(video) Black Bears, City Councils, And Complaints From Locals Didn’t Deter This Champion For Seed Gardens And Food Forests

Black bears, City Councils, and complaints from locals were all forces that might have deterred an average person from creating the dream of more local food. But not Stephanie Syson. And if Stephanie can do it… hopefully you’ll be inspired too. Check out this interview and see the local spunk that is going on in the fun community of Basalt, CO.

Stephanie offers practical advice on how you too can create a seed library, a food forest, a community garden and more involved community members growing food in your town.

Stephanie talks about how to get started, how to communicate your vision, who to approach and how to work with the local Gov’t.

And any time you try to make a change, you’ll get resistance. It’s just how things happen. But let Stephanie tell you how she turned the loudest nay-sayer into her biggest supporter.

To learn more about the Basalt Food Garden: https://www.facebook.com/BasaltFoodGarden

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