Use Your Empty Canning Jars For Storing Water

Canning jar use for storing water.

This is pretty simple water storage method.

After you open a jar (any size) of whatever you have canned to create a meal for your family, wash the jar, lid and ring. Fill the jar with either boiling or very hot water, put the used clean, undamaged lid on it and tighten down the ring, let cool and store as usual. You can put a couple of drops of bleach in the jar if needed. As the Jar cools the lid will seal. Leave the ring on for storage You could use the old rusty, discolored rings ring’s for this, ones we are told to no longer use in processing your food. I save all undamaged lids for purposes like this one.

When you reach your next canning cycle empty the jars into a pot, You can bring it to a boil and sterilize the jars and proceed as usual to use the jar for canning, or use the water to fill your canners for processing this year’s food. As canners we all have dozens in not hundreds of jars at any one time. Our canning jars already take up space that is allowed for in our pantry or food storage areas, this method allows all of us to store water for an emergency and not take up further room to do so.

If you want to store your jars in boxes and do not have the original boxes ask at the local liquor store for boxes that their bottles come in, most canning jars will fit into these for storage. These boxes are designed to hold breakable jars and are extra sturdy as a result. Or if you have access to the lidded Avon shipping boxes they are perfect to hold a dozen quart canning jars with the canning insert from an old jar box.

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  • Sharon says:

    Good article. Would never have thought of using canning jars for storing water, but did however think of using empty wine bottles for storing water just the other day.

  • Marie says:

    great article on using canning jars, however, if you are drinking the stored water do not use bleach. Instead use colloidal silver, which you can make for pennies and stay away from chemicals in your body. Lots of info on how to make your own and how to use it on the web. You also can use food grade Hydrogen Peroxide but be careful as it can burn the skin in undiluted form. This is what is used in commercial processing of boxed milk and juices that do not need refrigeration. Check this out also on the web. Don’t confuse the Hydrogen Peroxide you get at the drug store with food grade. The drug store is not intended for ingesting.

  • Trish says:

    Well, using canning jars is a good idea if You’ve got them. But those of us just starting out at learning canning don’t have many. I use empty juice bottles for water storage. They’re food-grade plastic and I don’t have to dump them out each canning cycle. I have a cheap 5-foot wide kiddie pool on patio that collects rain water. I scoop water out of pool and filter several times until it’s clear. Paper coffee filters are an inexpensive first step to get out big lumps like leaves and bugs. Just put washed and bleached old athletic sock under filter to keep it from tearing. Once filtered, I fill juice bottle. This water, as is, works great for watering garden. We have not turned on outside faucets at all this year. Great for water bill!!! I use the rectangular 2-leter bottles with handles. The handles make them easy to handle and the rectangular shape makes them easy to stack and store. I rotate the bottles to limit bacteria growth. Okay, to make this water drinkable, further treatment is necessary.

  • Patricia says:

    What an EXCELLENT idea! I never would have thought of it, but it makes so much sense. I WILL be using this idea.

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