scott at: http://permaculture.org


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  • Sally says:

    Would be very interested in a complete video as Credit Unions and State Banks are going to be the wave of the future, anything that does not go thru the Fed. Would like to know if his credit union will accept outsiders. In this day and age since EBICS was born (electronic transfer of funds) don’t have to use the fed aba or SWIFT system.

    1. Hi Sally, the credit union Scott founded operates in all 50 states. I think membership is contingent on you agreeing to the principles of permaculture – care of the earth, that kind of thing. Good stuff generally.

      I see so many comments on this, I will go ahead and book Scott for an in-depth interview.

  • villarosa says:

    YES, do an interview with Scott. We would all benefit! Thank you Marjory for all you do for us!

  • madaline says:

    Would love to hear more about the credit union, and thank you for all you are doing to educate the interested!

    Madaline Duran, aka The Jazz Garden

  • pat says:

    yes, it is time to get this
    established in our lives
    I have big bank in my
    area and need alternative

  • Fayette says:

    I am also fed up with being forced to be part of destructive behavior because there is no alternative. It is nice to see someone in a position to do something about it actually doing it! Thank you for taking the step! I have also heard several online presentations by Mr. Pittman and I understand the value of permaculture. I am concerned that many of the areas mentioned are what I call “warm” climates. I am wondering if the principles can be applied in a colder climate, northern Minnesota for example. In a practical sense there is only winter and summer. Being from another state originally, I feel summer is far too short. I would like to know if it is adaptable to cold climates in the same degree.

    1. Hi Fayette,

      Oh there is a ton of things you can do in northern climates. I’ll make a point of bringing more of that kind of information forward. The species and applications change a bit, but the principles are applicable everywhere.

  • Gary says:

    Yes, please do learn more from Scott about local credit unions and share with us. Thanks!

  • Ruth Martinez says:

    I would love to hear an in-depth audio about “If you don’t like how money works . . .”

  • Tammy says:

    I just saw this video and was so excited about the permaculture credit union! Sadly, it closed in 2014 🙁

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