alkalinity Scott Sexton
What Is the Alkaline Diet (and Why Does It Work)?
Scott Se..
date_range May 15, 2020
Curious about the Alkaline Diet? Here's the science behind it: what it is, why it works, and a look at why 4 common objections to it don't hold water.
Is Water Giving You Cavities?
Scott Se..
date_range August 15, 2019
Is the pH of the water you're drinking damaging your tooth enamel? Here's how to find out, plus how to alkalize your water to make it safe for your te
Easy Raised Beds With Only 2 Tools
David Th..
date_range September 27, 2018
Tired of the painstaking work of building garden beds? With these 2 tools, you can build a garden bed -- and prep your soil -- in about half an hour!
Homesteading Basics: Is the Fruit You Eat Bad for Your Teeth?
Anthony ..
date_range August 04, 2016

A Great Example of Stacking Functions

Marjory planted this grapevine on the southwest side of her house a few years ago. Believe it or not,