Turn Your Weeds Into Fertilizer!

Weeds work hard to pull up nutrients and capture sugars from the sunshine. Take their hard work and feed it to your gardens.

In this video, my beautiful wife demonstrates how she weeds and feeds at the same time—without chemicals:

I know some people don’t like anaerobic composting, but my plants sure seem to enjoy it. Live a little—make some nice, swampy, scary weed tea!

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This post was written by David The Good


  • Marjory Wildcraft says:

    Nice video! Glad this isn’t smellavision 🙂

  • ericasb says:

    how long do you need to leave the weeds to stew and what do you do with them after all the goodness has been leached out (bin or compost)

  • Rick Burd says:

    Being an old single guy, I just toss any leftover stuff right into my very small 10’x4′ garden. It would take eons for me to fill up a bin. I just started it last year and no-one here in my little town will turn loose of their local compost so it might be ’till next year that I can start growing much. I was able to get some good kale a a few small tomatoes this year. (Oh…and I saves some seeds from my kale, also).

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