How To Work With Nature Spirits To Grow More Food

seedlingsThe credit for this idea goes to Machaelle Small Wright. She has been using this method for over 30 years with great success. I am writing to introduce this rare method of communicating with your plants and nature that results in benefits to all, and to share my own experiences and results.

I began gardening in 1975, and I have worked on large and tiny pieces of land. Sometime in the 70’s, there was one small article in “Organic Gardening” that changed my understanding of plants and growing. I have always understood that everything on this planet is connected, but this particular article gave me specific instructions to connect with nature and gain information in a new, more direct way. The subject of the article was nature spirits, and the idea that each living thing has a spirit – be it plant, animal, or person. These nature spirits can help us learn about how to live and interact with other living things – plants we want to grow, and those we don’t; animals we raise as livestock and pets, and those we consider pests.

The trick I learned is that I should always use yes or no questions. This can be harder than it sounds, but becomes easier with practice. When you direct your intention using your hands and consciousness (like meditation), you can open a channel that brings answers to your yes or no questions.

I place my hands on the plant in question, and I ask through my consciousness to be connected to nature, and with the plant’s spirit (or deva), and with my higher self. I wait a few seconds and then I ask if the connection is open, and I wait to sense a response. Some familiarity with meditation and muscle testing is useful at this stage. If I get a no, I center myself and try again. I almost never get another no. When I get a yes, I can proceed to ask questions about when and where to plant, how much to plant, spacing, and fertilizing. I start with very general questions and work my way down to specific questions. This method can be used when starting seeds or when transplanting.

Last spring, after moving to a new house with a tiny yard, I asked whether or not elderberry plants would thrive in both of two possible locations. I received a yes answer for one of the locations, so I planted three plants there. They grew very nicely for their first summer. I also asked about soil supplements, and I was able to determine a specific amount of fertilizer that would be appropriate. I will follow the same procedure next spring to see if the plants require anything else.

I previously used this technique on my upstate New York farm, to determine placement and spacing for my cash crop of garlic. My yield increased in size every year and remained disease free – even with nematode problems happening all around me. I believe that the results are easy to see when I use this method of direct communication with plant spirits. This technique obviously works great with other organic and natural methods, and I doubt that nature would approve of the herbicides and pesticides one might use otherwise!

I hope that this article raises awareness of this great alternative way to work with nature. The more human activity is in line with nature, the better! The microclimate that each persons works in will benefit, and if many people do this the benefits can spread out to encompass a larger area. Eventually this could lead to entire towns, states, and regions living together harmoniously with nature. Like-minded people are a powerful force for change, and changing towards more sustainable and natural lifestyles is the only way that we can allow life to truly flourish.

For more information on muscle testing and working with nature, look up Perelandra Garden. I have no financial ties to Machaelle or her work, but I want to help spread the word.


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  • Iris Weaver says:

    Excellent article, thank you. I also work with plant spirits and it is a wonderful way to connect with nature and the land and all of life.

  • Vic says:

    Anyone interested in this subject should read “The Secret Life of Plants” by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. This is the book that made talking to plants mainstream. But the media left out a lot that’s in this book, including the fact that a cabbage leaf will react as if “screaming” when placed in boiling water, and that plants not only love being talked to, but they love music, especially symphonic music and the music from India. By the way, plants don’t like hard rock music or being near televisions.

    1. Fayette says:

      My husband and I recently watched a documentary that has to be an outgrowth of this book. It was amazing to see how the plants react. I have know this for many years, but it was awesome to see it on video. Some of the time lapse footage was so powerful. It prompted me to respond to a vegan that said using animals for food was cruel. I asked her if she understood that plants also experience pain. They may not be able to look us in the eye while we are taking their life, they may not be able to call out or scream in a way that is audible to us, but it doesn’t mean it is not the case.

      1. mathuranatha says:

        🙂 can u share a link to the doco thanks 🙂

        1. Fayette says:

          It was entitled “nature: what plants talk about”. One of the astonishing sections of the film was the time-lapsed footage of a tomato plant avoiding the constant attack of a parasitic plant. It will make anyone look differently at plants. They have their own kind of intelligence.

  • This is awesome advice! I totally agree with Vic here who recommended “The Secret Life Of Plants.” That book blew me away! I picked it up one night when I was having trouble getting to sleep, thinking it would bore me to sleep quickly. Instead, I couldn’t put it down and finally went to sleep at 3:00 AM. It will greatly increase your understanding of plants and their connection with us. You can also read about Findhorn Foundation in Scotland for more info on this subject. I’m going to try this method from Garlic Deva this year.

  • Sheila West says:

    Marjorie, I’ve been a fan of your articles for some long time now and have loved the good information I’ve obtained. But this article about “nature spirits” is against my religion and is not something I will promote or be part of in any small way.

  • Mike63Denver says:

    Go to heaven for the climate, hell for the company.

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