(video) Free Climate Control By Harvesting Sun And Shade

Below is a video about how to passively cool and warm you home by harvesting sun or shade. Although the footage is a little rough – the content is superb.

I recently saw Brad give a presentation and I was enthralled with his passion and his easy to understand explanations.

I am arranging an interview with Brad. Oh, did you know that Brad is the author of “Rainwater Harvesting; Guiding Principles For Welcoming Rain Into Your Life And Landscape”. The book is available here at Amazon

Do you have any question you would like me to ask Brad? Have any comments for him?

Put your questions or comments down below.

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This post was written by Marjory


  • Utahgreenhouse says:

    I put gutter on one side of house with metal 55 gallon barrels catching it and don’t know how to seal to keep from overflowing and getting mosquitoes. Where can I look that up? thanks

    1. Definitely check out Brads book. Yes, sealing from mosquitoes, or accidental squirrels or rodents… all very important.

  • Ruth Hammons says:

    If rain water is caught how can it be cleaned and stored effectively? Also which is he best water Purifier that is reasonable in cost? Marjory….growing in this heat of AZ is had..suggestions that I may not have thought of? Latest try’s are under the patio in bins…works for a time, but August is so-so hot! thanks

    1. Hi Ruth,

      Have you seen the video I did on gardening in the heat? This will get you started with answers.

    2. Steven says:

      Look up the FOOD FOREST concept.

      1. H Steven,

        I love food forests!

  • Lotte DePule says:

    Ask Brad how h can “harvest” rainwater in Phoenix or I in Yuma, when it doen’t rain?

    1. Hi Lotte,

      Brad lives in Tucson so he knows what you are talking about. Definitely get his book and I’ll ask your question to him during the interview.

  • What an excellent video! I usually control the indoor temps by using thermal drapes. My strategy is was keeping the windows open on both the sunny side and shaded side of the house to create a thermal draft through the home. The window fans pulled the cool air in and the ceiling fan pushed the warmed air back down and out the windows. I will definitely show this video to my husband. I’d love to do this for the sunny side of our home! Thanks for posting this, Marjory!

  • Carolyn says:

    I love Vaughn’s enthusiasm about being in the shade. : )

  • Leslie Parsons says:

    This video is probably the best illustration of passive climate control that I have seen. Showing the thermometers is the key, because most people don’t believe it until they see or feel it – just like herbal medicine and organic gardening! Twenty degrees of cooling is very expensive when done with fossil fuels. Brad is showing a cheap home improvement project that pays for itself and keeps on giving. Send this one out, friends. Great find, Marjory!

    1. Hi Leslie,

      Yes, brads has some amazing content. I am setting up to do an in-depth interview with him in the next few months. Let me know if you have questions…

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