Sheet Mulching: Build Soil, Thwart Weeds, and Make Your Garden Fertile

Lasagna gardening (a.k.a. sheet mulching) is a fantastic, free way to make your garden super productive. It’s also an excellent gardening solution for folks who hate to weed or who are dealing with rocky, clay- or sand-heavy, or otherwise challenging soil. In “Lasagna Gardening: How to Build a No Dig Garden for Free,” David the Good takes you on a journey from furtive to fertile (no, really—you’ll see what I mean when you watch! 😉

Watch it here:

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  • teachercaryn says:

    Beautiful method for the garden, and plants enjoy it as much as the gardeners.

  • ranjini.tissera says:

    That is really beautiful. So close to my heart. Many of those things I knew intuitively in my heart, but did not have the courage to test. You gave a voice and validation to those intuitions. Thanks so much. Appreciate your honest work.

  • bobbiesue5162 says:

    Wonderful video!! Enjoyed it so much and watched it twice and took notes! Thank you so very much!!

    1. PamelaDemarest says:

      Love your videos. I’m a stickler for words. Pronounced: Glyphosate is pronounced as: Gly fo sate; not Gly so fate. Many people twist this so one is not alone.

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