Health Care Alternatives: A DIRE Need

Remember last year when I ended up in the hospital due to an abscessed salivary duct?

I had tried treating it with home medicine, and finally got to the point where I knew I was out of my depth.

I was weak, in pain, and having more and more difficulty swallowing.

It was time to go to the hospital.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, my hospital experience wasn’t the best. (You can read about it in previous Inside Editions here and here … and if you’re not a sponsor yet, but want to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in spreading the word about the power of backyard food and medicine production to improve health and heal the planet, click here.)

The abscess was caused by a small stone that was stuck in the duct, blocking the flow of saliva. The hospital treated the infection, but wasn’t able to remove the stone while I was there because the inflammation was so intense.

My ear, nose, and throat doctor said I should give it a few months, then get the stone surgically removed.

I was about to start the process of scheduling the surgery this spring when, in the midst of prepping my garden beds and shoveling a bunch of compost, the same salivary duct got infected and abscessed. Again.

When it happened last fall, I had wanted to visit Shifu, a Chinese doctor who’s a genius with alternative medicine and who offices out in the forest near me.

He wasn’t available at the time—but thankfully, he was able to see me this spring. I told him I needed him to lance the abscess. Shifu examined me, and shook his head.

“No. Not going to lance,” he said. “I do acupuncture.” (His English is not nearly as good as his medicine!)

Well, my hospital stay was no picnic, and I wasn’t eager to repeat the experience later when the still-present stone decided to act up again. So, I argued with him.

“No. No. It needs to be lanced.”

But he insisted.

The long and short of it is that, 15 minutes and 10 acupuncture needles later, he sent me home with some herbs. Three days later, the whole abscess had just dissipated. It was gone.

My hospital stay was super-expensive. We have a high deductible insurance plan, so it was $5,000 out of pocket for me. And, honestly, I’m still paying those hospital bills. (Not to mention all the time it took me to recover my good gut flora after they killed it all off with antibiotics—and who knows what else they did to my body with that toxic, radioactive injection prior to the CT scan!)

Then, this time, I was able to visit this old Chinese man out in the woods. He charged me $95 … the abscess cleared up … and my gut flora are still intact!

Even more remarkable was what happened a few days later … .

I tell the whole story in my next video chapter of Grow: All True Wealth Comes From the Ground.

Bottom line? Industrial medicine has its place, but alternative forms of treatment can be just as effective nine times out of ten.

And the world needs access to them in a serious way.

What if you could provide them with that access, and achieve financial freedom at the same time?

You’ll learn more about that in this video, too.

Then, I’d love to hear about your experiences with alternative medicine, and your perspectives on the issue of redeveloping health care.

Would you leave me a comment below?

Huge thanks!

Marjory Wildcraft is the founder of The [Grow] Network, which is an online community that recognizes the wisdom of “homegrown food on every table.” Marjory has been featured as an expert on sustainable living by National Geographic. She is a speaker at Mother Earth News fairs and a returning guest on Coast to Coast AM. She is the author of several books, but is best-known for her “Grow Your Own Groceries” video series, which is used by more than 300,000 homesteaders, survivalists, universities, and missionary organizations around the world.

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This post was written by Marjory Wildcraft


  • jon meadow says:

    Industrialized medicine is the bane of health care, since it’s symptom based rather than preventative, exploited rather than shared. Originally the congress of the people was about trading and sharing, and transferring knowledge of the great peace from one generation to the next through regalia,songs, dancing and stories. Today, instead of regulating commerce through knowledge, commerce regulates Congress with a quiet force unsurpassed by any former reign of terror in the history of the world: Obfuscation, misinformation, half-truths, conjecture, and the the most basic principle of capitalism: Exploitation!

    We the people need to be cured of dollar-driven megalomania. This calls for a constitutional renaissance. The original constitution needs to be read and studied in the context of the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation to know what government must not do and what we must improve upon, not violate. Then We could put a stop to corporate adulteration of our food.

  • Ger reddy says:

    Hi Marjory,
    I love listening to your stories advice and philosophy on food, medicine and earth sustainable ways of living. I did have an experience this year while on holiday in Spain. I developed an infection in my gum which was very painful and inflamed. I really didn’t want to have to visit a dentist (didn’t speak any Spanish anyway) but I am always fearful of doctors and dentists because I don’t have a lot of trust. When I realised what the pain was about I decided to chew a clove of raw garlic first thing in the morning with breakfast and before each meal throughout the day. I also bought dental sticks and thoroughly brushed between my teeth where I knew the tenderness was. I also rinsed and cleaned my mouth and gums before bed each night with warm very salty water. After about 3 days the pain started to subside and within about 5-6 days all pain went and it cleared up. I would love to own a plot of land that I could grow my veggies on and an even bigger one where i could keep a few chickens but i have to settle for what i have, which is a smallish back garden where i grow small amounts of potatoes, herbs, greens and some berries during the summer. I have been involved in a small venture locally where i was allowed grow some produce which i cannot find room for in my own garden and it was brilliant to grow in a polytunnel where i had great success with tomatoes, mini peppers and butternut squashes. I don’t know if i will be able to do this next year as the venture has decided to expand in a different direction and my space may be taken away for some other project. but it’s a thrilling experience to know i can grow my own food …it’s so empowering and it’s all organic. I also love trying out old ideas for winter storage of say beetroot and potatoes. Oh and i made sauces for the freezer and bottled some pears that were windfalls. Maybe next year I will have a bit of land to sew and grow. I love taking seeds as well and knowing that this is all it takes to make food. Why can’t everybody have a bit of land to do this in a world where wer’re constantly being told ‘there isn’t enough food to sustain everybody on the planet’. I don’t think i believe that story any more.

    sorry if i was a bit long winded. i love your videos and your ideas. they are exactly what the world needs right now. btw I live in Ireland. xx

  • Marsha says:

    Tremendous video on health care and alternatives!!!!! I recently heard David Crow outline the ‘CSA-format’ for medicinal herbs called CSM. And now you propose a CSH plan. How exciting!! A new friend at our local farmers’ market is so frustrated by all the administrative ‘hoops’ from the state that she would have to jump through just to process her own organic herbs into products that she plans to sell the fresh herbs and teach people how to process them ‘in the privacy of their own home.’
    Can you share the web site for Rene and her amazing coconut cream? Does she do mail order?
    I know that your book is a work in progress, but I am looking forward to buying a personal copy and even more for my friends. You are doing such important work. THANK YOU!
    Suggestion: I don’t know how difficult it would be for you to convert your web site to ‘httpS’, but I generally try to go to secure sites, as navigating WWW is getting more complicated and risky.

  • Jenny says:

    I live in the Pacific NW, so alternative medicine is not hard to come by… HOWEVER finding good, solid alternative medicine is REALLY hard. There are tons of herb shops, but finding a really good one takes a certain skill that I haven’t mastered yet. Same with acupuncture and herbalists. Any advice?

  • Karen says:

    Oh please give us contact information for Renee.

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