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Did you ever dream about living as a wild hunter gatherer?  Someday (when the kids are off to college and this business become stable) I hope to go spend time living in the wilderness.  As a modern woman, I am hardly capable of it though.  So I’ve picked up a  “hobby” of learning the skills of our paleolithic ancestors; how to make fire by friction, tanning deer hides with the brains, primitive hunting, processing wild edibles… .

One of the places where I am developing the skills for this imaginary journey is at a gathering in the Sonoron desert called Winter Count.  And it is coming up soon:  Feb. 9th-15th, 2014.

Want to come?  Here is the link to find out more   http://www.backtracks.net/

WinterCount Primite Skills Pottery
















Leave a comment below if you want me to bring back more photos!

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