Safe Drinking Water: Your Top Priority in an Emergency

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You are going to love this ​essential ebook - and become confident in your knowledge and skills of ensuring your drinking water is clean and safe - no matter what the situation my be!

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  • cheri.chrysogelos says:

    Thanks so much for all the information you give to us – especially in these precarious times. Bless you. Cheri

  • Emily Sandstrom says:

    There is such a thing as a sunflower tree. A house my father rented in the early Fifties had one in the back yard. It was as tall as the peak of the roof of the house, and was, oh, more than thirty feet in diameter. Solid sunflowers. Was there throughout the year blooming always.

    I plant acres and acres of dandelions on my 500 acre ranch. If you just scatter good sunflower bird seed, sunflowers will grow where the birds pecked them into the soil. The bird poop is all the fertilizer you need, and the bad soil the dandelions spread into is being naturalized. Nothing quite like the yellow field of animal food that needs no care. Elk, deer, antelope and other critters come not just for the above ground parts, but they dig up the roots to survive in winter. All this with no work from me.

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